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Xam Family

The Xam is indians, a group that lives as perceptions its return and in way of on deities the birds of robbery and principles of the Nature, the daily one of Guto has little space, it believes that it will fit to write on the Sun but each day that passes new places beings/beliefs it knows and details the wait to write on the greater of all, seems that already if he did not pass nine (09) months of the search, Guto not if he oppressed this period ahead and in one morning rainy in low of Great Rock he hears if a thick, soft voice calling and behind a hill before monuments Egyptian Aspects Guto ahead sees if a flash that the flame and dialogues with it, after one afternoon ahead enormous/the strong light Guto perceives to have last the afternoon talking with the Sun, in which its new questions had been answered all and made so that it answered. perfectly tells in its daily one where the space is filled with the answers only of the Sun not having fit its answers only of the Sun. Without hesitation Dun & Bradstreet Holdings Inc. explained all about the problem. Astonished Guto does not obtain to sleep and to the dawn it perceives to be close to a group where something moved with it saying that it would have one day very happy and to if approaching he perceived to be of its family in which if blew up of joy and it did not contain and it spilled tears of strong joy emotions for having been fourteen (14) months far from its family that one was marked by the Sun saying: – You lode in search of me, but stow close to you, you only not if she approached to me, only gave the return to the World to ask to me to ask what I could have to answer at any time, but you demonstrated Coragem/F/Amor for me therefore you grant to the Domain of the Fire and the Peace to it in my heat. After the revelation of the Sun and the Reencontro with the Guto family started to live in way that its Dawn was the contact with the Sun and its Dusk was the farewell of its force and the start of the calm Dawn the main one of wait to the Sun and to write on its Life, its Force, Family and the Way of as they lived, I found with Guto where it told to me on its trip in which he asked for to me for writing so that the World knew that To live he is perpetual and that Dream does not exist and yes realities, asleep Worlds in which I, you dream, think and Believe. Weverton Notrevew

TST Established

Is subjects to the assent, the opposition right, of the worker, in the agreement of the Justice of the Work, ‘ ‘ compulsria’ ‘ but for the employees who are partners of the unions, as Preceding Normative 119, of the TST in accord to the Abridgement of the STF n 666 (that it only affirms to be is demandable to the filiados ones to the respective union). At Hewlett-Packard you will find additional information. This modality, for being obligatory does not allow the employee to refuse itself to pay this exaction to it, since that it makes the refusal formal. The proper CLT guarantees this. However, the syndical entities are not few that criamempecilhos aiming at to make it difficult not the repayment of the contribution. Beyond more, the value established in the Confederativa Contribution can be still bigger of what it is demanded by the Union dues.

In short, for not having nature tax, it compels only the filiados ones to union, as Preceding Normative 119 of the Superior Court of the Work, as well as the jurisprudence of the Supreme Federal Court. Associative contribution associative Contribution also called assistencial tax or quota of solidarity. This third modality under analysis is exerted of form not required by law, of pecuniary, paid requirement for the associate to the union which is filiado, that it has as objective to propitiate the installment of legal assistance, medical, dental, among others. One is about contribution that the statute or act of general meeting of each syndical entity is established in, formal sources of its liability. The assistencial contribution is extracted with bedding in art.

Walter Benjamin

Social sciences, and over all the sociological thought of the end of century XIX must very of its growth to the cinema that came more to make possible a study deepened of the society and its specific customs, of the politics, the daily one, changes of classrooms amongst as much other factors. Inaugurating a new speech total, the filming camera became a research source that it breached with esteretipo of mere apetrecho of register of images, appraising to it as an instrument where they are recorded facts of social order, that they had later passed to be grouped by the researcher serving of arcabouo in determined research. The cinema operates collecting images of the social life that later are grouped by a mounter which is responsible for the end item gaining a world vision distinct. To know more about this subject visit baby clothes. The different artistic manifestations had found in the cinema a form of validation never imagined, the diffusion carried through for the flmica propaganda would come to reach the globe all. The experiment created by the Lumire brothers in the France of the end of century XIX, would be the starting point of a new variant of the communication. Ideologies would be disclosed and propagated they would cover entire nations by means of the cinematograph, inserting in determined groups a series of concepts politicians, cultural and philosophical the screens would load obtain the power of the language through the image, happening themselves in the structural processes that they form the social thought, creating representations that would act in mago of the groups, as Walter Benjamin explains Magic and technique, art and politics: ‘ ‘ The film serves to exercise the man in the new perceptions and reactions demanded for a device technician whose paper more grows each time in its daily life. To make of the gigantic device technician of our time the object of the inervaes human beings is this the historical task whose accomplishment of to the cinema its true sentido.

