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The results of our joint efforts, we present for your court. The variety of characteristics of the adhesives, the Contractor may choose exactly the brand of products that will best meet its needs. Today, our company can offer you the following brands adhesives: 'Absolute', 'Dolphin', 'Installation', 'Builder'. Our product range is designed for construction work of any complexity. Cheap 'builder' allows you to work indoors and glued to the brick, cement, concrete and stucco grounds ceramic tile, natural stone products, gypsum partition boards, as well as gas-silicate and foam concrete blocks.

This can be done in both dry and wet areas, including a kitchen, showers and bathrooms. Glue mixture 'Absolute' can be named 'best seller' of our company. Due to correctly and accurately select the recipe, its use is not restricted to narrow limits, established for the 'Builder'. This, in essence, a universal adhesive that is suitable for work both inside and outside buildings. The glue mixture 'Absolute' is actively used in studies with artificial and natural stone. E? specifications allow buyers lu to be sure that it is rather expensive material, glued to our glue, do not exfoliate from the base a short time, which often occurs when using adhesives are not suitable for such work. You can use this glue when working with concrete, brick, gazobe-ton, cement, cement-lime stucco bases, which can be both dry and wet. Ser? Knowing the tensile strength – 178 tons per square meter – can not worry about the durability design, where to apply the adhesive composition.

Benefits Of Salt Caves

Salt caves – it's long been known cure for skin and lung diseases, prevention of colds, stress, relief of allergic reactions. In general, the salt caves provide ample opportunities for improvement of the whole organism, and apply them at any age. In particular, the salt caverns have proven efficacy in the prevention and treatment of upper respiratory tract diseases (even virus) in children. Salt Caves are using tiny particles of salt in the air. They penetrate deep into your lungs, providing healing effect.

These properties of salt caverns have been known for a long time. The problem is that natural salt caves are rare and difficult to access. So today they successfully replaced by artificial. Artificial salt caves in any room equipped with a special device – galogeneratora. He imbues air with finely dispersed aerosol, which has the highest efficiency, as penetrating into the smallest branches of the bronchi. Salt caverns can use different types of galogeneratorov: jet or ultrasonic.

They different method of turning salt water into an aerosol. Ink filled salt cavern with a stream of air (jets), which passes through the solution under high pressure and spray it. To improve efficiency of air preheated to temperatures of 50 -60 degrees Celsius. Salt caverns are filled with such galogeneratorom particle size of 5 microns – small enough to penetrate the lungs and provision of medical action. The second type of devices that use the salt caves – is ultrasound galogeneratory. They convert the solution into an aerosol by ultrasonic vibrations. With this method of particle size may be even smaller – up to 1 micrometer. Salt caves are made with natural salt plates that sheathed wall. They serve a decorative function, making the room look like a natural salt cave. However, they also further saturate the air vapors of salt, increasing the healing effects of ongoing procedures.

CVP Secondary

Plastics Processing – best replacement disposal of plastic (by the way, buried in the ground itself is useless, since plastic – hard degradable material) or incineration – everywhere and is growing every day. Various plastic films and plastic packaging from the food make up the vast proportion of municipal solid waste. To date, the number of factories engaged in processing of plastic, dramatically expanded. Getting recycled ldpe as a result of polymer processing, reliable low-cost material – to date deserves special attention. High-density polyethylene as a secondary raw material used in the preparation of various flower pots, for the production of toys, tubes, bags, tires, bottles, for example, for oil. In addition, cvp is used for secondary packets of washing powder, buckets, building materials, boxes, boxes.

Of course, it should be noted that not all types of polyethylene are permitted to use in the manufacture of products intended for food. High-density polyethylene has faded original color, which represents processing enterprises value, since recycling it can be painted in any. Products derived from other materials, mixing in the processing plant, as a result will be a black color. As already mentioned, in order to obtain a cvp secondary, you need to make recycling plastic. By itself, recycling is not so complicated process. Of course, it requires expensive equipment and certain knowledge. And yet these expenses are worth it. Gradually, they will pay for itself, since recycled materials, including ldpe secondary – is a profitable and high-quality material that can be used to produce a huge variety of products.

Defeat Global Recession

Metal is in fact for quite a long period of time takes a major space in operation and the history of mankind. Directly to the metal once was such a turning point, which made it possible for human society to make the leap forward in technological movement. At present, the metal is an essential component of virtually all lines without exception, to ensure life. It can touch and industry and domestic life. Especially in high demand may use metal processing in the list of companies operating in the industrial area. It is here that no products made from metal products will not be able to cope because there is no other multi-material, which could even be compared with various metals in strength and length of life. Apart from the fact of having relationship with the activation of chemical reagent elements do without metallic chemical elements can not. Use is made of metal parts and structures becomes mandatory piece of construction sphere, and made of metal accessories provide the ability to make easier work of agro-industrial companies.

Consequently, the cutting of metal – it's services, which is popular in virtually all areas human activity. Still do not have any firm there adequate equipment, especially considering that for any type of metal finishing this equipment may be separate. Clearly, in addition to technical equipment required as specialists in the field of metal processing, which could carry out specific orders. Hence, fundamental for hypothetical clients and employees – to find each other. In order to such searches were crowned with the desired result, the best solution – it is filling a full-fledged online directory in which the firm providing services in metal processing, were able to give the entire selection own services. Accordingly, potential consumers, which, incidentally, may be interested in this kind of nuance as lathe work, will be able to enter the desired sub-section and choose from the available offers masters just the kind of proposals which best suit them by combining the costs and quality. These days will not be able to imagine today's society without metal tools, automotive machinery, industrial resources. However, in metal processing as in whatever other field you want the services in this area have been freely available to anyone who needs them. Specialized directory in which would have been described in the company, which provides services in metal processing, today more than ever zlobodneven. The ability to find the coordinates of the firm, which would be carried out the necessary duties of processing metals, today in a position to help overcome the economic crisis.

Ceramic Rings

Ceramic wire drawing rings are made of solid zirconium oxide. Unlike any steel rings they may be subjected to multiple regenerative grinding. Ceramic rings are recommended for installation on the average car, fine and superfine wire drawing. According to statistics, about 10% of machines a rough drawing and working with rings made of ceramics. Ceramic rings can be used for drawing clad wire, galvanized: galvanized, silver-plated, leaded, etc. Recommended use of zirconia rings: When mounting / dismounting ceramic wire drawing rings required caution, as the ring relative fragility. Do not simultaneously mixed-use rings of different types (ceramic and metal) on the same drawing machines. Compliance with the temperature, precluding expansion or loss of properties of coolant (fimitola).

Compliance with alkaline-acid balance (P / N) and the use of filtering systems coolant. To ensure continuity of production recommended to have stocks of the rings at a rate of 1 / 3 of the number in use in the workplace. The advantages of ceramic ring: Increased wear resistance compared with steel wire drawing rings and the possibility of multiple polishing the working surface. Long service life (by 5-7 or more times longer than steel, depending on operating conditions). Environmental safety in production (no appropriate application of spraying).