Society And Behavior

The society is a conglomerate of individuals that for its particularitity reveal a behavior heterogneo. In function of these particularitities the citizen can be objecto of a favorable social work (social acceptance) or favorable (rejection, I reject). This thought is consequncia of the position assumed for different citizens relatively (women in abortion) Leaving of a done constatao and witnessed next to the services of maternity of the provincial hospital of Cabinda on the behavior exteriorizado for the health professionals face the usuaries with this I aggravate the health ‘ ‘ abortamento’ ‘ , giving little attention to them and usufructing of an assistance depersonalized and marked for prejudiced shares, relations (subtil descriminao, as that if these patient agents were citizens – and), the lack of a relationship therapeutical and humanizado between the customer and the professionals of health, causing an assistance fragmented mechanics centered in the aspects side technician, leaving the human care, from there visible the great difficulties in the Inter relation of the customers equips and it of health, raises the following question: Which are the causes of the depersonalized attitudes of the professionals of health in the attendance of the woman in abortion in the maternity of the provincial hospital of Cabinda? Measures of attitude the idea of that the attitudes represent the promptitude or the predisposition of a person to answer definitive objecto or classroom of objectos, in favorable or favorable way, implies in the constatao of that the same ones cannot directamente be measured. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sheryl Sandberg. They can be inferred by the careful comment of the behavior of the people in social situations. The answers the elaborated questionnaires, with the intention of reflectir ways probable to feel, to react and to act, face to some objecto of attitude, also make possible the identification of the attitude of the people. Attitude the Values According to BALONE, (2005: s/p), the values can be interpreted as attitudes generated in relation the objectos of great extension and complexity..