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Geographic Scale

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

From this perspective, the regional studies had started to conceive the man with its cultural values. (152-155) 2.3 – Fenomenolgica geography had some confrontation with based new geography in the perspective dialectics of the marxism contributed Geographic science sufficiently, opening a way to reflect the society politically, inhaling in many marxist gegrafos if to interest for the social problems and analysis of the capitalist world to criticize the inaquality of this system that was reigning.

(For Locoste, when a region measures is relating in a scale, in accordance with the geographic thought the regionalizao agreement is possible to divide the developed world and the underdeveloped world. With the globalization of the economy the world passes for a transformation without precedents, the question of region, space and time are perceivable in different scales in questions of seconds through the medias more modern as television and Internet. From these advances the territory already starts to lose limits and the desterritorializao also occurs due the dynamics of the capitalism in econimia- world, as the ranks of the author.

We are of the opinion of that the regional global scale, as scales intermediate of analysis as measurement between the singular and the universal one, pose to allow to disclose to the particular espacialidade of the social and global processes .

CMN Information

Friday, May 13th, 2016

To assure the efficient and regular functioning of the markets of the stock market and balcony; IV. To protect the bearers of movable values and the investors of the market against irregular emissions of movable values and illegal acts of administrators and controlling interests of the public company, or of securities portfolio administrators; V. To prevent or to restrain modalities of fraud or destined manipulation to create artificial conditions of demand, offers or price of the negotiated movable values in the market; VI. To assure the access of the public the information on the movable values negotiated and the company have emitted that them; VII. ' ' To assure the observance of commercial usage equitable in the securities; ' ' (ANGHER, 2008, P. 958) idea, therefore, is to stimulate the increase of the individual savings and the transference of these resources for the companies of efficient form. The legislation recognizes the importance of the transparency of the market and determines to the CMN and the CVM to guarantee to the investor the access to the necessary information.

Any excellent information to the process of taking of decisions on the part of the investor must be divulged of regular form and trustworthy, therefore, it is accurately in this context that if incases the paper of the regulating agency in two main aspects: 1. establishment of norms for spreading of information, fiscalizing its effective application; 2. instruction and orientation of the investors how much to its right and duties and the interpretation of the available information, without, however, to carry through value judgment on the investments. In relation to the item 1, the Law n 6,385/76 of the complementary legislation fits to CVM ' ' ability to fiscalize permanently propagation of relative information to the market, the people who of it participate, and to the values in it negociados' ' (art. .

The Experience

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016

We understand that, so that has the construction of a quality school must have a collective project and the participation of all its members, as well as the contribution of the society. Throughout our work, we defend the conclusion of the escolaridade as a social right e, in this direction, we emphasize importance of the actions that come to guarantee the access and to offer conditions of permanence in the school. In this context the partnerships between the public and the private one appear aiming at the shared management and the decentralization of the power, searching it participation of the companies, as much for physical recovery of the schools, as for activities of educational complementation. We stand out, however, the obligation of the State stops with the guarantee of the obligator escolaridade, reflecting critically on the consequences of one neoliberal politics that reigns nowadays, transferring the responsibility of the public power to the society and extending ' ' wave of privatizaes' ' of the public institutions in our way. We believe that the partnership has brought resulted positive for the school, favoring a differentiated routine of other schools of the City, considering the work conditions that are offered. In this direction, one becomes more easy to make a work directed toward the exercise of the citizenship, being fortified cultural, social, affective, historical and educational the aspects, in its varied contexts, since for the pupils the experience of the pertaining to school experiences, provides to them to a learning stimulant based on the playful activity, despertando interest and pleasure to the involved pupils. CONCLUSIONS We historically follow the fights for the democratization of the school, by means of the universalizao of the access and guarantee of an essential right to the citizen. Currently, is transferred to emphasize it the quality of the education, understood as productivity, investing in a competitiveness each more increasing time.

