Sewer Control

But still it is little, the use of filters for canalized drinking waters, water reservoirs of rain, campaigns of ambient education with activities that considered interest in the community to control the local pollution and to preserve the biodiversity in a way in general showing to the importance of all the elements in it contained, searching harmony between nature and urbanization. Bigger control on the part of the ambientalistas authorities, incentive the plantation of trees in the region, to control the pollution in the atmosphere, in such a way to acquire knowledge the population for the risks of patologias for the control as for the eradication, cooperation with the ambientalistas entities, denouncing and requesting fiscalization, can be simple attitudes and of great result. More specifically in the water it has the necessity of analysis and control of the bacteriology, with interditao for the ambient specific agencies, until if it has a positive result. In the atmosphere to a rigorous legislation and fiscalization continued, that compels the plants to introduce SGA, as well as filters in the chimneys, to treat its residues and to use less pollutant processes. Penalizaes for the lack of practical of the environmental laws. To follow they are some images of the action of the man in this region: Sewer the open sky Rats and domestic animals divides space with the man, garbage and exhaled gases cause serious risks the atmosphere, beyond causing fort odor to the place.

Conclusion Currently the development, industrialization and the population growth have influenced the concern with the environment of a significant form. Particularly in this analyzed region the existence of the urban growth without appropriate structure can be observed, what it generates diverse damages to biodiversity. The wild urbanization that occupies the great centers has evolved for problematic a world-wide one with that it says respect the quality of life. In the aspects social and economic it has a constant necessity to associate and to balance the support of positive form.