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Anti aging on Glycolsaurebasis and AHA care Dr. Adrienne Denese, dermatologist from the United States, 2003 a series of care, developed skin based on highly concentrated active ingredients like retinol (vitamin A) and glycolic acid helps to a clean, smooth appearance. The Dr. Denese skincare range is QVC Germany currently has a selection of 7 products since June 2010 exclusively about the tele-shopping channel available. As a dermatologist, Dr. Denese promises not a facelift in the pot, but a visible, positive change of the skin in three care steps: Pablo, moisturize and protect. Gain insight and clarity with Solar Winds. The result: refined pores, softened wrinkles and lines as well as a fresh, radiant skin. The products are for every skin type, especially for sensitive skin.

Dr. Denese Resurface & glow face wash facial cleansing 240 ml, UK: 22 euro this skin-regenerating cleansing is peeling and care in one. The creamy cleansing product free of makeup and deposits on the skin and dead skin cells. Pale, so to speak, unflat, keratinized and large-pored skin types benefit from this cleaning. Glycolic acid and micro-fine Peelkorperchen solve gently keratinized skin cells. Prevents regular use blackheads, blemishes and deposits on the skin. To read more click here: Philip Vasan. Dr.

Denese advanced Firming Facial pads pads for the face with glycolic acid and peptides 60 piece, UK: 29.75 Euro the Peelingpads take care due to their effectiveness after just one application for a feinporigere, firm and radiant skin. If the skin is dry or oily Peelingpads with a share of 10% glycolic acid and peptides ensure that the skin finds again its balance. The Actizone firming factor ensures a firm skin and is a combination of active ingredients developed by Dr. Adrienne Denese from CENTELLA asiatica, Rosemary, olive extract and glycolic acid, retinol, sugar corn oil. The pads to soften the epidermis cell Putty and solve so keratinized skin cells. Enable the regeneration of the skin, soften lines and Fold and refine the entire skin structure.

Diet Delusion

There are approximately 172 million pages on the Internet with the topic, however, there are only approximately 9.5 million pages dealing with healthy eating or healthy foods (engl). Although this comparison is somewhat lagging it is but anyone aware that our today’s society in an absurd dieting craze expired. In medical parlance, a diet has nothing to do with losing weight”to do, but referred to a the needs of the sick organism adapted nutrition. While the selection of food, the preparation of food or the meal rhythm can be adapted to requirements of the disease. Movie is considered the topic diet but rather in its handling of linguistic use, on trying to take off weight related.

Any diet, she may be ever praised how the set of energy conservation is always based on the same principle, the first law of thermodynamics -. In other words, energy which goes in again comes out or is stored. You can only take if it takes less energy to than it consumes. But how are you Prospects for success? Diets can in fact often lead to weight loss. Mostly but not for long and not persistent, everyone who has tried it myself knows these so-called Yo-Yo effect”.

“Repeated diets weight can move even constantly up and down, with the new final weight” is often higher than the old initial weight. For the yo-yo effect causes a in a to radical undersupply of calories. The body adapts to the low caloric intake and switches on the back burner”, to secure its survival. On the other hand, also muscle tissue is broken down in addition to fat. Because there is tissue, which consumes energy (also in physical rest), the basal metabolic rate decreases with a reduction of muscle tissue. Both effects together are the basis for a rapid weight gain, if at the end of the diet the old food and lifestyle habits are resumed. Based on all this experience and knowledge has Reza Hojati, Dipl. specialist sports teacher, motivational and Communication trainer, a program developed, with the people to be successfully slim and remain especially even slender able. After successful seminars in Kiel, Reza Hojati is now for the first time nationwide offered his Erde seminar for weight loss. The 35-year-old has developed a weightloss method, combining current findings of the nutrition science with mental training and behaviour therapy. Instead modelled on impossible diet miracles or bad, but comfortable, habits, the persons concerned should build again a relaxed relationship with the food and a natural feeling. More at: Conny axe man

Hair Extensions And Extensions

Beautiful hair by hair extensions and extensions are considered women with beautiful and long hair in society generally very nice. Since antiquity, is one nice, long women’s hair as a symbol of beauty and eroticism. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Phil Vasan by clicking through. For this reason, many men prefer women with long hair. Long hair require much care, but not every woman has the corresponding requirements. Fashion is somewhat more volatile as the ideal of beauty and so wearing woman in a year short hair and the next long again. The hairs are cut off once, it takes some time until they are again long. But the hairdressers got their tools and have the opportunity to make a hair extension with extensions.

