Microsoft Telnet

You can check your email using only the command prompt of windows or linux. As? Very simple, you must open a command console and give a kind of orders to connect via telnet to your email using the pop3 Protocol. Don’t panic, it is very simple. 1 Open a command console, this black window with white letters that you must already know, there type telnet and press enter. 2 Write the letter or and press enter.

would be so: c:Documents and Settingsusuario > telnet Microsoft Telnet > or (a) 3. Writes the mail server and port that is usually 110, in this tutorial use as an example an account on what would be so: Microsoft Telnet > or (a) 110 4 Write user, the e-mail address and press enter for example: user 5. You write pass, your password and press enter for example: mypass 6 pass. After this, if you entered your data, either already have accessed your email without any problem, to see the mails write list without quotation marks.

Tea will appear the list of emails that you have in your Inbox, something so: 1. 1385 2. 4682 3. 2678. What appears is the number of the message and the side that weighs. 7. To open an e-mail write retr and the number the message for example: retr 2 and conesto opens the email 2 8. To delete a message you write dele and the number of the message for example: dele 2 this is deleted 2 email. Do you want to know much more about computer science? go to source: aald.