Addiction It

If the immune system works, which has Man no problem. Assuming that only the strength of the immune system has backed up our survival, we had still no AIDS, such as medications, available. We think back to the time of the plague. No sufficient drugs, catastrophic hygienic conditions survived, who had a strong immune system. One could maintain even sick, without taking even damage it. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Oracle by clicking through.

The immune system protects us and if it clears itself such as cough or diarrhea then nothing is lost long time. Such reactions show that the immune system has jammed at the moment. Although it is fighting, but it shows deficits. Therefore the holistic physician, that symptoms are not diseases, but grateful Guide to know where the body has deficits. Only the final failure of the system decides whether our lives.

It should be noted that no security system is perfect. Apart from the daily complex requirements, which must cope with it, we learned above, that the congenital Immunity has been marked by our ancestors. They are the builders of our immunity. Accordingly, their experience with experienced diseases have left traces. That’s why everyone has somewhere more or less large deficits. Immune-weakening to watch now observing a growing defensive weakness of people for quite some time. Infectious diseases occur more frequently and escalate, chronic conditions, such as allergies and cancer, are increasing rapidly. A poor diet, lack of exercise, increasing environmental toxins and what else is discussed, it certainly it has influence. But is noticeable, that repeated epidemics on a regular basis. Once the plague then the syphilis and gonorrhea, tuberculosis, Spanish flu today herpes, hepatitis, HIV. And then the mentioned current infections, such as EHEC, Noroviruses, and so on. How is it that that, as far as we can look back, humanity has experienced always such wavelike repetitions? Addiction It then meets after similarities, one fact, which may be a possible explanation for this.