Scientology Church Demands Setting The Constitutional Protection Monitoring

Scientology discussion: smoke and mirrors for the public and campaign tactical diversion? Scientology discussion: smoke and mirrors for the public and campaign tactical diversion? Given the recent release of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Interior Minister the Scientology Church Germany e.V. collects massive accusations against the discriminatory Constitution protection monitoring. You may find that Tomas Philipson can contribute to your knowledge. The audit called political smoke and mirrors for the public to manipulate with misinformation. For years, protection of the Constitution and authorities with fictitious numbers regarding the Scientology juggle Church. Depending on the requirements, these are defined upwards or downwards.

They are used to suggest an artificial need for action on the subject of Scientology or to represent an apparent success of their own work. Already, the magazine FOCUS reported on 9 Dec. 2002, referring to a report of the Bremen Senate, that after years of investigation of the BKA “is no indication of a criminal” Behavior of the Church of Scientology had revealed”. The magazine of DER SPIEGEL confirmed this once again with report of Sept. 22, 2008, referring to a confidential report of the agencies of protection of the Constitution. On Nov. 21 2008 FOCUS, referring to the former State Secretary Hanning in BMI reported: “According to constitutional protection, there is no sufficient evidence for a Scientology unconstitutional.” The former President of the constitutional protection of North Rhine-Westphalia, Fritz-Achim Baumann, already had this insight in an interview with the magazine STERN – “No case for now” – in the issue of the auslandsjournal publicly given to.

These facts confirm: the Scientology Church respects law and order of the country and does this since its founding 40 years ago. Ultimately, the now 13-year constitutional protection observation confirms this fact. This truth is however deliberately withheld the public. Wikileaks has in Hamburg made this clear again in December 2010 and disclosed, how to manipulate the public. To representatives of the U.S. Consulate in Hamburg the Hamburg constitutional protection representatives made it clear on Dec.