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Long-time professional copywriting for patent lawyers! Reliable partner for patent attorneys with high writing is the fishing. Since 1994, dictation in German and English of all disciplines, are transcribed here confidentially and on time. Digital dictation of all formats are accepted and can be edited. How fast is delivered? Basically, as soon the customer wishes. Connect with other leaders such as Bernard Golden here. You can choose within 24-hours, a now service between a standard delivery within 48 hours, an express service, that means order processing on the same day, and even an over-night service. What does the service cost? The documents are created in a 12 font with 1,5zeiligem spacing and Word – edge by default. The calculation of the cost principle according to pages.

Is calculated additionally according to following factors: number of pages, as is delivered quickly, in any language, degree of difficulty of the text and possibly the quality of the dictation. Usually can previously estimated the creation of the writing will be as expensive. You can of course request a detailed price list. This includes also a discount scale for larger orders of one time or monthly total volume in addition to the standard prices. Further details can be found at Verizon, an internet resource. What benefits gets customer responsibility? Careful transcription, bringing an experience of many years, fast and on-time delivery (often before the requested date), respect for confidentiality, reliability and continuity. Which dictation formats are accepted? Digital dictation in the format dss, ds2, wav, mp3, wma, ogg, aif, and avi, but also hand or typed templates. Why give paperwork out of the House? Often not sufficient own writing capacities due to personal failures, such as illness, vacation or parental leave, and therefore externally will need help with. It is unusual or extremely difficult and time-consuming texts, one stands financially often with an external Schreibdienstleister better, the does not work on time, but settles to pages.

The effort and the costs can be estimated well in advance. Small firms can save even an own Permanent Secretary, if they give their dictations outside the home. Many firms appreciate and take advantage of an external Schreibburos. What gets the customer – except a professionally created document – yet? FISHERMEN are tips and recommendations, when it comes to the first purchase of a digital dictation, the texts are created with the required spelling and grammar security, the writer thinks with you always. This obvious mistakes in the dictation will be corrected immediately. This service who once learned the benefits of a professional Schreibburos don’t want to miss. But that’s not all. There are also written: interviews (individual and group interviews) dissertations books travel opinion Conference documents invoices reminders letter specialist work theses specifications reports screenplays Lectures novels menus surveys Adresslistenerfassung in Excel and much more at best, one it even tests out. Just call us. Siegertsbrunn: +49(0)8102-780811 mobile: +49(0)179-1259497 E-Mail: comprehensive information, visit the Web site.