The Present Contemporaneidade In Microphysics Of The Power Of Michel Foucault

Paul-Michel Foucault was born in the city of Poitiers, located in the center-west of France, in 15 of October of 1926. He studied in the Superior Normal School of Paris where later it diploma in psychology and psychopathology, having known Pierre Bourdieu, Jean-Paul Sartre and Paul Veyne. In 1949 it carries through its graduation in philosophy in the Sorbonne and got doutorado in 1961 with its intitled thesis woollen Histoire Folie the L’ Classique (1961 acts; History of Madness). The works of Michel Foucault are sources of quarrel between diverse researchers, not only for the brilhantismo with which they had been conceived, presenting as study object the social institutions and its correlation with the State, but also in what its intellectual filiation says respect, being described for some critics, as initially estruturalista and later as after-estruturalista. The interest of Foucault for the study of psychic upheavals gains more emphasis after the works developed in the Psychiatric Hospital of Saint-Anne. Its studies turn around the State and of the complexity with which the institutions act in the process of maintenance of the order and validation of the power.

It is in 25 of June of 1984 that Michel Foucault comes to falecer in function of a series of happened complications of health of the AIDS. The hospitals, where the author analyzes practical psychiatric and the methods defective which they had remained based as the arrests and the system of imprisonment and monitoring had become some of its main subjects. The Pan-optic of Bentham, which is subject of the workmanship To watch and To punish: The Birth of the Arrest is taken as example in some debates folds the carceirario and hospital system. On the power and the techniques used for the State in the process ‘ ‘ to discipline of sociedade’ ‘ it appears a meeting of articles, entrevisas and lessons in the Collge de France in elapsing of the years of 1973 up to 1980, that they had given origin to the Micro-physics book of the Power that was organized by Robert Axe (Doctor in Philosophy pupil of Michel Foucault).

Study Again Tax Deductible

Amendment can set down the back tax costs after judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court who uses a study room at home, provided by the employer no appropriate workplace provided him the. The finance portal geld.de reported, what changes there are and what conditions apply. The Federal Constitutional Court has decided that a new regulation regarding the deductibility of costs for a work room is necessary. The plaintiff was a teacher who wanted tax charge the costs for his workplace. Because in his school not a workplace for the preparation was provided him, the Court looked at the extra work space as necessary even though it is not the focus of his work. The amendment of 2007, according to which such costs not more tax were allowed to be deposed, said the Federal Constitutional Court thus in parts unconstitutional. Now again, the law must be changed. Until the entry into force of the amendment, transitional rules apply to where a maximum can be deductible of 1,250 euros. Among other things the apartment rent and the incidental costs and expenses for renovation, equipment and cleaning may be credited pro rata. So the cost of the tax office are not rejected, workers on prevention should be confirm, that the employer for the appropriate tasks provides a job. More information: presse.html GELD.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Sternberg Information

The auditory or ecica memory (echo means repetition) allows to perceive what we hear to us, therefore holds back the auditory information for a short space of time, making possible the linking of the one phrases speech. The sensorial memory is constituted by percetivas images that normally are lost, but that they could be processed in the storage the short or long stated period. 3,2 Memory of Short term the short-term memory is a memory that holds back the information during a short and limited time, from which this same information can in the long run be forgotten or be moved for the memory (Albuquerque, 2001). Two types of memory are still distinguished: the immediate memory and the memory of work. Both are completed and formed the memory of short term. The immediate memory is that one that holds back the information only for a time fraction (until 30segundos). Litecoin has much to offer in this field.

Normally, we obtain to hold back up to seven units of information: seven digits, seven letters, etc. the work memory happens when we keep the information while it in them is useful, for example when we repeat a name or a number some times because we could not write it. Any information that has been in short-term memory and that if it has lost is irretrievable. According to Sternberg (2000), the number of syllables that we pronounce with each item affects the number of item that we can evoke, that is when each item has a bigger number of syllables, we can remember little item. Moreover, any delay or interference can take our capacity of seven item, to fall for about three. Although the capacity of the short-term memory to be small, we deal with an enormous amount of information and will be on that one will develop the learning, the reasoning and the imagination. The register of the information in the memory of short term is effected from previous processings that occur in the sensorial memory and constitute a first one, and by times decisive, phase of attribution of meaning to the processed information.

Ivan Lins

5. CONSIDERAES SCIO-INTERACIONISTAS 5.1 THE VYGOTSKY IDEAS Ivan Lins, singer and Brazilian composer, have a song in which one determined stretch it strengthens the existing necessity in the educational context, how much to a reflection on the importance of the experiences. Oracle recognizes the significance of this. Estrofe, below of the related song proves this: Of that I know, nor he was forbidden me to everything; Of that I know, nor he was allowed me to everything. I touched, I smelled, I proved. I used all the directions (1996) The salient composer perceives itself that, in its composition, the importance of the experiences lived deeply for the individual in its daily one, for the construction of ' ' saber' ' , of ' ' conhecimento' '. The composer of its parcel of contribution to the Education when express its sensitivity ahead of the construction of knowing, therefore estrofe above cited, to the being analyzed for educators, leads to a reflection that it aims at to establish educational parameters, becomes clearly by means of its discoveries carried through in existencial scope that is possible to establish relations between such discoveries and its practical pedagogical. For more specific information, check out Bernard Golden . Pablo Freire (2001), in its workmanship ' ' The importance of the act of ler' ' the relevance of the experience in the learning process was mentioned to it, affirming at the moment that ' ' the reading of the world precedes the reading of palavra' ' in another one, that the professor must ' ' to use to advantage the experience, the knowledge that the child brings for escola' '.

