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For the maintenance of the desirable conditions of health, minerals, proteins (easy to digest) and vitamins must be ingested in suitable amounts. Also it is fundamental to pay attention to some other important factors. Some of those factors are: the deep knowledge of its own body. The period of the ovulation in one woman is the ideal moment so that she conceives a baby. Therefore, she must be conscious of that moment. She has, luckyly, many ways to find out which is the suitable moment. The time of " post ovulacin" (also called the luteous phase) it must be calculated. This period, that is to say, the time between the ovulation and the date of beginning of the menstrual cycle, generally pays attention to 14 days in the majority of the women.

The term begins after the duration of the luteous phase, or 14 days after the ovulation. There is an alternative form to know the period the ovulation, that is based on the method of basal corporal temperature (that is to say, the BBT technique). In this method, the temperature of the vagina registered by a thermometer BBT especially realised for these cases. This is made every day in the morning. During the period of the ovulation, the temperature increases of significant way, and such increases can easily be identified.

For majors possibilities of conceiving baby, the sexual relations at the moment are ideal. At what moment the sexual union is optimum for the conception? This information is necessary, since it guarantees that the spermatozoa of better quality enter the body of the woman at the time of the ovulation. The sperm must have fast reaction time when the woman ovulates. Therefore, the sperm must be fresh, and must be present in the body of the woman immediately before ovulating. Nevertheless, also some problems in the sperm of the men can be produced.