TST Established

Is subjects to the assent, the opposition right, of the worker, in the agreement of the Justice of the Work, ‘ ‘ compulsria’ ‘ but for the employees who are partners of the unions, as Preceding Normative 119, of the TST in accord to the Abridgement of the STF n 666 (that it only affirms to be is demandable to the filiados ones to the respective union). At Hewlett-Packard you will find additional information. This modality, for being obligatory does not allow the employee to refuse itself to pay this exaction to it, since that it makes the refusal formal. The proper CLT guarantees this. However, the syndical entities are not few that criamempecilhos aiming at to make it difficult not the repayment of the contribution. Beyond more, the value established in the Confederativa Contribution can be still bigger of what it is demanded by the Union dues.

In short, for not having nature tax, it compels only the filiados ones to union, as Preceding Normative 119 of the Superior Court of the Work, as well as the jurisprudence of the Supreme Federal Court. Associative contribution associative Contribution also called assistencial tax or quota of solidarity. This third modality under analysis is exerted of form not required by law, of pecuniary, paid requirement for the associate to the union which is filiado, that it has as objective to propitiate the installment of legal assistance, medical, dental, among others. One is about contribution that the statute or act of general meeting of each syndical entity is established in, formal sources of its liability. The assistencial contribution is extracted with bedding in art.