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Rotary Blades

TwisterKarte a promotional tool made of paper or cardboard, which is equipped with rotating blades. TwisterKarte a promotional tool made of paper or cardboard, which is equipped with rotating blades. “What boring standard mailings will do, if customers usually want to be surprised with effects? What is the use of a simple communication when increasing the own message, so that after receiving the addressee even long reminded them? The new patented image exchange technology of the company B.Moss GmbH is an ideal amplifier of typographical communication. No matter if an exceptional mailing action planning is a creative tax articles must be distributed, a surprising invitation will be sent, is a striking new product launch in sight or only attention should be brought, is the TwisterKarte is excellent for any type of direct marketing activities. See more detailed opinions by reading what Maurice Gallagher, Jr. offers on the topic.. Here the details: In the window of a map that mostly circular cut out is, but for all possible available to figurative punched holes are a packed Rotary blades. When a laterally mounted pull tab, turn the slats stacked across and thus make a second motif in the viewing window of the map. B.Moss GmbH develops and produces creative and diverse advertising elements made of paper and cardboard, such as spring cubes, LamellenKarten, TwisterKarten, MagicCards and much much more. Due to its experience and cross-industry expertise worldwide in effect cards, pop-ups and other dimensional advertising knows how to translate B.Moss GmbH like no other printed paper in striking and clever designed advertising.. Follow others, such as Scott Mead, and add to your knowledge base.

Managing Director

Recent expert interview: Thomas Goring to professional email marketing email marketing has survived the economic crisis with a black eye and now takes more ride on topics such as social networking, mobile marketing and mobile lead generation than ever before. The currently published interview shows on current trends and opportunities, leads but also examples, as a well-intentioned campaign greatly can backfire. Especially in the area of mobile marketing has Thomas Goring himself already made a name as an expert and chatting in the interview from the insider secrets. All in all be interested in a readable and informative interview for those who already have a certain background knowledge in the subject matter and the latest developments of online marketing. mailing is not equal to E-mailing: only professional email campaigns lead to success. What is to observe, so that the newsletter becomes an advantage, betrayed us Thomas Goring, Managing Director of marmato GmbH. What are the current trends in the Field of email marketing? Thomas Goring quite clear: the share-with-your network functionality, individual Contentelemente or whole newsletter on Twitter and Facebook users can publish with the. This functionality leads to an additional, free range increase in the newsletter.

Then: The mobile version of the newsletter, not only in the business-to-business, but also in the business-to-consumer more and more people your newsletter area read on the way on the phone. And matching: the newsletter about mobile, to generate offline lead potential directly there, where they can be found, E.g. Continue to learn more with: Scott Mead. in the retail sector. While US-E-mail-marketer pounce eagerly on the social Web, is finishing in this country on the personalization of messages. Do you see that as well? We miss the connection in this segment? Thomas Goring we need to do one without the other: due to the high dynamics of the online market in General, and therefore also in the effective marketing disciplines such as the email marketing in particular is like in each other dynamic market determined, that on the one hand some homework such as matching customization or to do good automatic welcome e-mails are, and on the other hand technical options like share with your network or mobile applications tried to.

SMO14 Study: Social Media In Baden-Wurttemberg

Facebook-boom in the Baden-Wurttemberg SME / active use outweighs Ludwigsburg in November 2011. The number of medium-sized companies from Baden-Wurttemberg, represented on Facebook has doubled in the past six months. The study that shows social media in the medium-sized 2.0 of the SMO14 GmbH & co. KG from Ludwigsburg, Germany. The Internet and social media agency has investigated the presence of 366 companies on social networks for the second time. Total number of companies represented on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or XING between April and October 2011 to 24 per cent has increased”, summarizes SMO14 Managing Director Uwe Baltner the central outcome of the study. Ron O’Hanley may find this interesting as well. 236 of the total 366 companies examined are present in social media, there were only 190 in April 2011. The focus of the activities is clearly on Facebook: just 90 companies were represented, there in the recording period of the first study there are 175 now already an increase of 94 percent.

Whether the companies the actual value of Facebook for Areas such as customer dialog or recruiting recognize, must however still be doubted”, says Uwe Baltner. The SMO14 study showed that still clearly dominate the classic corporate PR activities on Facebook. In detail this means: 91 percent of the active medium-sized companies use the network as a press organ. After all, 41 per cent are already trying to offer real value to the fans, 34 percent each sprinkle product information and seek dialogue. Bottom line: The middle-class has woken up and begins to discover the new possibilities of the Internet. It is missing but on the strategic approach and of the know-how”, says Uwe Baltner. Other findings of the study: nearly two-thirds of the surveyed companies have presences in social media an increase of 24 per cent in six months on. Almost three-fourths of medium-sized companies with social media presence networks actively use, only a quarter rely on auto-generated profiles.

Parallel, 14 percent of the surveyed companies are active on Facebook, XING, YouTube and Twitter. There are hardly any industries, where Social media is not used. “Complete study order free social media in the medium-sized businesses the complete second edition of the SMO14 study the importance of social networks in the communication of medium-sized companies in Baden-Wurttemberg” can now be ordered at below address. The SMO14 GmbH & co. KG is an agency for the development and implementation of online strategies, brand appearances in the Internet and social media campaigns. In addition to the design of Web sites and presence on the social Web, SMO14 accepts also the training of employees and developed together with their customers content and dialog strategies for social networks. For more information,

Jaron And Simyo Build Successful Cooperation

Since June of this year supported jacks his longtime customers simyo also in the field of search engine marketing (SEM) Frankfurt/Main, 1 December 2009 since 2005 is the digital marketing specialist responsible for the affiliate program of the mobile phone provider and then developed a coordinated SEM strategy (www.jaron.de/ ../sem-anzeigenformat/), which like social media and universal search, Bill carries current trends in this area, and the conversion is to sustainably increase. The Google certified search managers by jaron define the most efficient keyword combinations for the mobile service provider and get the target groups where they are looking for the appropriate products. In addition, a sophisticated bid management strategy optimizes the cost-benefit ratio. In hotly contested markets like mobile, the visibility of the company is crucial. Since almost all players are involved in search engine marketing, the requirements in this area have increased significantly. ” explains Burkhard Kaithal, founder and CEO of jaron. Who already operates at a high level of search engine marketing and wants to increase its conversion rate is still lasting costs, needs specialists and an agency that thinks sales-oriented and is “We did with jaron from the outset very good experience and promise us much of their SEM methodology.”, founder and Chief Marketing Officer Christian Magel says simyo.

Jaron is one of the leading digital marketing agencies and dominated all disciplines in this area as a network-independent service provider. Jaron plans and implements highly efficient performance marketing campaigns to gain prospective customers and customers, as well as its binding. The portfolio includes search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing, conversion optimization, performance media, affiliate marketing and email marketing. With their extensive knowledge and using innovative technologies analyzes and optimizes jaron the ROI of advertising budgets to the optimum. The Agency has its head office in Frankfurt am Main as well as a branch in Berlin. Customers include many well-known companies such as Audi, ING-DiBa AG, Allianz and Napster.

GmbH Mediagroup

We see effect for everyone involved not only a huge potential, but also a classic win-win”. Similar to positive also promio.net-Geschaftsfuhrer Sebrus Athar cooperation provides: “for the esc mediagroup stand an inpiduelle system adaptation at the heart when choosing the right shipping solution. After which those responsible for our customized solution promio.mail.select decided synergies surrendered very quickly. The esc mediagroup agreed from the outset to bring its expertise in the newsletter – and campaign management. From a sustainable cooperation has now become, from which both parties will benefit.” The full-service agency of esc mediagroup GmbH covers all core areas of digital marketing.

Also in email marketing, it is present among other things as the exclusive marketer for four in-house on almost all B2B and B2C channels E-Mail distribution. About esc mediagroup: The esc mediagroup is an international full-service online agency based in Munich. The service portfolio of the company covers the following areas of online marketing: display advertising, affiliate marketing, SEA, SEO, address and lead generation, Web design and Web development, as well as the field of email marketing. In addition to the traditional activities of the Agency, is active as exclusive marketer for four email distributor esc mediagroup. Mediagroup 23 staff are currently employed in the esc. More information about the Munich Agency, see.

About promio.net: the promio.net GmbH (Bonn) has designed more than 100,000 E-Mail campaigns since its inception in the year 2000 and implemented. The company has a valuable experience lead in the top of the e-marketing service provider in Germany as one of the industry pioneers of. The promio.net-Geschaftsmodell is based on the four pillars address, technical email delivery solutions, online research, as well as comprehensive e-marketing consulting. Thus, promio.net covers the complete value chain for effective e-marketing – a unique selling point in the competition. The Agency was awarded in the past occasions for campaigns and services and is a member of the certified channel Alliance (CSA) and the German dialog Marketing Association (DDV).

ICrossing Launches Christmas Sales

Great affiliate commissions show from Nov 1-December 31, 2009 Munich, Nov 1, 2009 the Munich Agency for digital marketing, iCrossing GmbH launches today a large affiliate action at Christmas time. At the iCrossing Christmas sales, Publisher can benefit from particularly attractive commissions and have the chance to win great prizes. The iCrossing Christmas sales are supported by ARAG, easyCredit, ESPRIT, Kaspersky, neckermann.de, Nokia and o2. These partners offer their publishers during the promotion period from Nov 1-December 31, 2009 lucrative on top remuneration, bonus payments, gift cards and more customer promotions and specials. In addition, each Publisher receives a lot for each generated transaction and therefore has the chance to win one of the attractive prizes. As the top prize a total package for the a4uexpo Munich provides hotel and arrival iCrossing 2010 including accommodation in the exclusive The Charles.