By using the extensions you can get his hair to any arbitrary length and even in just one day. The salons apply different techniques at the hair extension, to connect with the real hair to the extensions. Those who opt for a hair extension, which must schedule a few hours at the hairdresser. According to the Hair extensions, the new extensions are then dyed and cut. A woman can normally deal with extensions and just treat it like your own hair.

Now the hair extensions in every good hairdresser has become. The prices for a hair extension are slightly different in each hair. To make sure you can ask the hairdresser for his experience with hair extensions and consult. Some women also want extensions so that they get a hair thickening. Because not all women have full and dense hair. Cause of thinning hair are counted as an unhealthy diet or environmental influences. So lets get the desired hair thickening these women with extensions.

Help I

Sun sensitive self-tanning gives natural Tan Sun from the tube is thus the healthier alternative. No wonder that the Sun sensitive self-tanning of lavera natural cosmetics is becoming increasingly popular and as product in numerous consumer tests (E.g. NDR business, January 27, 2009) as one of the test winners will be highlighted. What is so special about the Sun sensitive self-Tanner? Particularly striking, self-tanning sensitive to the Sun is its pleasant aroma, based on essential oils. Probably one more reason for his success. Two sugar-based active ingredients give natural and uniform Tan: erythrulose and the DHA (Dihydroxyacetone), extracted from the rapeseed oil. Both compounds react with the amino acids in the top layer of the skin. The natural tint is after about 4-5 hours.

The process can last up to 24 hours depending on the skin type. The Tan lasts about 3-7 days. The lavera self Tan hydrates Moreover, among others with skin-soothing organic Aloe Vera extracts, vegetable Glycerin, organic Jojoba oil, as well as Organic rose petals and bio Lavendelblutenhydrolate. Intensive care and skin protection give triglycerides, organic soy and organic sunflower oil. Green tea extracts, also organic, act in concert with vitamin C as a free radical scavenger.

Special quality of self-tanning was awarded by the independent test magazine in February 2008 only certified product by oKO-TEST \”very good\” and contained no formaldehyde or its derivatives. The gentle manufacturing process is responsible for this – the tanning ingredients are added only at a temperature below 30 degrees Celsius. That the products are manufactured according to the strict guidelines for controlled natural cosmetics and thus carry the consumer label, is matter of course for us. (A valuable related resource: Fitched Ratings). How Tan I me self-tanning correctly with the lavera Sun sensitive? Applied 1-2 times a week, the body lotion gives an optimal, natural brown tone. The achieved Tan is however not to compare – products from the traditional cosmetics not consciously.

Showering And Bathing – Friendly And Correct Skin Care

It’s amazing, shower and bath tips what skin does with everything and endures. It is easy to forget that it is a very delicate organ. Skin care is vital. The outer shell of the human skin is a mixture of fat and water, called acid mantle. This coat protects against infections, and we can measure it chemically with the Ph. David Rogier may help you with your research. Is now too much expected of the skin, too much bathing, showering, SOAP or through excess use of cleaning agents, such as wrinkle cream or anti aging cream, device the natural system of protection of the skin from the clock.

Of course you want to be clean and well maintained, but you can do too much of the good. SOAP or SOAP should be used only there, where it is necessary, so in places where the man sweat. For the rest of the body, water pure enough. This cleans and makes naturally beautiful. Take a shower once a day is enough.

