A small bakery to bake within a few days 102,000 cupcakes to the pittance in the small English town of reading a CCS to cupcakes, which was created by a marketing cooperation with GroupOn, underestimated a little demand. In the end, the bakery was even forced to make new personnel, to meet the high demand. Unfortunately you could claim only 25% of the regular retail price on this “deal”. Episode: almost bankrupt wanted operates a small bakery from reading, Berkshire, England with a GroupOn deal, increase their awareness by heavily discounted offered their cupcakes (75%). The cupcakes have cost 26 in the regular sale and were sold in this offering for 6.50 pounds. She had completely underestimated how many will take advantage of this offer. Because no less than 8,600 online purchases by each a dozen cupcakes were made within a few hours via GroupOn. Since the small bakery usually only approximately 100 cupcakes per Day sold, they now faced a mammoth task. For even more opinions, read materials from AMCU.

8,600 sold dozen meant finally 102,000 cupcakes, which had to be produced within a few days. Because wanted the operator for image reasons serve all requests, and also on the quality of the cupcakes don’t save, additional staff had to be adjusted and ultimately meant a loss per sold cupcake by about 2.50-3 pounds. Overall the total loss of this action was thus approximately 25,000 pounds (the full profit of the bakery). GroupOn commented on this deal and stated that no limit of sales agreed in advance and therefore GroupOn is not to blame. On some pages, you can inform yourself in advance as a buyer and as a seller through GroupOn and breaking vouchers and learn what is to be considered. Because the most deals are both for the buyer and the seller is lucrative. It remains to be seen whether the owner of the bakery the many obtained first contacts about this action convince was able to make more purchases to the normal price and to compensate for the loss of this action.