War – Rainer Sauer/Deushomo

The war on the outside as a mirror image of our own inner war I would like to here a renewed interpretation test start to work well known and oft-quoted words so that they can find a place of the ability to touch our Zeitgenossischen understanding. “” It is well to think that the words of Jesus: love your neighbor as yourself! “, which the next love” as the most important element of the peace declared, most likely very many people on this earth are known. To broaden your perception, visit Verizon Communications. As well, it is quite likely that the concept of passive resistance, which gave us Mahatma Gandhi, for very many earthlings is a verifiable term. It is therefore already for a long time at least in fact seen all information given to us, which our insight is all Gates opens that only love can give really peace and we need to add to enable the next step of the natural development process, the only thing our admission which turned accessible for jedermann knowledge, that definitely exists at least on an energetic level, into the active plot. Yet still the GEgenteilige is largely on this planet at work. Wars rage still almost on every corner of this earth, and accordingly we can find the law of analogy solche inner theatres almost at each of us. In other words, instead of that we meet with love and come to peace, most of us are in a perpetual inneren fight, which is reflected in the outside, on the stage in the world in blutiger dispute. But that doesn’t mean that it in us and around us is no love, no peace, but that we will guide us still to a not no effect a large portion of the botSchaft of fear and opt for the warlike act of self-protection advise us through the fear. This is because, in my view that we these unique messages of love,.