Consumer Needs and Interests

The question – the best way to find out the needs and interests of the consumer, to learn that he now feels, to manifest their interest, make it clear that his opinion is valuable. Another thing is that the operator call center need to monitor his form and the current state of the client's position at this stage of the conversation. For example, in order to obtain additional information about the consumer, make better use of open form question: 'Please tell me more …' or 'That is, are you interested …'. This problem can be a variety of options. Ron O’Hanley has plenty of information regarding this issue. If the operator call center to encourage the other person to take action, you can use closed form of a question that implies a very specific answer: "When you are comfortable to meet with our consultant today at 16 o'clock or 11 o'clock tomorrow?" Consciousness is at first picks a choice so this method is 'false alternatives' can persuade wavering customer to take one of the options. Another important element for the operator call center, the ability to be interested listener. In a telephone conversation it is impossible to express all kind attention to what they say, so are very important techniques of active listening. This may be an expression and interjections to encourage the interlocutor to talk ('Yes', 'Yeah', complemented by a nod) repetition echoes of its individual words, a paraphrase of his utterances, single words prompt the speaker. The main task of the operator call center – to be interested, patient, friendly companion, ready to give the customer time and listen to his point of view.