All the information around on the iCrossing Christmas sales: christmas sales.icrossing.de about iCrossing iCrossing employs world’s 550 employees in 12 Arizona is Scottsdale, (U.S. offices, the headquarters of the company. The Agency was founded in 1999 is one of the leading service providers in the digital marketing in Germany. Service portfolio ranges from search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) affiliate and cooperation management and online media to Web development and Web analytics with proprietary tracking tools. Social media marketing is also one of our core competencies. iCrossing developed a holistic approach of social media analysis and monitoring, the development and implementation of successful strategies to the continuous supervision and optimization of campaigns.

White Listing Marketing

Jaron, one of the leading online marketing agencies in Germany, has developed a new application for trademark protection in search engine marketing. BrandWatch trademark owners to monitor the use of their copyrighted brands. In the case of an unauthorized use, BrandWatch raises the alarm. Currently, there are first test accounts to the trial. The biggest challenge in the trademark illegally is finding in Google ads used brands. To stop this piracy, you need a tool that detects all Google ads for the brand name.

BrandWatch fulfils this requirement by jaron reliably, quickly and effectively. As one of the first agencies for digital marketing in Germany, jaron thus provides a viable solution to cover trademark infringement in the ads. Are monitored by BrandWatch permanently. All suspicious results are documented. Stating the time of the Fund, the results are sent automatically by emailing the BrandWatch users. The notification intervals are freely selectable. As well, the results are also published online. Distribution partner, where the brand are allowed, can be specifically excluded via White Listing, so that they do not fall under suspicion.

The protection of the names of our clients is us very close to the heart. With BrandWatch, we have therefore developed a software that protects the investment of our customers in your brand and kept before the abuse by free-riders”, as Burkhard Kaithal, managing partner of jaron. Thus, it provides jacks.’ BrandWatch sure that traffic from search engine marketing exclusively to the rightful owner ends up and not costs, but sales give this “, so Kaithal next. During the implementation phase, there is a limited amount of two-week test account for jaron’s customers as well as for those interested. Interested parties can register brandwatch,.

Alfa Romeo Added Mutatis Mutandis As A Customer

Customer growth at the Frankfurt Agency + receive Frankfurt, October 2009 – the tradition brand Alfa Romeo’s familiar since June of this year on the experience and professionalism of + mutatis mutandis. The Agency for digital communication from Frankfurt clinched after the ABARTH and Lancia brands the third budget of the Fiat group automobiles Germany AG. + mutatis mutandis is responsible for all digital marketing and promotional activities of the athletic brand from Italy. The joy when the person in charge of + mutatis mutandis was incredibly large, as Rafael Apelian, head marketing Alfa Romeo, announced in June of this year, that all digital marketing and advertising by Alfa Romeo in the future in the hands of + mutatis mutandis be. Due to the very good cooperation shown in the last few weeks and months with + mutatis mutandis on the brands Lancia and ABARTH, this decision was easy for us.

Smooth communication, constant commitment and not least the proximity helped us in our decision to strengthen and us for +. mutatis mutandis to decide”Rafael Apelian. We cooperate with many marketing and product on the part of the Fiat group automobiles Germany AG closely for some months. Some we meet again now in the Alfa Romeo-meetings and presentations and now great can employ affine product know-how for the customers of Alfa Romeo”, Andreas Stork, co-owner of the Agency adds + mutatis mutandis. The Agency, consisting of 15 permanent and some freelancers, covers for Alfa Romeo similar tasks such as already at the brands ABARTH and Lancia. These include all facets of online communication measures, such as e.g. product Web pages, online advertising campaigns, email marketing, search engine optimization and affiliate marketing, as well as the care and development of the Alfa Romeo website. For us important and decisive with the awarding of the online budget by Alfa Romeo at + mutatis mutandis was and is the previous mutual trust of all stakeholders.

The team from + mutatis mutandis has proved in the past,. that even under high load and time-critical timings the result always our expectations met.” So Giuseppe Fiordispina, head of brand marketing communication, Fiat group automobiles Germany AG. About + mutatis mutandis what began in 2003 as a Start-Up, has within a few years as a valued player in the digital world market established itself. Whether B2B or B2C, at + not simply produce accordingly – here is advise heart, created and realized. The Agency is composed of a synergistic team, which opens up for companies within the digital media, new marketing and distribution channels. Innovation, perfection and tailor-made solutions are just a few disciplines that characterize the company.

