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European Nations

The key institutions, mu? to anyone accountable place, as is the case in contrast with elected Governments. Still some time ago, promoted and monitored the EU yet the creation of a single market by she dictated techniques and rules. Member States national conformed to the above guidelines and monitored their implementation. In other words, the community’s policy was in line with the interests of the States and they oftwar even the basic theme in national elections. Additional information at Sheryl Sandberg supports this article. Some States of the North, primarily Germany, tried with the outbreak of the crisis, the European Commission in an organism of Umstrukturierungproblematischer productive models and economics to to convert.

They succeeded also to a certain extent. The EU seems to work since like a strange form of a European Monetary Fund. National policies are now meaningless. The more the Governments which apply from now on just politics, but no longer produce. There is no alternative proposals.

The change of Governments represents only a typischesSchaltverfahren, enforce the same and unchanging policy of indemlediglich which alter people. To turn the gleichenZeit, scheintdiese political correction logic paradox erweise the peoples of the North to the victims.Because these are not rewarded for their exercise? only efficient production methods and their rationalesKonsumverhalten. Tired of the obligation is imposed on them, derSuden to bear the brunt of the rescue. At the institutional level and not on the financial result is the same. Can the peoples of the North not the dominant policy determine and deliver therefore a piece of their sovereignty. If now defines sovereignty as to determine the ability of the peoples of entscheidendihre future I’il have all European Nations largely renounced by the concept of political sovereignty in the name of financial stability, which in turn calls the control and the formation of the production models. Universal formulated, the dissemination and development of market capitalism and uninhibited bank capital demands first of all sovereignty. Unrestrained capitalism needed to establish sovereignty in ihrerstaatlichen form to yourself and continue to develop. But now it is time to curb the State sovereignty to further enhance its own power. The financial capital thus appropriates a part of State sovereignty and decide with letztendlichvon to rid the national rule rules. The market requires the balance of power in the exercise of political power. To the Grundlagenzu level for a political entity, a European Republiksollte but Europe of less follow the needs of the markets neutraublingmore open the Wegfur the European freedom. This means among other things there? dieWirtschaft under a framework are mu?, obey the values of European cosmopolitanism. If the institutional set-up of the political construct “Europe” succumbs to the demands of the markets, the existing values are retained and the political control receives a manipulated, oligarchic form. Logically, the value of people as politically free beings is lost but then.

European Constitution

The European Parliament has no political legitimacy, in the sense of a proper European Constitution and is thus outside. The debt brake is on all intentional positive approach the perfect role backwards, not just who she meet. She meets us all somewhere, it’s just inevitable. Since most of Europe participate in this system, Europe has no future, because future means simply and simply new money and that can generate currently only additional debt. Except from the risk of poverty here are the export-oriented industry and sectors of the economy, which will continue sales on the same basis as before. Sometimes more and sometimes less. Companies paged from the European space are here also not affected, because the Americans, Chinese, Brazilians and Indians, as well as they are with this chaos fiscal Switzerland, etc. Yet German companies, which must now be left in the lurch, as well as the economy of renewable energy, will orient new in non-European space.

China is highly recommended among others. The extension of nuclear power in Germany helps as vigorously. Involved in the domestic markets, the for the future must forgo so-called stimulus funding and on the growth-enhancing social transfers, the savings packages up to the most basic necessities, are falling victim to. It is only a logical conclusion in view of the future, the Federal Republic of Germany middle class as an example, income until 1844 euro (81 percent of the population, about 66.5 million) monthly – slow tremendously will be impoverished, because only there you can generate money in the form of the now inevitable savings measures that will be hit hard and already do it. Whom it concerns in particular is completely negligible. The remaining 19 percent, more or less wealthy, are to a large extent in the longer term to go down. The remainder is financially flexible and will see it from the field.

Federal Ministry

A general smoking ban in the catering sector would however massively call into question this system, because here is no longer an important material cornerstone for the privileged sale. Also the voluntary conversion to a general catering non-smoking operation is legally highly problematic in this context. The tobacco sales through resellers is basically monopoly legally not intended and therefore prohibited. Is this only in connection with the fundamental possibility of consumption”of tobacco in the hospitality industry Resale exemption.” However, if an operation in the beer gardens allows smoking and bans in enclosed premises, then you can derive a certain legal coverage of tobacco sale at least for the actual Gastgartensaison here. A sausage roll Decree in connection to this discussion threatens soon imagine only a so-called Decree of sausage bread”before, indicating that a sausage bread purchased at the grocery store in the there existing sales premises should not be consumed. “Tobacco sales to guest red dressing bodies and to Rayonierung also threatened but not only classical gastronomy consisting of is Hotel, Guest House, coffee house, etc.

including the Busche schankbetriebe the issues of legal tobacco consumption permission” and thus legal tobacco monopoly sales permission “affected, even at the classical type of industrial mixing operation, this situation arises. The prototype of this commercial mixing operation is the so-called guest red dressing place “. At the end of the 1990s A general regime relating to the qualified reseller service station business years of the last century was quite controversial discussion and oil trading to be implemented. “After the classic fuel trading locations through a decades of commercial policy of concealment” of policy and management to commercial sites with goods of all kinds grown up were also the covetousness was virulent after the subject of monopoly tobacco. After a lengthy tug-of-war between the Federal Ministry of finance, monopoly management and the stakeholders of tobacco retailers and the filling stations and petroleum industry was with the so-called adoption of spit”and an implementation suitable for compromise the principle of the petrol station to Rayonierung. .