Espirito Santo

Monday, March 21st, 2016

All the Planet Land, in the part spiritual and material, is under the Supreme Command of JESUS, the CHRIST of GOD. ‘ ‘ Those that passes for us do not go alone. A little of itself leave, take a little of ns’ ‘. Saint-Exupry Writer and French Aviator. IT RECEIVED IT IN ITS LAP JESUS knows our closer desires, because he inhabits in the interior of each one of us.

If It did not make this; we nor would exist. He doubts this? He is without air, the water, the food, the fire, the land supports that you and you will discover rapidinho. Why the mother knows the son? Because she gave the Life for it. Why one family receives the Spirit renascente? Because it cannot take care of itself when he is small. the will of sent who me is this: that none I lose of all the ones that gave to me; for the opposite, will make over again I it in the last day. Evangelho de JESUS according to Joo, CAP.

6:39. ‘ ‘ Truily you are admirable, Verb of God, in the Espirito Santo, making with that it if infunda in such way in the soul, that it if joins the God, know the God, and in nothing if glad it are of Deus’ ‘. Saint Maria Madalena de Pazzi Carmelite Catholic – Padroeira Saint of the City of Naples in Italy. Here it is that we are in the necessary times to the improvement spiritual, moral and material, therefore Technological Science advances showing to the Human beings things avanadssimas for the only cerebral man. You, however, Daniel, lock up the words and stamp the book, until the o time of the end; they will investigate many it, and knowing will be multiplied. Book of the Prophet Daniel, CAP.

Federal University

Saturday, March 19th, 2016

What it will bring significant effect in the motivation and individual satisfaction, generating one better accomplishment of the tasks and reach of the objectives of organizations. So that the productive work either, if makes necessary that the pacific and pleasant environment either. However the reality of many people is not this. Allied pressures to the high competitiveness, bigger work in excess and goals each time that they need to be surpassed, has been constant in the day the day of the workers. 2. Objective The objective of this work is to carry through a diagnosis of the organization, enclosing a gamma of organizacionais 0 variable that they make possible to investigate the perception of the company how much to the general conditions of the work. To offer to subsidies in the form of suggestions and work in group, for the implementation of measures capable to minimize the detected problems. o the same conclusion. 3.

Methodology A study of Organizacional Climate was made in Farp Industria de Roupas LTDA in Itumbiara-GO, in the month of January of 2010, using Escala de Medidas de Clima Organizacional validated and tested for a team of psychologists of the College of Psychology of the Federal University of Uberlndia-UFU. The referring article to it scales was published in the Magazine Psychology: organizations and work, v. 4, n 1, pp. 37-60, jan/jun 2004. The scale of Measure of Organizacional Climate is composed of 05 factors, being they: First factor ' ' Support of commands and organizao' ' that it deals with the existence of behaviors of affective support, structural and operational of commands and of the organization it stops with its collaborators in the daily performance of its activities in the work; According to factor ' ' Recompensa' ' that it deals with relative content to the diverse forms of you reward used for the company to premiar the quality, the productivity, the effort and the performance of the worker; Third factor ' ' Comfort fsico' ' related to the physical environment, the security and proportionate comfort for the company to the employees; Room factor ' ' Control/presso' ' that it is related to the control and the pressure exerted for the company and the supervisors on the behavior and performance of the employees; Fifth factor ' ' Cohesion between colegas' ' that it deals with the work in team and to the bond enters the fellow workers. A closed questionnaire was applied, which was delivers to the collaborators so that the same ones answered alone to the item, marking its answers in a scale of five points, that varied of ' ' 1 – I disagree totalmente' ' to ' ' 5 – I agree totalmente' '.

This questionnaire contained all the fulfilling instructions, as well as the reference how much to the secrecy of the information and aimed at the attainment of data that contributed to detect the perception that the collaborators has of the climate of the company. 4. Characteristics of the Sample 48 questionnaires for women and men of different ages and degrees of escolaridade had been answered. 5. Analysis of answers The answers gotten through the questionnaire had been computed and related how much to the frequencies and the average for factor.

