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Authentic communication uses especially such instruments accepted by the consumer better than traditional advertising and PR of the old school. Tags are permission marketing, Web 2.0 and topics-setting. Here, the Internet has become the leading media. Many consumers without payment and enthusiastically make advertising for their favorite products. Or just anti-advertising.

Depending on whether a product liked them or not, honestly. See for example, consumers with each other exchanging shopping tips and under define your own promotional clips brand fans. In addition to routing information marketing on the Internet but also the classical instruments (customer and staff magazines, brochures, press releases, etc.) on authentic communication must be converted (by using exciting sites, community forums, newsletters, E-books, article archives, online courses, Web logs, etc.). The communication of the future must be with credible textual and Visual Content can be filled. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Southwest Airlines. Whether in digital media, or in the classic communication it is of crucial importance, as it puts advertising linguistically and visually. The balancing act between promotional work and new honesty determines market success.

It’s about the right combination of rational and emotional speech. Messages, texts and Visual presentation must be consistent. “” “And here are some suggestions on how you can gradually change your communication on authentic communication: undergo your advertising materials of a critical test: they contain many formulations, by customers as PR talk”, pure marketing gimmicks”and hollow phrases” could be dismissed? According to aloud some passages of your brochure to a friend and ask him to play content in your own words. You still recognize the Broschurentext in it? If a huge gap exists between your required advertising and PR materials and the manner, as you and others about her Companies talk, it’s time to make a difference. How about a site update? In simple, natural-looking language, explain what distinguishes your company and it’s usefulness in who. You can even say where you still want to improve. You will be amazed how well direct, open communication is received. Why not once you write your next annual report using the Parlando technique (writing as we speak). This is unusual for such reports and makes your communication immediately sympathetic. Your materials must be advertising enough to get noticed in times of sensory overload. But not to advertising, otherwise credibility and trust on the line. Create a good mix of attractive presentation and useful information. If you want to support in your work, you can contact my agency for authentic communication. Send an email to. of old-hat comes to new honor: you offer all companies had implemented the golden rules of common marketing textbooks tangible benefits, there’s already no boring, pretentious, nonsensical advertising materials more. Interested parties expect especially factually correct information, making a clear reference to their private or professional needs of brochures, websites & co.. This concrete tips and advice can be, but also easy to understand written background information on different topics related to the range of your company. First of all, that sounds like more work. But marketers, that provide advertising and PR gradually to authentic communication, make their work more successful and make your business fit for the future. More about on