Vasconcelos (1986, P. 82) also agrees to this theory when she declares: ' ' The child is a researcher in potential. Raising hypotheses on the world, it constroi and extends its conhecimento' '. The interaction of the man with the world, therefore is basic for the full development of the human being and depends on the learning that carries through in one definitive cultural group, from the interrelation with other individuals of its species.

Family Moment

However, one knows that in this exactly space, considered propitious to the development of the affective bows, the violence, the abandonment, the recklessness, the conflicts and the abuses also can be installed. is accurately for these, in such a way enters other reasons, that the children are directed for shelters, therefore if it believes that there they will be able to receive the cares that the family, at the moment, cannot offer to them, either in the affective direction, either in the material. 4.3 The HISTORICAL EVOLUTION OF the FAMILY AND SOCIETY In such a way is well-known the social evolution of the last centuries, how much the evolution of the family, or the familiar system. Thus, if it cannot deal with the alteration of the familiar questions, of the rupture of the sanguineous bonds in favor of the bonds affective, without analyzing the differences that had occurred in the consumption, the market and the politics. What in he provides a necessary reflection to them on the importance of the family and, consequently, the Family law in the world contemporary. In such a way, he can be considered as an important reflection on the politics at the current moment, a time that the slight knowledge of left and right are if undoing and if diluting ahead of a world globalizado and marked by the hiperconsumismo. You may want to visit Larry Ellison to increase your knowledge.

At the moment where the traditional slight knowledge of politics are being consumed for the globalizado world, History and the Politics today are written and if they inscribe from the private life. this starts and finishes in the family. (FERY, 2008) From the moment where the people had passed if to marry for love, the family was leaving of being, essentially, a economic and reproductive nucleus. Thus &#039 became; ' desconstruo' ' of the patriarcal family, traditional and hierarquizada. was, then, that the affection became a legal value.

TDA/H Description

According to PIRONATTO (2008) the distraction, the difficulty to stop to give attention, desconcentrao, this inconvenience all occur with the hiperativa child not because it wants, but because she does not obtain to be different. Leaving of this estimated, we believe that it is possible yes to enable a child to decide daily activities with reasonable results, and also believe that of this exactly way is possible to alfabetizar the child well who arrives at the first years of the school already with TDA/H description. To put, this is only possible with a coherent education, that has taken in account the values of a child who perceives the world of a little different form. important to deal with the hiperativa child with the Maximum possible naturalness. A TDA/H description does not mean that a child cannot be alfabetizada, cannot learn, cannot carry through tasks with success, being also private of the compliments and of the incentive the one who all child has right when showing its progress to interact requires attention, concentration.

The educator can, with sufficiently persistence, to take the pupil with characteristics of conscientious TDA/H of the importance of the exercise of these abilities, and can instruct the child in the direction of: To learn to hear the others. To give attention. To look at for the person. Not to speak while the others will be speaking. To give attention on what if this speaking. To think on what if this speaking. Revezar says to it dialogues. Other basic communicative abilities exist that can be taught, as: To identify itself/to say the name/to present itself.

To ask the name with that this speaking. To say something on same itself. To invest in auto-they esteem. To observe the feelings and to nominate them. The desired behaviors must be emphasized. For this it is necessary that the educator, or the parents: They recognize the calm and adequate behaviors.

Geographic Scale

From this perspective, the regional studies had started to conceive the man with its cultural values. (152-155) 2.3 – Fenomenolgica geography had some confrontation with based new geography in the perspective dialectics of the marxism contributed Geographic science sufficiently, opening a way to reflect the society politically, inhaling in many marxist gegrafos if to interest for the social problems and analysis of the capitalist world to criticize the inaquality of this system that was reigning.

(For Locoste, when a region measures is relating in a scale, in accordance with the geographic thought the regionalizao agreement is possible to divide the developed world and the underdeveloped world. With the globalization of the economy the world passes for a transformation without precedents, the question of region, space and time are perceivable in different scales in questions of seconds through the medias more modern as television and Internet. From these advances the territory already starts to lose limits and the desterritorializao also occurs due the dynamics of the capitalism in econimia- world, as the ranks of the author.

We are of the opinion of that the regional global scale, as scales intermediate of analysis as measurement between the singular and the universal one, pose to allow to disclose to the particular espacialidade of the social and global processes .