Cells no longer receive oxygen and nutrients can not give carbon dioxide and waste products (Slag). Begins starvation (ischemia) bodies. The result is the destruction of both individual cells and entire conglomerates. With age, this process takes a mass scale. Such processes occur in all bodies – in the lungs (pneumo-sclerosis), in the heart (heart attack, cardiosclerosis), kidney (renal shrinkage) in the liver (cirrhosis) in the brain (stroke), in cartilage of joints (arthrosis) and spine (osteochondrosis) – this is aging, the main cause of the disease. When these changes begin with the cells of the skin, wrinkles, skin "droops", appears dry, all sorts of rashes – and we see our aging in the mirror.

Improving capillary blood flow, we can retard aging, halt disease progression and even begin to repair damaged organs. At the same biological age would be of minor importance, since you'll be able to regain youth and health. And, Again, all the processes taking place inside, can be monitored by a skin condition. Proper treatment, primarily, to transform your appearance. This will be the best indicator of the effectiveness of any method. Currently, anywhere in the world there is no better means to restore microcirculation than turpentine (turpentine) baths. What is turpentine? Turpentine oil Turpentine (turpentine oil) – is an essential oil, which is derived from pine resin (resin). Turpentine – a natural product of plant origin. Its medicinal properties oleoresin known to mankind for many millennia. Dried needles of pine and fir, containing resin-balsamic substances, and turpentine oil in ancient Egypt were used for compresses and poultices, bleeding, to treat wounds.