It seems that some complaints from consumers about home security and alarm systems appear more frequently than others. Here are the complaints of most common customers of home security, taking into account in order of frequency, and also some explanations. The most common complaint refers to the alarm that accidentally shot and disarmament and, then, waiting patiently for a call from the station’s monitoring, which never arrives, the load of the customer. The most frequent complaint next to customers is that the police took over one hour to appear! Some customers have received calls at work from the alarm company and he rushed home, only to discover that the police did not yet! And then wonder what is the use even of a burglar alarm system installed police did not bother to arrive on time! Another common complaint from customers is that, although the client is the owner of the alarm system, can not be controlled by any other company so what was acquired from. It is possible to change your monitoring service, but can be found with your alarm equipment is proprietary and is blocked.

In this case, switching the alarm company means having to install a new system, or the payment of a service fee to unlock system. Customers complain that the ads say that the alarm system is free, however, when they come in contact with the company and request a quote, found that the costs of the system of hundreds of dollars, because they say that the first 4 sections (doors, Windows) are free but it has 20 Windows and doors of 8 which will not be monitored! One of the most common complaints from customers of the alarm system is that the contract is automatically renewed alarm! Most alarm companies has an automatic renewal clause in their service contracts and supervision. This means that his contract will be renewed for a period of twelve months to five years (depending on the) company), unless there is a specific request that you want to cancel your service. The majority of the nacion-empresas of alarm wide utilization of this system, and usually involves the cancellation of a penalty clause. However, as millions and millions of owners satisfied home security systems will testify, there is no need to lose the mood, there are explanations and solutions to all the complaints above! Most of the time, complaints come from new users and inexperienced, that they have not properly understood the system, and it is the result of a misunderstanding. See that it is adequately trained in the use of your alarm system, all the questions you need until you have understood everything correctly and learn how to avoid the traps.