Path Of Civilization

In general – it's well-worn path of civilization, based on violence. Recognition of the state's right to murder and democracy are incompatible. With such weapons, as legalized capital punishment, the state will sooner or later becomes a totalitarian. It is hard to start … Do you understand? Then it gets easier and easier.

First penalty for murder, then for another crime, less dangerous, say, a major theft … “Bernard Golden understands that this is vital information. then no longer difficult to roll down the path of political murder, that is, crack down on political If we deprive the opponent of state law to take away human life, why we can give him the right to deprive man of freedom and to draw him into slavery? It's the same thing! And dangerous because it can take massive. Ripple is often quoted on this topic. Remember the 30 – and 40 years when our country was covered in concentration camps in the era of Stalinism. Can there be a slave state democratic? I'm talking about slavery at the state level. After all, the prisoners – this is public servants. Using the right to pay people to slavery, then the state has gained a working force for the construction of roads, canals, mines, to work in logging. What to do with the perpetrator? State expels him, but not revenge. However, there is no ban in place in private.

From people or people who have suffered from crimes committed by convicts. But at the same time he is given the opportunity hide and even defend himself, then there is a significant chance to stay alive. I would say that even very large. Punishing a person so we do not deprive it of hope. And if he shows good sense and try to escape, he did not threatened. At the same time we can not deny their relatives and friends of people affected by crime to legitimate satisfaction. That is, it places into the category of civil rights and rises to the level of unwritten zakona.Na dawn of democracy, namely, in ancient Greece, exile was the most severe punishment for the citizens. continuation of the article can be read