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Managing Director

Contactless specifically for employees for girogo at the Kreissparkasse Koln was launched numbers at the ticket offices by TCPOS with the output of an own SparkassenCard in individual design in may 2012. The payment solution girogo enables non-contact numbers map up to an amount of 20 euros. The card is held just before an ec Terminal and the amount will be debited automatically. Sharon Miller might disagree with that approach. The coffers in the staff canteen of the Kreissparkasse Koln were equipped with RFID enabled card readers for new card functionality. Since the beginning of the year, the payment via girogo is possible at the Office. If our customers in our stores about girogo consult, our staff and employees from their own experience can report”, says Marcus Schmitter, consultant, electronic banking and new media at the Kreissparkasse Koln. More information is housed here: Michael Antonov. The operator of staff canteen, the SOLUM facility management GmbH, had already carried out in the run-up to test payments and successfully tested the cashless payment with girogo. For the canteen guest is girogo to a convenient way to pay and also for us as a service provider, the payment of girogo is beneficial,”explained Ralf Weber, head of catering at SOLUM.

Since mid-2012 the savings banks have started with the nationwide issue of new SparkassenCard girogo to their customers. Savings banks customers can pay to exchange of your card automatically with girogo. By 2015, all 45 million SparkassenCards are to be equipped with the new payment feature. That is half of all Giro cards in the market. Retailers, restaurateurs, and petrol stations, that want to offer the new payment method to their customers need only an ec terminal that is equipped with an RFID card reader as a prerequisite. The contactless method of girogo accelerates the payment process, because the payment will take less than a second. Thus girogo offers an unbeatable advantage especially in peak hours, when the crowds at the Office is particularly large,”explains Dirk Saleh, Managing Director of TCPOS. In terms of initial and This non-cash payment is particularly cost-effective.


Cree leds are no thermal radiators. Cree leds are no thermal radiators. By the same author: Report Ocean. In other words, they emit no electromagnetic radiation, which is sometimes also called temperature radiation. The light that radiate cree leds is almost completely monochrome. With monochrome is meant that moves the emitted light only in a limited spectrum.

For this reason used mostly cree leds as light, because they are more effective in this field than other lamps, such as for example incandescent lamps. Light bulbs are namely thermal radiators. Lamps you must filter out namely once a large part of the spectrum by means of colour filters to create a monochrome effect. This operation is not necessary with cree leds and this makes them suitable for use as a signal light. It was not possible cree leds for all colors of the spectrum which is visible to the human eye, to make long time. So cree leds cannot be inserted for example always still to use traffic lights. It is is unfortunately not possible to build cree leds, which had a blue-green colour.

But now there’s cree leds, which emit a blue light for several years and they enjoy increasing popularity. You can also use this blue cree leds to produce white light. Cree leds are used for this purpose luminescent against the blue, which change the colour of the light. As a result, that this cree leds then have a wide spectral range due to the built-in fluorescent and at the same time a small amount of blue light. The characteristic curve for current and voltage is exceptionally increasing cree LEDs, and among other things depends on the temperature. The luminous flux, which passing through them is almost proportional to the operating current. The voltage depends on the temperature. When the temperature rises, the voltage decreases as it actually is the case for all semiconductor diodes.

Useful Household Helpers

With a battery of vacuum cleaner, smaller soiling can be removed quickly. You know the vacuum cleaner as a device that must be connected to the socket. Is cleaned the whole House, a large vacuum cleaner with cable is not an obstacle – eventually spent more than a few minutes in the room. Wants to suck you however fast the most important, the cable is quickly becoming an unwieldy Companion. When changing room has the plug to be plugged and you constantly tripping. The cordless hand vacuum cleaner has established itself as a handy solution he will be recharged and can then be used without cable. Lithium ion batteries have brought significant technical progress. Pepco is likely to increase your knowledge.

Suddenly, you have solved several problems you had with Akkusaugern. There is now no longer a memory effect: previously, you had to recharge the rechargeable vacuum cleaner if its performance was almost at the end, because he could take only the energy consumed. A modern Li ion rechargeable vacuum cleaner can be kept in its cradle and get him only if you It really needs. There are also modern hand-held vacuum cleaner light weights. You can easily take them in your hand and use it for any purpose, because they are easy to carry and use.

