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PR facilitates selling 14 tips for your press work many trainers, consultants and coaches look at public relations than cheap ad replacement also as a sales tool. But PR sold nothing. She can facilitate the sale for example, sellers but by they the (not yet-) customers your company conveys that your company exists and its work guided there by which quality standards. Here are some tips for your press work looking at you the editors of the newspapers as customers. Finally you want to sell something to them\”your text, your news. Deal appropriately with them.

\”You give them what they need: for example news, insight into company practice, crisp\” quotes. Communicate with the press moderately but regularly\”, thus you are except in the minds of your potential customers, in which the editors gradually provider anchor xy exists. \”He is a specialist for…\” Pour over the Do not press with all possible nonsense for example of the message that you or your company had a birthday. \”You send them only the information the your expertise or your company as a specialist for…\” underline. Make sure: Almost all journals have long lead times.

If your message in a certain issue to appear in a journal, this is typically six weeks before their appearance on the desk of the editors. Overestimate the effect of the published Word. Be so generous\”in the proofreading of texts, in which she cited are. Always remember: the editor is your customer. He paid but not with money, but with Seiten(-anteilen) in his magazine. Therefore, he may with the purchased\”article do what he wants. Be unprofessional so does not turn sour, or from your point of view when he cuts your manuscript\”edited. Have no fear before the professionals and business press. There is a really critical economic trade press \”in \”Germany no longer, since, as Ferdinand Lasalle wrote earlier in the 19th century, the nature of the ad was invented\”.