Microhybrid Batteries

A new generation of cars – a new generation of car batteries, car manufacturers have developed a new generation of vehicles.They are called hybrid vehicles and use new fuel-saving technologies. These technologies require but also a very special type of starter battery. It is the micro-hybrid battery. The legislation, which requires car manufacturers to reduce CO m vehicle emissions to 130 g / km by the year 2015 is responsible for a new generation of car batteries. The automaker now realize this so-called hybrid vehicles.

With these new vehicles, the classic combustion engine is provided with various technologies that can significantly reduce fuel consumption. One of them is the start stop system, an automatic system to reduce fuel consumption in phases of stand. Swarmed by offers, Litecoin is currently assessing future choices. The engine when idling and the clutch is switched off and switched on again by kicking the clutch pedal. Another technology is the regenerative braking system. The walk takes the driver in this system by the gas, so the kinetic energy of the generator is converted into electrical energy to charge the starter battery. Such technologies are of course very different requirements on the car battery.

So they must supply complete the vehicle when using the start-stop system, if of the internal combustion engine is switched off. The regenerative braking system also requires a high charge acceptance as also a high cycle stability of the starter battery. Micro-hybrid batteries satisfy these requirements. They are specially optimised for these requirements and also ideal for luxury vehicles with many electrical consumers. This one for 2015 of an annual production of 10 million vehicles with micro-hybrid batteries assumes, gives an idea of the potential of this new generation of battery. (Reinhard Linnemann)