New Comprehensive Care

Langenfeld, April 2008. Many people with coronary heart disease often also suffer from reduced Leistungsfahigkeit and resilience. These effects can be with a new combination of micro nutrients positively affect nutrition medical. The new Orthomol cardio offers a comprehensive supply from April 15, 2008 with its unique combination of polyphenols (phytochemicals) from red grapes and cocoa, as well as 29 other micro-nutrients for heart and vessels. Because just heart – or Gefasserkrankungen lead to an increased consumption of micronutrients, which is just hard to cover about the diet. Risk factors for heart and vessels high cholesterol, obesity, diabetes mellitus, psycho-social factors, such as stress, or high blood pressure are risk factors for cardiovascular disease. The change of in eating habits is often an important component of therapy, which supports also the performance of the patients.

But unfortunately only few Germans eat healthy and eat adequate amounts of fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, and whole grain products, to protect the heart and vessels with the valuable micro-nutrients contained in it. In addition, also storage and cooking reduce the vitamin content in our food. The new Orthomol Cardio contains a comprehensive combination of micronutrients, which is specifically tailored to the needs of patients with coronary heart disease. So support the valuable substances, above all the polyphenols, with their nutritional properties and features both heart and vessels. Unique combination: red grapes and cocoa are red grapes resveratrol and Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins (OPC). You as antioxidants to protect the vascular damaging action of free radicals and may counteract so arteriosclerosis. The positive influence of Resveratrol on the vascular function is also scientifically proven as well the effect of Kakaopolyphenole high blood pressure and the coronary arteries. A study shows that people ate the chocolate with a high cocoa content, compared to the control group had significantly advanced coronary arteries just heart cardiovascular patients an important effect.

Comprehensive micro nutrients in addition to these phytochemicals the Orthomol cardio a supplementary balanced diet contains essential omega-3 fatty acids. These improve the fluidity of the blood. Also promote the included L-carnitine and Coenzyme Q10 the energy production of heart muscle cells. More vitamins and trace elements and minerals, such as magnesium, complete the unique combination and supporting successful nutrition medical treatment. Orthomol cardio offers a comprehensive micro nutrients for heart and vessels. Pharmacy exclusive 30 servings of practical day month package is available, consisting of granules and tablets/capsules. Press contact: Orthomol pharmaceutical Vertriebs GmbH Manuela Rai Manager Public Relations Duke Street 30 40764 Langenfeld phone 02173 9059-234 fax 02173 9059-129 E-Mail: Web: Orthomol the idea for health Orthomol cardio is a quality product of the company Orthomol Langenfeld, Rhineland, the pioneer of orthomolecular nutrition medicine in Germany. As the first and leading company in Germany, develops and distributes Orthomol metered micro-nutrient combinations, balanced since 1992. The premium products are tailored to different diseases and life situations. As foods for special medical purposes, so-called complementary balanced diets and dietary supplements, the combinations consist of including vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and phytochemicals. Their development and production is carried out according to the international quality standard ISO 22 of 000 Orthomol products available exclusively to pharmacy.