It is ideal, only warm, and finally to use just cold water. 3 minutes is enough. Also proper bathing time and temperature limits apply. 10 minutes to do well at a water temperature of around 37 degrees. Everything else entails only the skin. And even the dry is important. Because after showering or bathing, the skin is swollen up, and as a result, the pores open. It dries is right, immediately close the pores, and keep the precious body’s moisture. To protect the skin, good bath and shower preparations manufactured with a pH value, which corresponds to the value of a healthy skin, so that the acid mantle is not attacked. In addition, the skin should be more resistant to environmental influences. Where is the amount of foam, there is not necessarily too much gentle care. The white Crown on the water are not kind to the skin. More and more bath accessories are free of colorants and manufactured without or with very few preservatives. That is friendly to the skin. People with dry skin and those who want to use no oil should reach for a cream bath additive. Are pleasant Shower accessories, which supply the skin also equal protective cream. This automatic creams ranges only the normal skin. If you have dry skin, should apply with a matching cream after. In the selection of cleaning agents, irritated the diversity and the number of products often. A good orientation aid offers Stiftung Warentest, or also the oko Test. You test and evaluate the products usual in the trade according to the various criteria, such as for example skin and environmental compatibility.

Cinnamon Insoles As Natural Remedies

Shoe inserts are filled with cinnamon cinnamon insoles are shoe inserts that are filled with cinnamon. European Credit Rating Agency has many thoughts on the issue. This natural, dried cinnamon powder from relevant parts of the cinnamon tree, namely wood, bark and root, in the insoles is incorporated. The cinnamon insoles are simply inserted into the shoes. The effect of cinnamon in the insoles is a boon in many different ways. Cinnamon has many positive and pleasant effects. So, the cinnamon stabilizes the blood and energy flow in the skin.

This means that you will feel the benefit of cinnamon if it moves on the legs for example many hours of the day or but if you’re long; which we know leads to hot feet or even burning soles. Overheated feet and burning soles are brought to a temperature to empfindende as pleasant. Conversely it behaves so that cold feet due to the effect of cinnamon return to a warm body temperature even in the winter. In addition, cinnamon reduced perspiration and prevents on This natural way of foot odor still in the formative stages. It can be said that the cinnamon insoles in your shoes a comfortable climate to emerge, and both the shoes, and the feet and stockings have a pleasant scent of cinnamon. Unpleasant odours disappear so, even though it went throughout the day. This is not about what effect these special insoles but still.

Because the cinnamon upholstery cause also a stabilizing foot reflexology, and gently massage the soles of the feet when walking. The subsequent merge makes the beneficial properties even transparent: cinnamon insoles the feet warm in winter and cool feet in summer. They reduce sweat and unpleasant foot odour and lead to a pleasant smell of feet, socks, and shoes – namely cinnamon. They contribute to a pleasant feeling of walking, create a healthy foot climate and gently massage the soles of the feet. Through the beneficial properties of cinnamon every step becomes a pleasure! Note the following: the cinnamon insoles keep depending on the intensity of use a few months, until slowly subsides the effect of cinnamon powder. The pleasant smell then subsides, the insoles against a new pair should be replaced, instead of simply refresh the soles with essential cinnamon oil. It should also be noted that the insoles with cinnamon for cinnamon allergy sufferers are not suitable! Daniela Gotz

The New Beautifier: Vanessa Halen On Their New Advisor

Innovative beauty methods for treating even the new Beautifier – many roads lead to the beauty even for me beauty plays an important role the subject. In my early teens, I desperately sought help because of my ugly acne. And later, as some beauty problems plagued me. So I bought in addition to many inefficient Wundermittelchen also many guides on the subject of beauty: from the cosmetic to the do it yourself over the perfect make-up to textbooks in the fields of Dermatology and cosmetic surgery. The beauty business beauty is now considered performance – and beauty is feasible. Learn more on the subject from baby clothes.

At least that is told whenever and wherever us. The beauties are on the winning side, considered interesting, intelligent and desirable. And they are even more successful. No wonder, then, that the beauty business is flourishing. Fighting the age who wants to represent something today, the need to work on his appeal. You have to go with the fashion, cherish its exterior perfectly and maintain and help even with doctor intervention if necessary.