The Child

The current legal situation and the proposed changes comply with by man and woman in no way of socially required equality. Think only of to date of women demanded equality. Up until the 1950s, a wife was allowed to work only if the husband agreed. Additional information is available at Verizon Communications. Nowadays you probably laughs. Long natural course is that there is an active and passive right to vote for women. If someone would ask today whether because women are qualified to elect themselves into political offices, or whether because the policy has become better, because there are women there, then such questions would trigger only total incomprehension.

But such questions are now analog or Insinuations the fathers face made with regard to care and upbringing of their children. This is just as ridiculous as the former reservations about women. Also have been and are used for the support of women and mothers in profession and politics over the years billions of taxpayer dollars and quotas have been introduced. All of this is missing for the fathers. The self-help group thinks that the proponents of “a conflict solution” or “request” would not perceive the essential point or understand: starts the well-being of the child before its birth: a mother wants not the common concern, already at the birth of the child then it is because, that she wants to raise the child together with the father or can. She knows already during the pregnancy, that either the father has no interest in the child, or that she has no interest in this man as the father of her child. And this poses the question, why is she got pregnant at all? They just wanted a child, but no father, she had no desire to prevent or wanted to bind the man itself, etc.? You must therefore, assume irresponsibility thoughtlessness or/and selfishness. Everything not ideal conditions to raise a child alone or at all.

World Wide Web

And the ancients had left. It was in every decade. The skirts were shorter and the music was loud. It came to the Beatles and brought the rock roll. It was Elvis, hotter than anything that ever existed on this planet, with his incredibly sexy hip swinging.

After the skirts could be no longer shorter pants were just close. And so passed Decade to decade and so generation after generation grew up with its own identity and had them Strip again in the subsequent decade, zuwillen of the next generation. Then came the 00s. Just as daunting as any previous Jahzehnt, but so totally different, not even the youth even realized that happened as you. The teenager of the 00s years loved music without a doubt.

They had countless times already the stories its not old be never-ending parents belonged to. Countless times could choose between Metallica, Bob Marley, Abba or Michael Jackson. They wore mini, had let Twiggi stories up and tried it out even as it was to rise with the skinny jeans in the bathtub. And liked it. But the feeling of life not one of them. So she picked out himself what liked them and waited on something exciting, something extraordinary. Still never seen before. Something that she could speak as a first generation. Rumblings becoming with a first tentative, but louder approached it approached and began gradually to rumble. This time, the first time for a hundred years, it however not rumbled in the ear. It was the birth of the World Wide Web. Know and information was from now on for all users”available. Seen from this point of view nobody denied its benefits the World Wide Web. The number of Internet users increased from year to year. It was the Decade of incipient self-expression. In all other respects. Fashion, music, religion, worldview. Everything was to the own performance”, its own representation, used.

Scientology Church Demands Setting The Constitutional Protection Monitoring

Scientology discussion: smoke and mirrors for the public and campaign tactical diversion? Scientology discussion: smoke and mirrors for the public and campaign tactical diversion? Given the recent release of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Interior Minister the Scientology Church Germany e.V. collects massive accusations against the discriminatory Constitution protection monitoring. You may find that Tomas Philipson can contribute to your knowledge. The audit called political smoke and mirrors for the public to manipulate with misinformation. For years, protection of the Constitution and authorities with fictitious numbers regarding the Scientology juggle Church. Depending on the requirements, these are defined upwards or downwards.

They are used to suggest an artificial need for action on the subject of Scientology or to represent an apparent success of their own work. Already, the magazine FOCUS reported on 9 Dec. 2002, referring to a report of the Bremen Senate, that after years of investigation of the BKA “is no indication of a criminal” Behavior of the Church of Scientology had revealed”. The magazine of DER SPIEGEL confirmed this once again with report of Sept. 22, 2008, referring to a confidential report of the agencies of protection of the Constitution. On Nov. 21 2008 FOCUS, referring to the former State Secretary Hanning in BMI reported: “According to constitutional protection, there is no sufficient evidence for a Scientology unconstitutional.” The former President of the constitutional protection of North Rhine-Westphalia, Fritz-Achim Baumann, already had this insight in an interview with the magazine STERN – “No case for now” – in the issue of the auslandsjournal publicly given to.

