New Monitoring Solution

I CEE and I CEE mobile now with social network collectors the XT AG and strike2 start a cooperation to support the professional use of social media and Web 2.0 tools in business. Munich – Kleinostheim, 22.11.2010 – one of the biggest challenges today is social media in a business environment, the adaptation of the potentials on the objectives of the company and the measurability of the activities. Norbert Schuster, Managing Director of strike2 and book author of Twitter for Manager supports in its consultancy projects”company in the strategy development and implementation of social media activities. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises, the issues of acquisition and visualization of network metrics in social networks are a major problem.” Schuster is pleased that he has found a partner with XT AG, with which he can offer its customers an innovative and modern solution for capturing these figures. For this purpose, start a cooperation strike2 and XT AG and bundle their know-how from the BI environment and the social networks. You build an exemplary information cockpit, which makes accessible the professional use of social software in the enterprise and supports sustainable. This cockpit aims to expose even the management of a company becoming increasingly important in future key figures in the field of social media analog classic BI key figures.

Dr. Bauer – the XT Board – said: the combination of our I-CEE management information cockpit and the expertise of strike2 closes an important gap in the supply of information by managers, namely the monitoring of the activities of a company in this new media. We are pleased this is an already overdue innovation in the market of management information cockpit.”on the future cooperation with strike2 and whose team”, Nikolai Bauer further. The specialty of strike2 is the use of social media in the business area. Here the company advises its customers in creating a social media strategy and supports the Customers in the concrete implementation of the planned measures. Norbert Schuster, the owner of strike2, can look back on more than 20 years of experience in the marketing of IT solutions. The new Internet media and social media channels he uses in practice for many years, and uses this practical experience for its customers projects. “Learn more about strike2 see: the XT AG is one of the leading manufacturers in the area of information intelligence”. Since 2005, the XT AG with solutions and advice in the field of enterprise information management, providing information to managers, executives and information workers to improve will help. For more information about the XT AG, see and the social network monitoring suite on.