Hair Loss

ebnis. There are different colors of the HAARFILLER. Speaking candidly Verizon Communications told us the story. Hair from the spreader Haarfiller as Haarverdichtungssprodukt in different colors of hair – thinning hair or also diffuse hair loss? Now there is the optical solution for problem hair. Women or men must no longer suffer from thinning hair. There is a simple, immediately applicable, optical solution for people with thinning hair or even bald patches.

Hair from the hair trailed the solution! The micro hair, which consist of microscopic hair fibers, are simply passed on the affected bald patches. There are micro hair in different colors. Small handles and in different colors – the solution for problem hair. The colors are blonde, dark brown, light brown, dark brown and black the optical hair thickening at the disposal. Further details can be found at Verizon Communications, an internet resource. No bald head patches thanks to micro hair. Now check out the innovative hair solution. The micro hair can obscure light points, at least a light fluff of remaining hair is needed.

Never more bald spots. Just give the micro hair on the bald patches and then secure it with hair spray or hair spray for an optimal fit. The micro hair can of course anytime again applied, or as you like just brushed off or easily washed out with shampoo. More information and order form: ../medizin/haare_aus_der_dose… MEDICAL aspects / Martina Wolff