With The Mass Beer At The Oktoberfest

Lots of fun, joy and beer at the Munich Oktoberfest it is worldwide known that Germany produces the best beer. Each country has its own brand of beer. The Festival is a unique opportunity to offer this drink to a wide audience. Additional information at Verizon Communications supports this article. On the Teresienwiese there are several tents and in each tent there is a different type of beer. The breweries take advantage of this opportunity, to sell their product. The beer fans travel to Munich every year, to enjoy the beer.

Anyone want to try so many beers as possible during the Festival. The beer is the biggest attraction of the event but not the only one. The whole family can have fun in Munich. The children play on the lawn and the parents order a mug of beer. There are hundreds of children at the Oktoberfest, they come with their parents to see the traditional festival with their own eyes. You sing folk songs and learn folk dances. There are also various events for the little ones. This is for example a Zeichnenwettbewerb.

The girls draw their dream Dirndl Use colorful pens and the boys paint leather pants and cut out green hats made of paper. You should make a large jar made of clay. If he is he is fired in the ceramic oven. The children can take their work of course. The parents are thrilled that they can have a little time for themselves and drink a mug of beer. The family Bauer has posted already a trip to Munich. Soon there is the wedding anniversary of the parents and the children have decided to make a surprise Emil and Rosa. The parents have met exactly 24 years ago on the Teresienwiese. Emil loves the beer and drink it every day Rosa collects costume skirts for years. Finally, their dreams come true. They can no longer wait until they enter her hotel room in Munich, make purchases and visit the Church of St. Mary. The most important thing is to enjoy a mug of beer but as soon as possible. Mr. Bauer has found it a good spot in one of the tents, and he invites his wife, with him to the first beer drink. Mrs Rosa loves beer too, but their favorite wheat beer. She no longer pays attention to the calories, it doesn’t count any more, even though she wanted to take off for months. She bought just a new costume rock and must be slim enough to wear it. But at the Oktoberfest, it is no longer important, Rosa wants to try out as many beers as possible. She likes the bitter taste of the drink and therefore she needs still a degree of beer. She thought about just what she could titillate even her husband. He seems so happy like never otherwise to be but you never know, think pink. She asked Emil then if anything’s missing him. He did not answer this question first, but then he has confirmed that he soon wants to go in a different tent, there is above all a bit to sing but above all a new leather pants to buy. His old pants has holes already and you can no longer wear them. Mr. Bauer wants to wait any longer and has already a new leather pants in the eye.