10 German Heart Week: Suspicion Of Myocardial Infarction? Everyone Should Know

From 10 to 17 November the German Heart Foundation organised a heart week already for the tenth time. Several thousand action partners, including hospitals, established cardiologists, dispensaries, health insurance companies, adult education centres, pharmacies and companies are involved in the campaign. In the Centre of this year’s week of heart are the detection of attack alarm signal and the correct behaviour in case of an emergency. Would always taken seriously the warning signals of a heart attack and the emergency call dialed immediately, approximately 265,000 infarction patients in Germany survive far more than in the past. Because although the medical treatments have significantly improved in recent years, yet always at least every second patient dies of a heart attack. Very often, this is done because responded not quickly enough to alarm signals was. Most common signs of a heart attack are heavy, longer than five minutes lasting pain in the chest, which could radiate in arms, shoulder blades, neck, jaw, upper abdomen. More Alarm signals are: strong tightness, heavy pressure in the chest, and anxiety.

In addition to the chest pain shortness of breath, nausea, and vomiting can occur. Also possibly unconsciousness, pale, pale complexion, cold sweat. In women a heart attack can announce quite themselves in a different way. An American study by researchers of the University of Arkansas showed: before the attack, 70 percent of women had no pain in the chest area, but instead unusual tiredness and sleep disorders. The acute symptoms before a heart attack were shortness of breath and weakness. Only 30 percent of the women in this study reported pain in the chest, the typical male symptom. To detect a heart attack at an early stage, the Scientific Advisory Board, the initiative recommends woman’s heart the NAN-rule (nose arm navel).

All sudden complaints between the tip of the nose, arm tip and navel, which disappear within 15 minutes, can indicate an impending attack. In this case, one is necessary and may be life-saving, because the first minutes and hours of a heart attack are immediate medical attention for the patients of crucial importance. As shown in the analysis of data from nationwide nearly 400 hospitals, pass more than three hours, until the ambulance will be alerted when a heart attack in the average. A suspicion of a heart attack, are shy or not-to the last drop want to definitely not attached. Including without limitation applies: immediately dial 112! Fair vital, fair shipping trader of highly active substances supports the heart week to 30.11.