The diversions the cio do not constitute a social anomaly, quite to the contrary, are part of the civilization being, but this being is paradoxicalally unprovided of truth. Therefore Rousseau is ironic: it praises, captive the attention of the civilization fomenting the vanity. We can say that Rousseau similar proceeds the described Scrates for Plato in its dialogues. Also Scrates generally initiates its maiutica exaltando, praising, its interlocutor. Valley to remember who has one determined moment of the life of Scrates where the interlocutor was the proper one society: when of its judgment. In this context manifest it ironically on the penalty that it would deserve: ‘ ‘ which rewards will agree a poor benefactor whom it needs to have limit all the time to admestar you? It does not have nothing so indicated, Athenian, for an individual in these conditions, of what being fed it pritaneu in it, much more of what for any of you that he had been winning in Olmpia, with horse of race or in race of car with two or four cavalos’ ‘.

(Vindication of Scrates, 35? d). Rousseau, the example of Scrates, dialogues jocosamente with the society criticizing it, therefore in society, in civilization the disruption between the being and seeming is accomplished. Rousseau initiates its speech teatralizando this rupture. ‘ ‘ parecer’ ‘ it is source of the misfortunes, since it hinders that the attitudes correspond with the disposals of the heart, in reason of already cited rupture. rently assessing future choices. Starobinski comments: ‘ ‘ The rupture between the being and seeming produces other conflicts, as a series of amplified echoes: rupture enters the good and the evil (between good and the bad ones), rupture between nature and the society, the man and its deuses. Between the man and it prprio’ ‘. (STAROBINSKI, 1991, P. 17). The civilized kingdom is the kingdom of the appearance, is the kingdom of not-being or of the inexistence of being, one of the main social promoters of the appearance is science, in reason of this it is a problem that disfarsa of solution.