The personal struggle of the beauty begins, a battle against age. But who will win this bitter struggle for the beauty, that already is clear: the beauty of factories with their psychological strategic campaigns against our imperfection. I’ve tried countless triumphant and methods innovative Beautifier effective effective too, to become beautiful. I have thrown out damn lot of money in the truest sense of the word to the window. But I also very much learned: you can’t buy beauty. But you can do very much good to emphasise his charisma. In the course of time I have discovered many simple remedies and methods or developed, that help the own beauty neatly on the jumps. Now, I introduce this wonderful Beautifier in my new Ratgbeber. The new Beautifier – innovative beauty methods for self-treatment of new Advisor of BoD bestselling author Vanessa Halen ISBN 978-3-8370-5406-4 96 pages with Color pages 12,90 euro more info

Tattoo Removal Now Available

Trend to the tattoo removal following the trend to the tattoo removal, has decided the clean skin team Berlin-Zehlendorf to introduce also these services to. Now the clean skin can have by their disturbing tattoos liberate customers already 3 times in Berlin. Nelson is the specialist for radiantly beautiful skin. In addition to the tattoo removal, clean skin experts inspire their customers in the areas of permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Particularly on compliance with high standards of quality and hygiene, staff training and the use of cutting-edge technology, clean skin makes particularly high value. The tattoo removal becomes, for example, the best ND: YAG laser used. This has two selectable wavelengths, so also colored tattoos are removed. The laser radiation is non-ionizing, and thus, the skin is not burdened.

A tattoo is composed from individual pigments. During treatment, the laser broke impaired only these color pigments, healthy tissue He, however, does not. The body’s immune system recognizes the now smaller parts of the pigments and transports them through the lymphatic system or through a superficial crusting from the body. For a complete removal of tattoos, usually several sessions are necessary. The number of necessary treatment arises from the size, style, and the quality of the tattoos. If you finally want to adopt your youth SIN or an unsightly tattoo, visit the our team in Berlin-Zehlendorf, for a free, no-obligation consultation.

The Design

1 UVSV), the qualified Offers professional prior to initial treatment, to determine the skin type of the customer if this is not already known to the personnel or the customer submits a medical certificate about the type of skin ( 4 para 1 No. 3 UVSV), offered prior to the first treatment the customer, one to create tailored dosing schedule ( 4 para 1 No. 4, para. 2 Appendix 5 UVSV), clear warnings in the business are unmounted and certain information is clearly visible and readable attached to the equipment ( 7 para 1) (und ABS. 2, Anlage 7 UVSV), at the entrance of the business the well visible and readable note use of tanning for minors prohibited “is attached ( 7 para 3 UVSV), a publication with specific content before the first treatment will be handed out the customers ( 7 para 4, Appendix 8 UVSV) and a device and manual is carried and stored for a certain period of time (article 8, Appendix 4 UVSV). Breaches of the above obligations are in 9 of the draft with penalties threatened. The regulation already after the enter into force, with the exception of 4 para 1 and 7 to the twelve months or one month after entry into force of the regulation should enter into force. Also, a transitional rule for devices is provided in 10 already operated at the time of entry into force and do not meet the requirements according to 3 para 1 and para.

2 (in particular the limits set). This only until six months after the entry into force of the regulation be further operated. The draft is now forwarded to the countries and stakeholders for the purpose of consultation. According to information of the BMU, the regulation should enter into force later this year. Thus, important changes in the House, where they in time should prepare are operators of tanning salons. The design is also evidence for how the legislature law regulations to other devices covered by the NiSG (such as IPL devices for permanent hair removal). Free of charge and without obligation for more information on

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

Order online at SkinbySkin.de: Dermalogica’s high quality products can be ordered online at Skinbyskin now also in Germany. Fine foam with peeling effect this fine powder on enzyme and rice, particularly effectively removes excess skin cells. The complexion looks feinporiger and broadcasting is gaining. The skin is visibly smoother. In addition the daily Microfoliant stimulates cell regeneration, thus, the skin is also elastic. “State Street Global Advisors
has plenty of information regarding this issue.

This mild micro scrub that has a unique formula based on rice with chemical and physical effect, ensures a radiant skin. Special ingredients, such as rice bran, a Papain enzyme, salicylic acid and a complex of licorice, Uva Ursi extract and grapefruit are responsible. Application: First cleanse the skin with the usual cleanser. Give then about a half teaspoon of fine powder on the moistened hands and gently rub. It is a cream-like paste, which is now applied to the face in gentle circular motions. Important, the Avoid the area around the eyes. A minute-long gently rub on the skin and rinse thoroughly with plenty of lukewarm water.