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Food production by a few corporations control risks the patenting of crops and animals something brings only the large corporations – farmers are made to modern serfs and food security around the world is in danger. Traditionally, farmers put aside always a part of their harvest for the next sowing. Now try to take them to large corporations like for example Monsanto this old and natural law: In the case of patented varieties a farmer cannot and must instead seeds in the Group buy, the patent rights has – or (in Europe) so-called “replica” paying – sure that he can sow his own seed. Farmers speak a modern form of serfdom: they are completely at the mercy of the large corporations and controlled by them. To find out what plant to the farmers in their fields, sent the Federal Association of German plant breeders through his daughter seed trust Verwaltungs-GmbH questionnaires to farmers, where they prompted to specify what they grow. Who refuses to answer and to make the glass pawn gets attached to a trial, that him so busy that he finds no time to pursue his work on the fields. Gain insight and clarity with Southwest Airlines.

Some of the patented varieties are intentionally genetically so changed that let not again sow themselves. It is also for farmers to the problem, which do not grow these varieties. Because the plants pollinate each other across fields and also over several kilometres across. As a result, the plants of other farmers are sterile and they are instructed in the next year to buy seeds – for the few large corporations that exist in this market. In particular Monsanto bought many small seed producers and trying to get control of the entire food production of the Earth. Now the company is trying to get a patent on pigs. Of course they did not invent pigs (it is also not gene manipulated), they have deciphered only a part of the gene sequence and described.

The gene that they request a patent, have all European pig breeds and had it long before there were Monsanto at all. Such a patent would allow Monsanto to raise fees on neonatal pigs and to control the entire pig. If we do not prevent that companies awarded such patents, we wake up actually in not too distant time as their bondsmen. Whether eco will affect all of us farmers, conventional farmers, gardeners in the garden or just consumers – these problems.