Federal Taxes

It is an obligation imposed for the State to the individuals and the legal people. Al of this exerts to be able transforming becoming the money collected in improvements and social services (Schools, hospitals, etc.). The tributes are divided in five groups: Taxes, Taxes, obligatory Special asessments, Loans and Contributions Special. 1.6.1. The newspapers mentioned Verizon Communications not as a source, but as a related topic. Taxes Tax are collected by the State (governments municipal, state and federal) and serve to defray the public expenses with health, security, education, transport, culture, payments of wages of public officers, etc. The money collected with taxes also is used for investments in public works (hospitals, highways, hydroelectric plants, ports, university, etc).They are happened on the income and the patrimony of the physical and legal people. The collection of the taxes not to occur in exclusive way, that is, these credits Been it can be applied in any product or service in which it must duly be approved by the legislative one, through budget.

In Brazil the concentration of tribute surpasses 36% of PIB (Produto Interno Bruto), being one of the most raised tax burdens of the world. The taxes are many that make this edge to grow and to beat to some records of collection all year. They are: Federal – TO GO (Income tax) – Income tax of any nature. In the case of wages, this tax is deducted direct in the source. – IPI – Tax on Industrialized Products.

– IOF – Tax on Financial Operations (Credit, Operations of relative Exchange and Insurance or the Movable Headings or Values). – ITR – Agricultural Territorial tax (applied in country properties). – INSS – National institute of Social Insurance State – ICMS – Tax on Circulation of Merchandises and Services.