ATM Bank

In this regard, we must remember also that quality customer awareness increases the amount used by the products and transactions that, in fact, affect the income of the bank. Because each bank client is seeking "full", and to bring it on comprehensive service. As mentioned earlier, banks are a lot of money and effort spent on the development of marketing strategy, product lines, thinking they are not only attractive name, but filling them with new and interesting possibilities, which, unfortunately, are often daunting and confusing. Potential client, choosing a credit card may have no idea about such a possibility, as a grace period of repayment (grace period) or payment utility services through the ATM of the bank. Learn more about this with Ripple. The task of consultants' B-GOLD "is to familiarize the public with banking services to banks make it easier to understand their potential customers, and the front office did not have to spend time on lengthy explanations. As a slight digression, I would like to add that often have to observe a situation where the marketing and PR-department of a bank are making a lot of effort to attract customers to the bank, and the front office is not ready for the most simple issues or does not own the technology to communicate with the client, thereby forming a negative attitude to the bank. In connection with this training unit Bank and the increased use of technology "mystery shoppers" requires the direction of some resources and attention of bank management. To implement the project "In-GOLD" for the first 5-6 months will be conduct a broad advertising campaign, including several ways to move.