World Customer

The McOfertas consists of a snack, potatoes you fry and cooling medium. Before he was possible to ask for small accompaniments, but now if the customer thus desiring, has that to ask for separately. Generally, it believes that it is advantage to ask for average or great. The attendant asks generally to the customer what she desires e, after the reply of the customer, the attendant asks if the order of the customer folloies some thing that he himself suggests, as cooling and potato great for plus a small tax or if the customer to ask for to a pie candy, for example, it asks if the customer would not like plus one gaining a discounting. Finished the order, the attendant asks if the customer desires something more and if it says that not, says the total value of the purchase and after that he calls the next one to the line, many times when the customer who finished to ask for nor left the line still. While the customer still is making the order, the other employee already is running of a side for other to catch everything and to place in the tray that is on of the balcony.

I observed an order made for a supervisor and is possible to see the same that it has more freedom of action, if not using of decorated speech, although to act of similar form. For the children it has showy toasts and for the adults, beyond colorful and informative papers between the tray and the snack, at the current moment, it has a promotion of snacks of the Pantry of the World: each day the snack that represents a country and in the purchase with card Aims at, the customer gains an ice cream. It has also a promotion that it functions as a bolo of the Pantry where the customer can gain two million, but to palpitar, is necessary to have a purchase coupon.