Alcohol Sales

On September 1, enter the new regulation of Moscow authorities to limit alcohol sales from 22 to 10 hours daily. In this case, the ban only applies to drinks, the strength of over 15 degrees. That is, beer with us – this is no way back alcohol. Aware, in the first place, that the wine lovers we have not so much. And beer – almost on a par with the national drink of vodka. That is, in fact, attempted to destroy the harmony of the centuries-old tradition of national consumption of vodka and beer. At the same time, consumption is permitted without restriction in cafes, bars, restaurants and other catering.

With regard to our theme restaurant business – some restaurateurs have expressed profound satisfaction this resolution in anticipation of increased proceeds. The most optimistic estimates reach 30% growth. Therefore, it seems useful to speculate a little about what is expected and how restaurateurs can be meet such high expectations. To begin, we must remember that most businesses catering to working 23 hours. And many – and up to 22, in particular, are located in shopping malls.

A later run nightclubs where random citizen to drink will not go – after all in a night club has its own specifics do not have to blunt the absorption of alcohol. In addition, there are more efficient means, befogging. Let's examine a few situations possible consumption of spirits in the evening. In particular, the cafe / restaurant, at home and on the street.