Company Registration

When you make changes to the charter of this information can be deleted. Also from July 1, 2009 the Company there is a new responsibility – to maintain a list participants, which will be reflected that information. Such a list does not apply to the constituent documents. Consequences of the absence of changes in the statute: From July 1, 2009 the Company Charter, created before that date will be applied in they do not contradict the Civil Code and Law on Limited Liability Companies in updated editions. Deadline set for the reduction of regulations in accordance with Russian law, ends Jan. 1, 2010.

Non-performance of this company responsibilities can lead to the actual blocking of its activity. Thus, the tax authority may refuse to issue a public statement from the register or record changes not related to the patch to the constituent documents, such as by changing the manager. The Bank may refuse to society as a current account opening, the licensing authority – to issue the license. Contractors may opt out of the planned cooperation. The truth Russian law there is no reason for these failures. However, the practice of mandatory changes in the constituent documents of the companies shows that dereliction of duty prescribed by law, may lead to the emergence of these consequences.

Procedure for registration and changes in the Company re-LLC First of all, to be prepared a new edition of the Charter or amendments thereto as separate document. This document must be submitted to the participants of the company together with notice of the meeting. Decision on approval of amendments to the Charter could be taken at an extraordinary shareholders' meeting. Time gap between approval of changes to the charter at a general meeting and the state registration does not occur. After the general meeting of the head of the society certifies the notary to sign the statement Amendments relating to the amendment of Incorporation. After that, the documents submitted to the tax authority, the state registration. The new application form to amend the Constitution already released, but so far no one has been approved. Therefore, as of today, not all notaries certify such a statement, referring to the fact that no standardized format is adopted. In addition, the explanation of the order fill (execution) of this application form is also not yet available. After the registration procedures Company receives a certificate of state registration of amendments to the constituent documents and a copy of amendments to the Charter or the Charter in the new edition, in which the registering authority makes a note of registration and stamp of the 'Copy'.