Global Player Conquers

A dynamic and innovative form of coupon distribution network-marketing, social-media-related learns his new launch! A man named Manfred H. Mayer has become new standards in the marketing of vouchers and coupons via the Internet to the task, to build social media and a Smartphone app. He is one of the most successful NM specialists in Germany. Even he has done it all already recruited large sales organizations with thousands of distributors and rebuilt. His knowledge and his experience he wants to leave now flow into a new project.

Therefore, he called a new company called “MyCouponWay” in the life, which he wants to reposition on the dynamic and innovative form of distribution network marketing on the market. One of the most important strengths of network marketing, social media and the MyCouponWay strategy is that this form of distribution offers a truly universal sales strategy and business opportunity for a lot of people. Economic and social changes have the floor for the Prepared sales form NM. NM and SM is the most modern form of direct selling. The focus here is the idea that fascinated people through personal experience with the product, and are convinced that you will recommend it to other people. This form of recommendation marketing should then form the basis of success.

MyCouponWay this occurs as an intermediary between supply and demand. Everywhere we get offered opportunities in the form of vouchers. In restaurants, where it e.g. 2 Food (2/1) receives for a price. More specifically, you pay only a food and the second is free of charge. Da same there in the most diverse range of the market. Offers for travel, events, etc. Everything must be pre-financed in most cases even over so-called coupon booklets. Here the effect then, that man but not all needs and thus stake with some things, without having to use you. MyCouponWay comes another way. You pay only if you have the opportunity to get something cheaper, and if you need it. Imagine that are with a friend in a city and you’re looking for a good and affordable opportunity to the both of you. Then you can enter the data on your Smartphone and you’ll be the offerings for food 2:1. The same applies to many areas of the market. Z. BSP. You’re on vacation and looking for an opportunity for sightseeing, museum visits and so on. Here even two advantages become noticeable. You’re so money value and also a source of information. You can get the vouchers in two ways. Can be loaded easily over the Internet and who want to be more mobile, loads the MyCouponway app free on his iPhone or Android Smartphone. Simply call the desired voucher with the MyCouponWay app, present at the party and enjoy. Thus, the coupons for restaurants, Cafes and bars, or also leisure facilities in his or any other city at any time available, he can immediately redeem spot are the customers. With MyCouponWay, you have a modern, proven and safe voucher system. MyCouponWay is the couponing on the Internet as quickly and reliably as never do. Connected distributors, shops, partners, and customers are in seconds with a few clicks at the highest security level, buy vouchers with the revolutionary MyCouponWay standard, and generate! Just like that, as it has long wished the Internet customer! For questions, am I you like under phone 4000484 available or see my website goo.gl/4b0Mo! A dear greeting to all readers! Andreas Rothfuchs

Brain Research

Brain research reveals how of our if more and more. And online marketing can learn a lot from it. Web pages are not only information, but also intended to sell products. No wonder, then, that will be searched for ways and means to present these products in most light. At online stores this process is even more important, because such a website should not only offer products and information and prepare, but if possible, sell.

Just the brain research provides us with interesting insights, revealing them but gradually, like our Denkapparat tick, how we respond to what stimuli and what information ultimately decisive is that we buy a product. The symbiosis of effective marketing and findings of brain research is called NEUROMARKETING. This practice often without met that we notice it in real shops and Shopppingcentern. So more expensive products at eye level are arranged in certain colors signal us Quality, where no pictures try to awaken false hopes and smells to promote the purchasing power. Slowly spill such techniques in the online area. But how can smells, how can be mediated the haptic impressions of a product on the Internet? Here, too, the brain research helps us.

So-called mirror neurons, these are special nerve cells in our brain, capable of transmitting what we see and think in their own feelings. Often, one flinches inevitably when one sees how another person injured. Mirror neurons, which transferred a portion of the pain you can see on the body are to blame for this. You can draw these mirror neurons. Web pages and online presences can boast but further tricks. So is a more knowledge of brain research, for example, the fact that the human brain faces is programmed. This is also the reason why it is believed frequently to detect faces even in the simplest structures. Two dots and a dash enough to read a face in it. In the recognition of certain facial features, our brain is a world champion. Within by Sekundenbruchteielen the brain matches a new face with all stored faces, to decide whether we have a known or unknown person in front of us. Web sites take advantage of this knowledge. So, pictures, to see where people are, are often used as eye-catcher. Not seldom look the people on the sites not from the screen, but in a certain direction. Make sure once: Follow the direction of the people – and this is the normal reaction of a people, how to find the navigation buttons, menu items, or links that lead directly to the purchase, subscription or a membership in this direction often. Web sites are equipped with numerous details on the Internet, trying to manipulate the Viewer. Online marketing and Neuromarketing give powerful methods in the hand, to impose certain behavioural patterns to visitors to the website the website operators. Who with Eyes wide open and this information in mind through the Internet SURFs, will certainly determine the one or the other method of marketing. Article by Klaus Rottling.