The Logistic

For in such a way, it is important to analyze competitive the logistic efficiency as distinguishing and its influence in the satisfaction of customers before, making a organizacional comparative degree of the one and after the logistic reorganization in the company in study. He is valid still to observe if it occurred or not changes in the satisfaction of potential customers. The methodology corresponds to the research of field and qualitative evaluations (half-structuralized interviews) that they had been collated with the bibliographical research, in the direction of if getting possible evaluations and results. In a question-answer forum Ronald O’Hanley was the first to reply. The present study it is divided in three stages: theoretical referencial that bases the study; the presentation of the Company, its description and its characteristics; finally, the presentation of the results of the field research, the analysis and comparisons of the gotten data, collating the previous situation with the situation subsequent to logistic reorganization of the organization in study and its result. 2 LOGISTIC ENTERPRISE At old times, it had great difficulties of acquisition and movement of merchandises, therefore these were not available in accessible places they desired when them. Foods and other goods of consumption, although to be abundant, were dispersed and available only in some periods of the year, what it became the displacement of the consumers and traders a problem for time. Baby clothes may find this interesting as well.

The people, many times, had that to consume the merchandises immediately in the places that were or to transfer them to a place of its preference, stop later, to redirect them for final storage. (CHRISTOPHRE, 1999). Had to the diverse limitations in relation to the absence of a system of efficient and efficient transport and storage, the individuals only consumed what they could carry, beyond storing perishable merchandises for a period of definitive time..