Science Experiences

Friday, March 18th, 2016

Summary: Present article is fruit of our reflection that in sample as to work contents of Sciences to pupils of series initial of education basic, as well as, to think thus it can contribute to extend our critical capacity on the reality that we live, using to advantage the natural curiosity of the pupils in the wakening of the interest for Sciences. Inside of this perspective, stimulating them to appropriate it the scientific concepts, understanding methods of production of this knowledge through practised, investigated experiences and you execute in classrooms in a school of the city of Garanhuns FOOT. Having as objective, to propitiate to the pupils an understanding regarding the basic concepts through the experiences/experiments in which we use in the lessons. On the basis of this, we make a exclamao through yes, is possible to develop activities of sciences without having a laboratory, becoming the lessons most dynamic and contextualizadas, making a relation with the world where it lives. To finish, critical and suggestions of the academic colleagues, professors and pupils will be well-accepted, we understand therefore them as subsidies to perfect our proposal of education, focando experiences lived deeply for us and pupils through the diverse contents that the education of Science makes possible for all we. Word-keys: Experimental activities Classroom – Education of Sciences Pupil Knowledge.

Global Compact

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Such a measure is too drastic and practically impossible due to the consumerist world in which we live. Unfortunately we are at a point where you try to avoid damage is more easy to generate profits and is the mentality which is induce in us. There is a big difference between these two ideas, as one involves the restoration of a system and the other involves stop its deterioration through the so-called sustainable development. Example of this are the plans organized by institutions like the United Nations, which handles the concept of Global Compact or global compact, promoting the adoption of a number of shared principles and values that give human face to the global market, and promoting the construction of the social and environmental pillars necessary to maintain the new global economy. The Global Compact in a company or entity, requests as support for enterprises applying the precautionary principle with respect to environmental problems, greater environmental responsibility initiatives and promote the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technology. It is clear that they are not corrective and preventive measures: prevent evil instead of generating a good.

This variation of the theory of utilitarianism is known as utilitarianism oppositional, which promotes preventing or avoiding the greatest number of damage for the greatest number of people. The current discourse is avoiding damage to the environment that we guarantee our equal opportunities to future generations. Avoid climate change and global warming, not reverse it, that is the idea that falls entirely in the oppositional utilitarianism. As he has been mentioned, must do than natural resources and the world as we know it is possible for those who come after us even when we know they will look like and what will be your priorities. This implies the theory of the ethics of care, which tells us that our actions should be oriented to helping those who need it most, taking the risk of acting out of compassion and not with justice. .

Manager Choice

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

' ' It has many men who seem worthy of great jobs while not them ocupam' ' (Marquis of Maric) Wanting or it unreliability is not a factor of common in the enterprise way, however it has limits, we do not have to open hand of a rank or job stops of – of hand there kissed somebody, for possessing unreliability this systematically is ignorance signal, nor more it is unreliability question. We never must leave for the other what we and deserved, must take front to possess for activity and leadership, who does not possess leadership lives the same in the mesmice in position insignificant and never it grows in the organizacional branch. However it is of utmost importance to know that who goes to analyze this criterion is the manager, specialist in conscription of people, this specialist is apt to analyze its characteristics, we do not have to make look like unreliability, fear or tdio. In many elections of conscription, the specialists create occult dynamic stop election, we must be intent and to know to behave itself even though in the wait room, when you will have marked the interview. A dynamics very known in the way recruiting them and ' ' coach' ' it is the dynamics of reading comment, them they convoke the interested parties they leave and them waiting for about 30 minutes in a room of wait or the reception with the secretariat, and insert books, magazines and periodicals, in the shelves and bookshelves, and inside of these thirty minutes the interested party in the vacant that will not have caught none of reading articles already will be outcast of the next stage to election. These strategies are adopted to see the level of interest of the interested party, and stop to inquire if the same is interested for the national and international events, therefore a professional of the management area must be intent to all the events of the world. One concludes that we must be intent and brought up to date, he does not advance to possess a resume of great academic extension if he pro does not possess activity and capacity of global understanding and if not to possess humildade in what he makes.