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UMH Enterprise

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

By virtue of its condition of member of the foundation, the company has transferred its central office to the Scientific and Enterprise Park of the UMH with the aim of harnessing synergies between both organizations through joint projects and work in equipment, aspects that aim to put in value each initiative to develop. From the Foundation Quorum one promotes and it supports of integral form the creation of companies based on technology and knowledge. Through Program INIZIA, developed by the same, services of support are offered to entrepreneurs before the beginning of their company, with the intention of supporting the beginning of their activity and its growth. DirectiveSoft will around contribute to its experience and knowledge to this project by means of the creation of companies spin-off to his that they will find in a first endorsement in his initial stage. To read more click here: Gary Kelly. The Scientific and Enterprise Park of the UMH, on the other hand, is an organization managed by specialized professionals, whose main target is to increase the wealth of its community promoting the culture of the innovation and competitiveness of the companies and generating institutions of knowing installed in the park or associated him. When forming part of the foundation and the Enterprise Park, the company is impregnated of the values that they cover to first, thus harnessing still more, if it fits, its commitment with the innovation, the development and the investigation, aspects that result generally in the progress of the company and the community. DirectiveSoft, like member of the Foundation Quorum, it is identified with the mission of which one is transformed in impelling, invigorating and to produce investigation. From this union and interaction one will look for to reach the mutual enrichment, for which each one of the parts will make their contribution is pos of the common objectives. directivesoft.

Positive Phrases Change Our Life

Saturday, October 3rd, 2015

Psychologists say that a special phrase, which was a positive energy, can radically change our lives. Words really can influence our lives, if several times a day, especially repeat selected phrases in order to believe in themselves and change. For example, if you often feel nervous, you are placed under the control of stress, the phrase: "I live in love and wisdom," right for you. It must be repeated several minutes a day and – most importantly – remember it when something brings you out of yourself. Of course, it is difficult to refrain from anger, when a child is naughty and turns upside down the whole house.

But if you want to raise his voice or even spank a child Remember the phrase, and it will change a lot. In recent years, some psychologists have concluded that the positive statements, not only calm person, but also help to achieve real results in various fields – from a brilliant career to a good relationship with her mother in law. And those who use this technique, consider that it is actually effective. The fact that a positive statement runs two important process – it is the intention and expectation. Intention – is not just a wish or hope that all goes well. It is also a willingness to act. Positive statements focus on the most important thing, and this increases the likelihood that you will act. This is a very important point: to succeed, you need not only to repeat positive phrases, but also take certain steps.

It is equally important that we look forward to their purpose, though we do not know how and when it happens. If you tune in to a good result, then you really achieve that, dreamed about. Our brain responds to events, it is based on expectations. Therefore, positive affirmations affect not only the psychological state, but also in physiology. Our thoughts can change the structure of the brain. This phenomenon is called neyroplastikoy. In some countries, doctors recommend that instead of painkillers to deal with pain by self-persuasion. To succeed, you need to find the right phrase. We must start small, do not choose too global goal. It is important to choose a goal to which we can strive for, not doubting their own abilities. The goal should be really important, and a sincere desire and strong. If the intention is from the depths of the soul, it is many times stronger. Do not allow yourself to doubt conceived, otherwise this method will not help. Phrase should be simple, so it was easier to remember and assertive (I am calm, instead I do not worry) if the sentence contains a negation, then subconsciously you concentrate on what you do, not what you want to get. Scientists have proven that the brain does not sense the difference between what has already happened, and what we conceive very clearly and in detail. In dreams and in reality has one and the same mechanism of positive and negative emotions. So Think of dreams as if they were already accomplished. For example, you really want to get married. Imagine how you choose wedding rings, maybe even browse directory of wedding rings, and possibly very scrutinized the wedding rings to order. Write to the positive words on paper and hang it where it will often get caught in the eye. And remember that it is very important not to forget the goal, but more importantly to pronounce it daily. Magic number of repetitions does not exist, but we need to pronounce your words several times a day.

Styx Naturcosmetics

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

Only then oil will be successful completion of the entire range. When line and manufacturer should be guided by the needs, goals and objectives of the enterprise. Necessary to capture fine value for money, instead of tilting at the already popular brand. Equally important is the proper design: the oil can be put on the line, or staggered, in addition, some vendors are offering ready-made display case. Do not forget about the range and shape it so way that the "oil of rosemary," for example, did not meet twice from different manufacturers. A generally important for the success of such subjective factors as the desire to pharmacy and its employees to sell essential oils. If there is a desire and they are backed by capabilities, as well as the presence of a competent pharmacy specialist, essential oils and cosmetics with their addition will be a profitable product line stance. " Original or fake? Problem low-quality duplicate of not spared the market of essential oils and, therefore, give some advice on the availability of expertise the quality of such goods.

First, the label should be concise, devoid of advertising. Package of essential oils: a dark glass bottle 10 ml with the dosimeter on the neck. The exception is particularly valuable, expensive perfumes, which is packed in 1 ml (rose, jasmine, narcissus, mimosa, verbena, tuberose). Second, as already I noted earlier, high-quality essential oils can not be cheap: the average – 10 – $ 20 10 ml. Every serious manufacturer or distributor confirms the quality of its production standards, ISO (International Organization for Standardization). The document states the botanical name plants, oil density, and, most importantly, the refractive index. And finally, you can drop the oil on a piece of paper.

20-30 min. oil evaporates, not leaving a trace on paper. Essential oils are not fat and not leave the typical oil stains. Offered to the consumer … Small bottles of scented oils to buy for massage, toning, or conversely, soothing bath, add in cosmetic creams. Essential oils are highly refined use for inhalation and internal use. Aromatherapy is a primary tool in the prevention of colds, if not want to get sick – spend aromasanatsiyu room. But start with a small concentration of polkapelki. If this does not cause any allergic reactions, then increase the dosage to 2-5 drops. What brand of this product already mastered the pharmacy segment of distribution? In virtually every pharmacy that sells essential oils, said the Austrian company Styx Naturcosmetics. Despite the relatively high prices, some pharmaceutical companies acquire a whole series of products of this company. It should be noted that many of the oils that are widely available in drugstores, can be found in any supermarket. For example, the company's products Bergland, which is in the range of basic and oils and specially selected mix – from the weather, stress, even snoring. The company also offers a variety of concentrates for the sauna. Well known pharmacy buyer essential oils companies "Ltd. Real Madrid", "Aroma-style" "Farmfabrika", "Evalar", "Russian beauty". But this is only a small fraction of that arsenal, which has an aroma. Source: Information-analytical portal ''.

Life After The Wedding – How It Happens

Wednesday, January 25th, 2012

Sounds died down wedding march, a white dress, veil, greeting relatives and friends. The second day of celebration, fun, young, as the owners who care for friends. Two days of holiday, then you are left alone in a boat under entitled "Family Life", which is sent on a long voyage, because family life begins. After a while your boat may be a solid boat, and maybe break a little gem. In the same boat are two completely different people, with their habits and the established character, education, family relations.

At the time of friendship, alliance prior to the conclusion, each trying to show their best qualities to be better than he is. He – always had shaven, naglazhennym, gave signs of attention (flowers, chocolates, soft toys). It is – on the makeup, fragrance enchanting spirits at the parade, burning eyes. When living together, these "good" manners, for some reason lost. And now: It is – forget where is the razor and day, and another.

It turns out that iron can not. I'm used to that would be clean and ironed things were, as a matter of course. She – a head in curlers, a bathrobe, no past make-up, but his eyes still sparkle. A gloss raises only when somewhere out of the house. Such a minor detail given ballast, the boat starts to heel in the bottom side or the other … .. But on each ship has instructions on how to conduct themselves in extreme situations. Instruction number one wife – is the keeper of the hearth. And that would be burned to focus quite a bit of effort, no need to perform heroic deeds, but requires a computer system. What is your home and your husband, so assessment and you deserve it. Enough to give 30 minutes each day for household chores in the house shines like a husband on their first date. How would you not resisted, no matter how you tried to establish a matriarchy in the home of your attempts will fail save the ship. Everything is done quickly and on the system. Husband – head of the family breadwinner mammoth (bread). It requires to much. Sofa, newspaper, slippers, it's not for you if you want to build a ship out of the boat. All things pets need to share with her half. All – together! To be continued ….


Saturday, October 29th, 2011

Dietary fiber guard your health. The heroine detective series Daria Dontsova amateur detective Dasha Vasilyeva during their investigations dizzy constantly replenish the strength in love 'McDonalds'. Now fast-food establishments (fast food), formed by the American standard, no one hit, as it was when the first 'McDonald's' turn in the center of Moscow was greater than the Bolshoi or the mausoleum. Meanwhile habit of eating on the run, 'zapihnuv' instead of a full dinner, a few hamburgers or hot dogs, drinking high-calorie foods that Pepsi or a beer – not the best achievement of Western civilization, which was joined by Many people in Russia. Besides the fact that the consumption of fast food upset the balance of calories in the body, there are major problems with the stomach, intestines, liver and other organs. The regulars social events, presentations and receptions are tormented in the morning after the party not only because it 'looked over' the day before, but due to digestive disorders. And those who have no time and not to visit the restaurants that face the same problems. Hastily eaten in the morning almost in suhomyatku sandwich – too 'backfire' stomach flu.

Not accidentally, many admit that they have gastritis, eating in inexpensive student cafeterias. There is no doubt that not everyone ordinary Russians can afford to regularly buy products that effectively cleanse the body of toxins and other metabolic products: dried apricots, figs and nuts. Nevertheless, there is an inexpensive replacement that southern Fruits and berries, which will cope with the work of 'caretaker' of the gastrointestinal tract is not worse. We are talking about bran. Bran 'LITO', developed by the company 'Biokor', are a source of dietary fiber, which, although not supplier of nutrients, but are active agents involved in the process of digestion. Included in the bran 'LITO' dietary fibers bind cholesterol, hence the bran can be used in Group prevention and diet therapy of atherosclerosis.