Vice President Operations

Against this background, it is increasingly important to understand exactly what motivated businesses your target groups go on the Internet. Now the social networks offer optimum conditions for this in his opinion. What approaches can track brand and media here, was part of the reflections by Jay Stevens, Vice President Operations EMEA, MySpace. If you would like to know more then you should visit Hewlett-Packard Co.. The future of the social Web is his opinion, inter alia in cooperation with the high-reach media portals. A successful path for both sides could be the simple integration of social networks in the news portals, which allows the selection of individual messages for the personal profile of the individual user. Content is still”king, according to the thesis by Jay Stevens.

However produced content, but also content produced by users or reviewed for the success of online platforms are not only professionally responsible. Alain Heureux, President of IAB Europe, at least as much importance attaches to dialogue with the target groups: behavioral targeting are we today in the situation very specifically to address user groups and then with the right To integrate content into a dialogue. “Therefore applies: content and contacts are king!” Integrated campaigns as mark European mindset most important driver of the positive development of online advertising see the experts not only continues to increase online use, which not least further could put in thanks to the social networks. The increasing availability of the Internet on mobile devices, as well as the new targeting technologies that wastage can be reduced massively promote growth. The efficiency of online advertising is now accepted”, said Alison Fennah, Executive Director of the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA). As representatives of the Agency norm Johnston requires CEO MindShare interaction EMEA, even the chance that Europe in the medium term is the leadership role the United States. This especially speaks his opinion that online advertising in Europe is more integrated with the overall strategy and conception.