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The Face

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Thus we find another point in the thought of Levinas, the face. To know more about this subject visit Bill O’Grady. The face is ethical, to be beyond traces, color of eyes or of skin, the face to be beyond, is one to say philosophical, is what same in I silence says me here it is here, is what it walks naked forsaken, and exactly thus it says you do not kill, what it loads the being beyond its clothes, figuraes, stages of the life. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of State Street Global Advisors on most websites. The face is on this side, is infinite for the other, but you of you are exactly you stop itself. It is beautiful incompressible e. Treating the face in this way Levinas it traces a way better to understand the infinite of the face and the ethics as first philosophy. We affirm that the face is ethical, in which way would be possible a face to be ethical, to be philosophy, investigation, contemplation reason? It is necessary to understand the infinite interpreted for Discardings, to understand the face of the other as infinite of Levinas, the understanding of Discardings for the thematic one of the infinite, trying to be more soon possible with these words, is of that the infinite is theoretical is contemplation, one to know, is a theory dispatches by post in us, as we could think about the infinite since we are finite? Levinas goes beyond, goes to say that the infinite is impensvel, possesss the desire to understand this idea, but we do not have the capacity to understand it in its totality. Of this form who can decipher somebody completely? In the face of they outrem this the infinite to be desired by our attempt of understanding, but never a synthecized conclusion. again Discardings, the reply of as one to be imperfect has the idea of perfect since it is limited, in long meditations, it goes to conclude that only one to be perfect to inlay in us an idea of perfect, thus shows God in the thought of Discardings, the infinite of the face of the other backwards God for Levinas, has a little of God in the face of each one. .


Friday, March 25th, 2016

Soon, the principles? with exception of the ones of equitable freedom and open positions to all? they are contingent and for times related with some natural expectation of wanting to subverter its condition. It is not possible, alone by means of the original position, to inhibit future aspirations of being able, still more when these principles do not take in account the position of the first-born of that they belong to institution and that they had formulated the principles accepted. Therefore the education would not be enough to keep them rijos in principles that would run away to its destoantes expectations of what it is established; the heirs would not be made use to accept the terms underlined for its ancestor not to be that: ' ' The obedience or subjection if becomes so habitual thing that the men, in its majority, never look for to investigate its origins or causes, (…). or then, if some time feels this curiosity, as soon as they are knowing that proper they and its ancestor have been citizens, since has some times or since immemorial times, the certain form of government or the certain family, immediately agrees, recognizing its obligation of fidelidade.' ' (HUME, p 200). In this manner, exactly having a receptividade of the future citizens in the justice perspective that if it originated from the original position, it would be improbable that the institution remains so static to the point of that these principles would be accumulated of stocks in any type of relation between the nations that would be for coming. The clauses of the contract would more tend not to become related with the ramifications that would sprout of same them, that is, the base of the institution would be the established principles, but the conditions would move total and the type of resultant society more would not obtain to only keep its functioning being based on the two principles.

Ornamental Reason

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

At last, our lamentable trend to the Ornamental Reason. Perhaps Oswald de Andrade has been one of that they had tried to inaugurate a brazilian typical thought, it made and it through the sarcasm. According to author, Oswald tried to construct a speech that really we are, according to on to our not mentally ill reality and to the foreign teses that ornamentao usefulness only has here. However, Oswald de Andrade was relegated, therefore that, as ' ' scholars and srios' ' , philosophy and satirical mood are irreconcilable subjects. In Brazil, it still occurred in the past an unfolding of the ecleticism (current that it was dominant in Brazil) and gave origin to the other species of philosophical positioning between the scholars: the Positivismo. The Positivismo means to legitimize what it is effective, to agree and to say yes to already existing and the rank. this phenomenon alone occurred in the interest of the ruling classes.

