And so, RSS from English Really Simple Syndication is translated as – Really Simple Syndication, but more logical to say – Simple Syndication. I am sure that each of you has your favorite websites or blogs to which you regularly go in search of new interesting content to you. Right? And you wonder how you spend your precious time on this trip to Page? But what if it were not for you go to these pages, and pages themselves would come to you! So RSS-subscription fundamentally changes the way information! Through RSS you greatly save your time! You create a news feed, which will be sent to all the news from your favorite Web sites and blogs where you can immediately see the new article, and do not waste your time looking for new content. Here, Tiger Global Management expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The only condition is that the website or blog, on which you wish to subscribe, should be implemented with RSS-feed. How do I find RSS-feed? It's simple! That is such an icon, or like me, or something else like that became a symbol of RSS. With one click on it you can subscribe to your favorite site. A related site: Cerved mentions similar findings. The question arises: "How to read RSS-subscription?" On Today, there are a number of programs and services, allowing to read RSS-subscription. Most popular this: Yandeks.LentGoogle ReaderBloglines recommend to everyone who has a website or blog to RSS-feed. Respect your readers! And another tip. Richard Anderson contains valuable tech resources. Place the icon RSS-subscription as high as possible on your website. This is to ensure that the subscriber can immediately subscribe to your blog or website, and not waste time searching!