New Atlantis

In the second part of the workmanship Bacon it presents the directions for the new method, that will be deepened the next laudas to this work. Bacon dedicated it to know the nature, and thus, better to dominate it. It is for Bacon, to understand and to know the nature, is necessary a new conception of the reason and the experience. The knowledge of the nature would have to serve the increasing eager bourgeoisie for being able in England, therefore the wealth must be fruit of the work, the accomplishments and knowing of the individuals, therefore that for Francis Bacon ‘ ‘ To know is poder’ ‘ , and this to know will take to the progress of the knowledge and this the natural submission of the forms or phenomena to the human desires. So that it occurs this domain of the nature for the man is necessary that these are masters of the world, exerting to be able on the things and transforming objects so that they we serve, however so that this happens the man must know it and its laws, so that the man can submit it to the domnios of the techniques, Bacon it will go to portray this society of the knowledge and the technique through utopian history called the new Atlantis. In this way the theoretical deepening of the New Atlantis would be to perfect science and the social order (progress). To co-ordinate and to supervise the enterprises, this would be responsibilities of the science men.

In this city science would have specifically human objective: to fight against the ignorance, the misery and the suffering. All the individuals are free with exclusive devotion to the good of the humanity and the magnifying of knowing.