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In this case, 'male' sperm, as a more agile, quicker to achieve the goals. Connect with other leaders such as Sir Richard Branson here. It was later published several studies proved the absence of the effect of time of sexual intercourse on the sex of a child, and thus – failure of the method, it based. Moreover, the method of Whelan, for example, directly contradicted the method Shettlsa and offered to women to conceive a boy to have sexual intercourse for 4 – 6 days before the expected increase in basal body temperature, and for girls to have sex Act 2 – 3 days before it combined with the consumption of certain foods. It is obvious that those who believe in planning for baby's sex before conception, not only did not diminish, but it becomes more and some businessmen simply can not resist not to meet this growing demand. In foreign Internet sites you can find a dozen companies that sell kits for the application of the method Shettlsa and its modifications. These kits contain Quick strips for measuring ph vaginal environment, test for ovulation, vaginal soul to change the ph in both acidic and the alkaline side, as well as nutritional supplements.

This included detailed instructions on how, when and what to do, and users are encouraged not just strictly and fully comply with these instructions, otherwise, as you can imagine, the result is exactly the opposite. If it did, despite compliance with recommendations was obtained a boy, but do not want a girl, or vice versa, companies are willing to return your money, which apparently is already incorporated in the product price, which ranges from $ 200 for one cycle and above. Russian sites until just copy each other's an article describing the method Shelltsa in the hope of attracting visitors. So that those who 'deceived happy', without work find advice on how, with due diligence to program the child's sex. Modern medical technology, Unlike the method described above, offer a selection of real sex. Some methods are based all on the same difference between 'female' and 'male' sperm. Eriksson's method, for example, used in the preparation of a concentrate sperm for artificial insemination. It consists in sorting sperm by their velocity in a solution of albumin.

Accordingly, the concentrate is slowly moving sperm, most are 'female' and concentrate fast moving – 'male'. The most reliable method of sorting sperm by far the technique MicroSort, which is still undergoing clinical trials, but ensures the effectiveness of 90% for 'female' and 85% for 'male' sperm. It is also used in assisted reproductive technologies such as artificial insemination (AI) and in vitro fertilization (IVF). 100% result of sex selection ensures only one technique – preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). It is also used during ivf, but not before fertilization, and after, and is in receipt of one embryo cells and carrying with it the genetic tests, including sex determination. This is a rather expensive procedure and it is carried out for medical reasons, such as at high risk of hereditary diseases, sex-linked. So those couples who escaped the suffering associated with infertility, and informed enough not to follow questionable practices, it remains to rely on natural selection and enjoy happiness just waiting for your baby.