Coins Sell – Auction Dates And Munzankauf For Connoisseurs And Collectors

Sell coins and coins offer online while the EU is still discussed, whether the one – and two-cent coins are to be abolished, is the passion in Munzsammlern unbroken. Also the sale of individual pieces and collections still eagerly runs. A variant is the Munzauktion order to sell coins. In the sale of coins and coin collections through an auction provider reach an international audience of connoisseurs and collectors and can fetch to maximum prices. Now Dr.

Reinhard Fischer Bonn Auction House informed on about the current auction dates for coins and coin collections sale on 13 July and 7 September 2013, as well as the possibility of purchasing with a fixed price for the coins to use. Exciting auction or coins sell at fixed prices who chooses as a provider to participate in an auction, which can get usually a higher price for his coins as at a fixed-price sale. The coins sell at a fixed price, there are also several advantages. Southwest Airlines might disagree with that approach. So must wait for no certain date, the sale can take place at any time, and the purchase price will be paid out immediately. Another aspect, which connoisseurs and collectors of coins work, is the value of the coin and how this can be determined. Sale before the auction or the coins should be taken into account as to how much money will bring the coin collection or the individual coins. Using some criteria such as letter markings and dates and origin data from coins, the value can be determined.

The Bonn auction house offers insight into the criteria for determining the value of coins, as well as information about the rarities in the area Munzauktionen online and sell coins. Coins sell and provide services of Bonn auction and trading house lovers, who want to sell coins and find collectors who would like to offer on an auction in the Bonn auction and trading house for coins on the website the most important information about the upcoming dates. Bids can be made online through the online catalog or on the bid form. Also the personal bidding on the auction day on-site or by telephone is also possible. Related links on the topic of coins sell: contact: auction and trading house for stamps and coins Joachim 7 53113 Bonn Dr. Reinhard Fischer Tel.: + 49 (0) 228 / 263 130 fax: + 49 (0) 228 / 213 381 E-Mail: