The first charcoal grill of the grill specialities automatically applies patented world novelty for the perfect and gentle preparation of steaks, fish and suitable to the barbecue season the company Spiessgriller introduces an innovative product for grilling on charcoal many delicious barbecue on charcoal. The automatic BBQ: Simple and perfect grilling the automatic BBQ Grill revolutionized grilling on charcoal. With this patented world novelty, steaks, sausages, spare ribs, fish, bread, and vegetables can be grilled automatically. Every 30 seconds a drive mechanism applies 2 patent grills made of stainless steel by 90 degrees from side to side. The grill result is fantastic, as is the grilled in the grate burns. The gentle turning motion with a perfect Grill pattern ensures a gentle preparation for sensitive fish and steak specialities.

The automatic BBQ is available with 2 stainless steel Grill grates from 70 up to 90 centimetres. Included power pack is a rechargeable battery a patented 12 volt Grill motor included. The very robust Grill is made of 3mm steel handmade, and has 4 industrial wheels with 2 brakes. A practical storage space beneath the grill tray. A conversion kit to the spit Grill is optionally available, with the churrasco or spit roast can be prepared. You will find a video to the automatic BBQ here: more information: FA. Spiessgriller GbR Michael whims In the Husinglo 10 59510 lip Valley Tel: 02923 972 9192