It is verified, for the analysis of the production philosophical understood it enters the end of century XIX and beginning of century XX, the influence of two chains: the ecleticism and the positivismo. Even though other manifestations of thought that had arrived here at this time had been absorbed, or dimmed, for these two sources. The Ecleticism, to being absent of critical criteria, simply opted to receiving what it was en vogue, for the simple acceptance, for yes. From there the Positivismo appeared. The positivismo suffers the same of error of the ecleticism: to be poor of critical sense in its formularizations. While the accepted Positivismo the effective thought without questioning it, the Ecleticism conciliates the diverse teses and ignores the antagonisms between them. The Positivismo gained space mainly between-we in reason of the cultural emptiness of which we suffer. Sylvio Romero noticed that the positivismo alone avenged and had conditions of continuity in Brazil because it was installed in the dominant groups in the period of the installation of the Republic, having an excellent paper in the transistion of the monarchic government for the republican in end of century XIX.

E the filiados ones to the positivista thought had started to exert fort at the beginning influence of the Republic. It can be said that the military had assumed the power when implanting the Republic, and the positivistas had given to the legitimacy and arcabouo ideological to justify it. Militarismo and Positivismo if had joined in the formation of the Republic and, in analyze of the history and the events of the time, if some of these ' ' partidos' ' it had done without the other in support, both would have failed in its objectives. BIBLIOGRAPHY GOMES, Robert. Critical of the brazilian reason. Chapter I the X. 12 Ed. Curitiba-PR: To create Editions, 2001, pp. 09/91.

Cultural Diffusion

Friday, June 15th, 2012

It is understood for cultural diffusion as being the process of propagation of elements of a culture for another one, finding in the contact the indispensable factor for this dynamics. However this process does not occur of homogeneous form and nor to regulate, therefore it depends on elements that can provide the relation between the cultural agents. In if treating to these elements, we can cite the geographic determinismo and the technological advance of the medias, that from the globalization if developed with more intensity. As already he was boarded, the contact is the main factor inside the process of cultural diffusion, therefore it disponibiliza to a society or cultural group, the referring knowledge to the elements that the culture of the other composes. The geographic determinismo provides to a process of diffusion between cultural groups the pertaining ones to one same geographic space, where the group that if finds next to the point of origin to one determined cultural trace is receptvel to the diffusion process. However with the development technological of the medias, that in consequence of this generates a great speed in the propagation of the information, it comes to make possible a bigger contact between the societies, without these can be on for the geographic space, an example the one that we can cite more good to understand this dynamics was to the occured tragedy in Rio De Janeiro, where a young with typical characteristics of a extremista terrorist of the Middle East entered in a school, and in an attitude insane it whitened sets of ten of children, event not very common the Brazilian culture, but that of a certain form was propitiated by the globalization, that eliminates with the geographic barriers through the ways of communication. The cultural diffusion is one of the phenomena that more flame the attention of the anthropologists in the present time, therefore if becomes each time more rare the existence of isolated groups, as it says MELLO: ' ' She cannot have diffusion of one elements determined culture if it will be completely isolated.

The Partners

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Warlock operates in two areas: firstly, educates about the root of the problem to the customer. To this end, the sorcerer uses available to him mantic system. Just watching his past and present, distinguishing between changes. Thus, the sorcerer and need to work on the reality of this man: changing the client- influencing the internal environment, it changes and it objectively true. And achieved results. 90% of the sorcerer’s action should be directed to the man himself! If it will help him to influence the type of natural influences on the the root of his problems, then all the client has quickly returned to normal, the reality will change in the good direction. Previously, although the way and now, in the villages of witches, sorceress, witch all know about these types of impacts.

Therefore, when a person comes to him with a problem after installing the root of the problem, she always says: go to church, confession, communion, or even baptized. Why these actions? This is not just a symbolic act of devotion Christian egregor, namely due to such subject to the internal human medium varies. If we assume a person experiences a deep sense of guilt, and this had a negative impact on the alliance between the partners and sorceress seeing this, sends people to confession and communion, did not even talk about the reasons klientu.Tot came to the church repent of their sins, as it poured all of his soul, all the filth, Father bless her, she lets go of these sins and the person falls off a whole gora.On feels great, all the dirt from her Nutra went out, he forgave himself, now a reality immediately begin to change for the better. Thus the problem in terms of love go one hour away. I said that a sorcerer uses 90% of their actions on the man himself, and 10% go on healing, working with the aura cleansing, channels, and so on. Thus, it is all a natural process and results there are always significant, because a person follows the law of cause and effect.