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Brazilian Gasoline

Thursday, May 12th, 2016

You give to reach the dreamed exploit of adentrar in the biggest world-wide market, badly obtains to supply its domestic market. Worse, it imported inefficient etanol of American maize, in the peak of crisis R$ 0,40 more cheap than the national similar. One contrassenso for a tropical country, with land, propitious water and climate to very supply its domestic market and of the external market. After as much fight consolidating etanol as commodity, if it cannot lose the uneven possibility to supply the pujante international demand.

The Brazilian government decided to after act the economic crisis provoked by the sudden rise of prices of etanol, that it also pressured the indices of inflation in 2011. It defined that etanol is a strategical fuel and not only one derivative of the agricultural production. It determined that Petrobra’s acts as a great one player in this market, with plans to triple its production in four years, of current 5% for 15% of the total of etanol produced in the country, and thus to minimize the problems of period between harvests and volatileness of prices. A so complex problem as the market of etanol starts to be decided with the confrontation of its structural problems that had reduced the competitiveness of the product. It must be searched conditions for a new supported cycle of growth of the industry of etanol.

Some measures that demand courage and effort politician can be cited: to adjust federal and state taxes, reducing aliquot to improve the competitiveness of etanol front to the gasoline; bigger investments in research in favor of energy and ambient efficiency of the vehicles flex; strong incentive to the generation of etanol celulsico, saw agricultural and forest residues of the biomass; logistic storage and improvement; commitments of long stated period of all the productive chain with offers and the demand; improvement of the infrastructure and the systems of supplying. Currently the market inductors are very distinct of those observed in 2005. the topic at hand. In these last six years, the cost of production of etanol increased 40% more than and the product lost competitiveness front to the gasoline, that follows the same with price since 2005. Beyond the significant reduction of edges, that do not justify high investments in new units, the entrepreneurs if feel in relation to the lack criteria in the setting of price of the gasoline unsafe. As much the public power how much the fuel plants and deliverers suffer with improvisation, lack of planning and politics of long stated period. The government has now that to face in short term a possible increase of demand for gasoline and a probable lack of it offers of etanol, events to be taken care of unhappyly by means of importation. The disparity enters offers and demand of etanol is generating distortions in the market. To each year the prices are if locating in raised platforms more. For the Brazilian consumer, therefore, the notice are not alvissareiras. At least per more three years it offers of etanol cheap is discarded and its future is again in game.

Electronic Microscopy

Friday, April 8th, 2016

These will anlisessero carried through for the laboratory of electronic microscopy Observe occurrence of the species of the lixeira next the diggings to the region decangas that one becomes of easy distribution and identification. The referring work meets in execution, but with the partial one of results, in permitemconcluirque the biogeoqumica prospection, can be used as half efficient deamostragem in substitution to the prospection geochemistry of ground. Moreover, had ‘ ‘ American Curatella L’ ‘ to present ampladistribuio, occurring of this Mexico until the south of the state of SoPaulo, makes possible that the same one, can be used in futurostrabalhos of biogeoqumica prospection throughout all America doSul. Simplicity and the low cost in the collection of the plant (leves) represent financial economy and of time in the campaigns prospectivaspara gold, therefore it represents low cost to delimit areas deocorrncia of gold concentration in any region where lixeirapossa to be showed..

Conferences Protocols

Monday, March 21st, 2016

Conferences, protocols and bl bl bls What we are good for the world we have of being good for and not contrary it. Paul Hawken. ; Amory Lovins; Hunter Lovins Since Estocolmo, in 1972, when the ONU created the Program of United Nations for the Environment (Pnuma), the subject of the climatic politics is argued of systematic form. Since then it occurred one without number of projects, marketing programs, conferences, regulations, stimulatons, outlay of immense resources in research, deep, subsidies, and miditicas expositions to the exhaustion. In times of economic crises spread by the rich countries, to speak in environment seems a heresy.

Meantime, the impatient ones in hearing infindveis bl, bl, bls ambient have that to give a truce and to separate the joio of the wheat, therefore it has much serious people treating to this subject. They must attempt against for the insofismvel fact of that the planet exceeded its physical limits and is in ways to attend a deep disorganization in the economy of the nations. The accurate moment to occur so complex forecasts is an arduous task, but the way is being trod the wide steps. The future has that being recriado, in a process that functions for all and it does not stop chaste of privileged. The solution passes for the construction of agreements global politicians, which esbarram in gigantic conjunctural and structural impasses, that demand revolutionary innovations. It is a paradigm change, that it demands much more that consensus, demands radical positions in relation the new politics to protect the natural resources; to invest in new and efficient energy technologies; also to face the social inaqualities. To speed up the rhythm of changes in the ambient, social and economic scope is imperative, since the only binding ambient protocol in vigor, the Protocol of Kioto that dies in 2012, revealed incuo front to the enormous challenge of the global heating and its consequences.