These facts confirm: the Scientology Church respects law and order of the country and does this since its founding 40 years ago. Ultimately, the now 13-year constitutional protection observation confirms this fact. This truth is however deliberately withheld the public. Wikileaks has in Hamburg made this clear again in December 2010 and disclosed, how to manipulate the public. To representatives of the U.S. Consulate in Hamburg the Hamburg constitutional protection representatives made it clear on Dec.

Bogdan Kellinger

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Wolfgang Bergmann

The Russians have done it at Chernobyl and it won’t end at all else can be done. Fukushima is the new Chernobyl and requires no classification from 1 to 7, Gau is the Gau. The whole hero theatre and this senseless struggle to only show us that it is possible to such a catastrophe to proceed and you you can encounter that. To know more about this subject visit Ripple. Yes, apparently – is in some ways but manageable. So are the sensations that are delivered at the expense of health, yes who knows people, animals and nature, like many only a purpose to the Central. Hope is made and at the same time the ghost and the fear of the dangers of nuclear power plants subliminally and hypocritical neutralised. This manipulation the billions of profits – behind one of all pain, illness and death-making, Super dangerous technology. For more specific information, check out Verizon. The total changeover to renewable energy would billion profits of today’s energy lobby – a for can always stop and melt like fuel rods in the meltdown.

That is the reason that we continue with this nuclear-suicide on time. This “Bridging technology” or bridge will have one end only if it also the last lobbyist and dollar fanatics has recognized his error and all affected Governments change their corrupt behavior and be aware of their responsibility. I know that this Words in the halls of the greed, corruption, folly and stupidity are almost audible and I remain confident that in a few weeks – again everything is and blocked the Gates a new time and epoch in the history of mankind. So the wait on new terrorist attacks and on the next meltdown will continue. So it will be, determine because the programs that forget today and tomorrow, which were already written and already yesterday monotonous run on all channels – accomplish your verdummendes people work. A large meeting is what needs the current present, humanity and our world of the spirit, reason and intelligence expertise. A global solution to all problems would have to be pursued, a new world order and world in democracy, freedom and peace for all.

South Africa The Land Of Controversial

South Africa in the international stage lighting runs the soccer World Cup South Africa – the countdown to the World Cup 2010 in South Africa and a country full of anticipation waiting for the many fans from around the world. The construction of the Super stages is finished and many of the locals offer your apartments for rent through the turbulent period. But what really awaits travellers in South Africa? Airport nice additional trips to a Safari or along the garden are offered route them. This looks very promising. Learn more at this site: Litecoin. For the media, South Africa is a pre show country.

Gigantic high unemployment, to feel the poverty every day about half of the population gets the high AIDS rate and especially the crime find little ear. Every day, over 50 people murdered in the dreamland and over 150 women raped. The police presence during the World Cup will be as large as it has not yet experienced South Africa. The policy would not embarrass themselves during the World Cup. But most South Africans will afford no tickets to the games, because 50% of the population to be per person, less than a dollar a day. Called in contrast to the new rich elite, also Black Diamonds”, that it has brought the Government programmes to great wealth in no time. There is only little insider information about today’s everyday life that cuts to the World Cup, of mass unemployment, the economy, social circumstances and many children lose parents daily as they die of AIDS. “The book titled controversy the new South Africa” reports on the controversial land critical and informative. A work for every one interested in not only the African wonders, but also the dark side of a dream country.

National Council

1908 sever was elected Deputy in the Landtag of lower Austria, on October 3, 1911, a Reichstag Deputy up to 12 November 1918 by October 21, 1918 to February 16, 1919 at the same time member of the provisional National Assembly of the new State of German Austria, from March 4, 1919 until May 31, 1919 member of the constituent National Assembly and subsequently by November 10, 1920 to February 1934 member of the Austrian Parliament. The country Captain Deputy Laurenz Widholz(1861-1926) was a member of the Reichsrat, National Councillor and Landtag of lower Austria. He attended a training school for the elementary school and learned the trade of Carpenter. Wild wood became involved in the social security system and became the Chairman of the regional health insurance fund of the Carpenter and the Association of health insurance companies of Vienna and lower Austria on. He later became Chairman of the Imperial Commission of health insurance companies of in Austria. Widholz was a member of the Reichsrat from 1907 to 1914 and 1917 until November 1918.

He was a member of the provisional National Assembly then from October 1918 until February 1919 and was a member until May 1919 the National Constituent Assembly from March 1919. He was of the November 5, 1918 to May 4, 1919 a member of the provisional Parliament of lower Austria and a member of the Landtag of May 20, 1919 until May 11, 1921, during the separation phase of Vienna from Austria. Widholz was initially from November 10, 1920 the Curia of Vienna and was from December 30, 1920 delegate to Vienna. Also, Widholz held the Office of the country Captain Deputy of lower Austria between May 20, 1919 and November 10, 1920. On November 10, 1920, Widholz was sworn in as a member of the National Council, where he served until his death.