Hair Extensions: Hair Pieces And Hair Extensions – Advisor

There are many ways a hair extension. Basically the artificial hair extensions not artificially looks, if it is carried out professionally and expertly. The beautiful, stylish hairstyle is always a success. Nowadays the salons offer a lot of possibilities: flirtatious, flamboyant, romantic hairstyles. The modern technologies of translation of hair allow to change the image, it emphasizes the individuality.

Hair extension can be divided on all modern technologies into two groups: are the hot and cold fix. The hot fix that is the most common method of hair extension. This technology is so popular, because one needs no special qualification of a master. This method of hair extension is pretty simple. Usually, the procedure of hair extensions using a special apparatus is performed. Any hairdresser can actually do it. It’s enough if you attended any one-day course.

The Italian way The nature of attaching hair extension attachment can be different, but the core remains the same. The hair in a certain way is being prepared for the hot fix of the hair pieces for a hair extension after the Italian technology. A small capsule is attached on the top of each section. The Liaison Office is associated with the own hair with the Thermozange to melt, resulting in a perfect hair extension. The English method of attachment in the application of English methodology uses the master of the resin and the special Thermopistole. So in both cases, the liaison with the help of an apparatus is processed by heat. The temperature the temperature of the melting of keratin is determined from 120 to 180 degrees Celsius. If the master wants to perform faster the hair extension, it sets the maximum temperature. The hair undergoes a strong thermal impact, which is not good. The main shortcoming of any technology of hot putting on is a missing shelf life the attached hair pieces. The clips are changing at a thermal or chemical exposure. The wax is viscous and decays, the attached strands stick it. So a hot sauna or a holiday under blazing sunshine will not hold out as a hair extension. Also the sea water would destroy such clips. The ultrasound technology there are ultrasonic technology, which is applied with a hair extension. Attentive looking at, it will be clear that it is only a small modification of hot putting the hair pieces for a hair extension. The same keratin capsule at the junction with the help of the ultra zoom is brought to melt it. Cold in this method is the gentle art of a hair extension. High-quality surgical glue uses the hair extension, designed specifically for a fixed link of in organic chemistry. The glue dries instantly, and it allows considerably to reduce the time of the processing of each strand. The cold setting on the hair pieces for a hair extension is a very fine work, you can say almost a jeweler hand work. The large amount of work precisely because of the large work effort this technology is among the most complex and calls for a particularly high qualification of the master. To perform such hair extension, you need necessarily experience and even a perfect eyesight. But it’s worth it, to make this hair extension. The result is excellent. The hair of customers who wanted a hair extension, looks perfectly and, of course, it can be easy to comb, is in contrast to the first method, not the destructive influence of the external environment.