Global Water Pollution

Sunday, February 7th, 2016

Garbage disposal – a problem that was solved throughout human existence, but in the modern world, new problems related to pollution, such as water pollution. More a half billion people lack clean drinking water and about five million deaths worldwide can be attributed to waterborne diseases. Almost two thirds of the planet covered by oceans, and these bodies of water served as a limitless dumping ground where garbage. Waste water, various types of garbage, toxic waste dumping and oil spills are constantly reducing the ability of the dissolution of the oceans, and as a consequence most of the coastal waters subject to continuous contamination. Consequence of all these processes, it is the impoverishment of wildlife closure of the large number of bacteria beaches, etc.

WATER QUALITY The water quality is directly linked with the consumption of water and state of economic development. In industrialized countries, bacterial contamination of the water superficial caused serious health problems of the population in major cities in the mid 19th century. While as water-borne diseases have been eliminated in the developed world (Europe), outbreaks of cholera and other similar diseases still still occur in developing countries. Industrial and agricultural chemicals, nitrification of groundwater, surface water oxidation air pollution – modern phenomenon threatening aquatic life in many parts of the world. While in developed countries, contamination occurred successively and the fight against them quite successful, it has recently become industrialized countries, China, India, Brazil and Mexico are now faced with all these problems at once and at the same time, which complicates a comprehensive solution to these problems. CONCLUSION The global ecological disaster is not inevitable. But the whole civilized world must work to resolve these problems, and work with developing countries to ensure that the industrialization of their economies did not add additional problems to the problem of environmental protection worldwide.

Global Governance

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

Each ton of recycled aluminum saves the extration of five tons of bauxite. Glass the recycling of the glass comes presenting solid growth in the country, and in 2004 it reached an amount of 423 a thousand tons, as given of the Abividro. Steel In the year of 2004, in accordance with the Brazilian Institute of Siderurgia (IBS), the country produced 32,9 million tons of steel (almost 6% more than what in 2003). 4. CONCLUSIONS One of the main ambient problems are the generation of great volumes of effluent liquids, atmospheric and solid residues whose characteristics are potentially polluting. The emission of contaminantes can be minimized through diverse ways, from new scientific and technological concepts directed to reach the sustainable development. Considering the necessary principles to sustainable development, understands that chemistry has instruments important and efficient to contribute of unequivocal form to keep and to improve the quality of life of the population and the planet. The necessity of the continuation of the development of the society is unquestioned, however, clearer he is registered how much it is important, and urgent, the adoption of measures that reduce the actual damages to the environment.

These facts demand a new position of the chemistry, represented for its professionals, who will have to participate, active and conscientiously, for the development of scientific processes technician and of form to make compatible them with the necessary ambient support.

Global Heating

Friday, December 18th, 2015

We will not enter emmaiores details in this text, but we were white of hard critical, coming of all the sides. However, we do not change our opinion. Now, new studies had affirmed that an increase of only 2 C in the temperature of the Land will be capable to cause this melting. Probably this will happen in the date that already we had repassed, has seen that new models of scientific forecasts work with an increase of 5 to 7 C in the terrestrial temperature, until the year of 2050, and the forecasts come moving to each month that passes, with the occurrence of new events. Exactly that it does not happen in 2012, the real date is dangerously very next.

This is fact! If the population makes urgent an awareness of all and all the governments the world-wide level concerning this lamentable problem that we ourselves we create. We are only the responsible ones for the intensification of these changes and must work all together in the attainment of the natural balance. Of same foma that we only think about profits and we never worry in them about the support, thinking that the nature would be capable to absorb all and any pollution, if he urgently makes necessary the return between capacity and exploration. The Global Heating must be treated, at least, with the same concern that was treated this financial crisis, therefore it is much more dangerous and urgent who any another event, has seen that it deals with to our lives and the life of the future generations. source of information. God is allowing the accomplishment of this work and spreading of some dates, everything so that let us can preparing in them and believing that It is to our side. Already we more than affirm a time, that would not be at the moment where more we need the Father, who It would abandon in them.

Global Heating

Friday, November 13th, 2015

The global heating is a consequence occured climatic dasalteraes in the planet. Diverse research confirms oaumento of global the average temperature. Ascausas of the global heating is very searched. A parcel scientific dacomunidade that attributes to this phenomenon as a natural process, affirming that the planet Land is in a phase of natural transistion, one processolongo and dynamic exists, leaving the glacial age for the interglacial, being the increase datemperatura consequence of this phenomenon. However, the principaisatribuies for the global heating are related to the activities human beings, who intensify the effect of greenhouse through the increase in the burning of fsseis decombustveis gases, as oil, mineral coal and natural gas. Global Oaquecimento not only harms the fauna and the terrestrial space, ans as well as same, through the effect greenhouse, that increases the accumulation of harmful gasespoluentes to the health that if they propagate in air that we breathe. Thus, estamospropensos, obligatorily, to inalar toxins that cause many doenasrespiratrias. Another factor that will go to increase the number of deaths will be the altastemperaturas, mainly in the countries of the North, developing the cancer depele and cataract..


Tuesday, November 10th, 2015

Strategy of marketing. Any company who produces an automobile to make the difference in defense of the environment, therefore the reduction of the global heating. If vocs to stop to produce cars in the black color, will be contributing with a lesser heating in the ground of the land. Simple they stop to produce cars nestacor. For example in Brazil the car eats minor area has (6 square meters) pra recebercalor of the solar rays, with istodiminuiriao expense with air condicionadoeoutros gastosate of energy for the human body. The other step and to diminish the area of asphalt of the black color. .queso billions of atrairmais kilometers quadradosde reaa heat the land.

It is not possible not yet if it has technology to change the color of asphalt. Proposal it stops to change and to improve the question of the global heating. (Propuesta to exchange y to mejorar cuestin there del calentamiento global) Strategy of marketing. (marketing strategy) (without acute accent, ok) Any company who produces one automobile to make the difference in defense of the environment, therefore the reduction of the global heating. (Cualquier company that produzca un automvil to hacer there differentiates en defense del average environment, for ejemplo disminuicin del calentamiento there global.) If vocs to stop to produce cars in the black color, will be contributing with a lesser heating in the ground of the land. (Itself ustedes pararon of producir coches del color less calentamiento black, estarn contribuyendo con un del suelo woollen tierra.) Simple they stop to produce cars in this color. (Simple paren of producir coches of this color.) For example in Brazil the car with the lesser area has (6 square meters) pra to receive heat of the solar rays, with this it would diminish the expense with conditional air other expenses it ties of energy for the human body.

National Movement

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Another one interesting side of the Law in testilha is its consequence in the career of the professionals of the rea, vulgarly classified as ' ' catadores of lixo' '. Severino Rasp Jnior, representative of the National Movement of the Catadores de Lixo, affirms with property that the professionals of the branch desire to be known as catadores of materials you recycle, what she would bring more respect to the classroom and until, in next future, possibilities of magnifying of the functions of these professionals, as for example the responsibility how much to the separation of the different types of solid residues, what she could also reflect in new wage plan. As already affirmed, the main target of the law is the company, since they show as the main causers of the old problem of the solid residues, through the manufacture of products in series with the only objective of the profit attainment. Until some in relation to the companies and the debris left in the environment for the same ones did not exist responsabilizao here. Important to stand out that the new norm does not make any type of distinction in what refers to the public companies or private in what refers to the degree of responsabilizao for the residues, position that is clear with the hermeneutics of 1 of the article, that establishes: 1o Is citizens to the observance of this Law the physical or legal people, of public law or private, responsible, directly or indirectly, for the generation of solid residues and the ones that develop actions related to the integrated management or the management of solid residues. The responsabilizao of the companies will occur effectively by means of the application of logistic reversa, procedure has very implanted for the professionals of the area of the Logistic one, however normatizado for the first time. This technique also is disciplined by the law in epigraph, more necessarily in the article 3, interpolated proposition XI, to follow reproduced ipsis literis: XI – logistic reversa: instrument of economic development social characterized for a set of action, destined procedures and ways to make possible the collection and the restitution of the solid residues to the enterprise sector, for reaproveitamento, in its cycle or other productive cycles, or another final destination ambiently adjusted; The objective of the Law is to compel the companies to use a method, logistic reserve, invented for them proper, but that dantes he was used only for profit attainment, since with the reutilizao of the products the expenses with the production were reduced. . .

Sewer Control

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

But still it is little, the use of filters for canalized drinking waters, water reservoirs of rain, campaigns of ambient education with activities that considered interest in the community to control the local pollution and to preserve the biodiversity in a way in general showing to the importance of all the elements in it contained, searching harmony between nature and urbanization. Bigger control on the part of the ambientalistas authorities, incentive the plantation of trees in the region, to control the pollution in the atmosphere, in such a way to acquire knowledge the population for the risks of patologias for the control as for the eradication, cooperation with the ambientalistas entities, denouncing and requesting fiscalization, can be simple attitudes and of great result. More specifically in the water it has the necessity of analysis and control of the bacteriology, with interditao for the ambient specific agencies, until if it has a positive result. In the atmosphere to a rigorous legislation and fiscalization continued, that compels the plants to introduce SGA, as well as filters in the chimneys, to treat its residues and to use less pollutant processes. Penalizaes for the lack of practical of the environmental laws. To follow they are some images of the action of the man in this region: Sewer the open sky Rats and domestic animals divides space with the man, garbage and exhaled gases cause serious risks the atmosphere, beyond causing fort odor to the place.

Conclusion Currently the development, industrialization and the population growth have influenced the concern with the environment of a significant form. Particularly in this analyzed region the existence of the urban growth without appropriate structure can be observed, what it generates diverse damages to biodiversity. The wild urbanization that occupies the great centers has evolved for problematic a world-wide one with that it says respect the quality of life. In the aspects social and economic it has a constant necessity to associate and to balance the support of positive form.