Especially erwahnenwert is battery vacuum cleaner, which is perfectly balanced and has so fatigue at this point of the Dyson. Offer this cleaner also a very large suction force and have the lithium-ion batteries, that are still hard to find with other manufacturers as Dyson. Rechargeable vacuum cleaner are usually small and designed to allow for quick cleaning. It takes them in hand and can for example, upholstered furniture or corners that suck. Battery hand VAC is now also available as full vacuum cleaner, which is also suitable for the thorough cleaning of the floor. These are equipped with a more powerful battery, so that the common functions of a vacuum cleaner for him are obstacle no more. The term of modern rechargeable vacuum cleaner depends on their size and the inserted battery. Most are designed so that they can be used without any problems for several hours, before it must be recharged. For the loading times can be very long – especially for large Akkusaugern a large battery must be supplied. Nina blank

Precision Measurement

Smallest resistance to measure less than the resistance of the measuring terminals themselves – a challenge! Each connection has a resistance! Micro Ohm meters are designed to measure the ohmic resistance in very low. The error of measurement, which only occurs through insertion of a measuring system must be considered when measuring small resistances. A 4-wire measurement a remedy here. A micro ohm meter is a measuring instrument with the smallest resistances can be measured, for example to measure the resistance at switches, relays or screwed connections, as well as the conductivity of welding points, but also to the continuity of ring bus systems. The principle of resistance measurement is very simple, the ohmmeter can flow a known power over two lines through the test object and the integrated DC voltmeter detects the voltage drop (hence the name 4-wire measurement method) over two more lines. From these two values is the resistive The unknown resistance calculated Act. An ohmmeter combines power and volt meter in a single housing. With a 2-wire measurement the resistance of the measuring leads is measured necessarily with.

Due to the fluctuating contact resistance in the terminals, the test lead resistance can not simply be deducted from the Messgergebnis! Apart from that, this is generally unknown because of different cable lengths. Determination of very small resistances, this leads to high deviations. It is very clear in the following: the measurement of the resistance of a relay of which 25 milliohms is an ordinary ohmmeter can view 125 milliohms because added the line and contact resistances by 100 milliohms. Using a 4-wire digital micro-ohm meter, 3001, which is available at the PCE Germany GmbH, are for example the PCE-MO eliminates these measuring errors. Here the Prufleitungs – and contact resistance are almost meaningless because two lines, for the power supply and, separately, two more are responsible for the measurement of the voltage drop. The power supply of a constant current source, which defined current value, regardless of the resistance is regulated. Since the volt meter have a high input impedance, the current flowing through the lines, very small and therefore the voltage drop is negligible. Smallest resistance to measure less than the resistance of the measuring terminals themselves – a challenge! Thanks to the 4-head measuring method of micro Ohm meters PCE-MO 3001 can such resistance measurements are carried out smoothly and precisely.

MESCO Engineering

Partners combine its expertise in the development of a ultra compact solution for IO-link on the basis of the HMT PHY IC, the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers and the IO-Link software modules of MESCO. San Jose, CA, November 10, 2009 the company Atmel (NASDAQ: ATML), microelectronic HMT and MESCO engineering today announced their partnership for the provision of turnkey solutions for integrated IO-link assemblies. The resulting solution offers the IO-Link developers advantages with regard to the cost and also the space. Components such as Atmel AVR Microcontroller, HMT PHY proven IC and the MESCO IO-Link firmware stack form the smallest IO-link reference design. Click HPE to learn more. Industrial communication standard IO-Link offers a number of advantages for the users, such as simpler wiring, remote diagnostics and parameterization. For many sensor manufacturers limitations in physical size is a key criterion for the inclusion of IO-link. During the entire development phase was for Atmel, HMT and MESCO Engineering the size of the Board is always a decisive factor. Now offered reference design TM96. Adam Portnoy spoke with conviction.

0 GENIE Explorer variant A with dimensions of 6 x 20 mm is the smallest available on the market currently. The TM96. 0-A is a perfect example of the high degree of integration of the development carried out jointly by Atmel, HMT and MESCO. The IO-link module has a push button, 2 LEDs, and a potentiometer for intervention of the developers in the system. The Atmel ATtiny88 microcontroller works with IO-Link firmware from MESCO.

USB Microscope Series

USB microscopes Dino-Lite to apply to cylinders and surfaces Metav tools based in Emmerich – German distributor who represents Dino-Lite USB Microscope series – the new accessory for the Qulitatssicherung in the area of the cylindrical and surface control before. With the MS-W1, the user is now even more freedom at the check of surfaces. Together with the Dino-Lite USB, the MS-W1 microscopes of AM413 series is the perfect tool for quality assurance. The MS-W1-resistant aluminium is made, the supplied mounting bracket fits all Dino-Lite microscopes and can be varied in height to 9 cm. Thus the user can take advantage of the full bandwidth of the USB Microscope magnification levels. The rollers are covered with a soft rubber. This is ensured, the manoeuvre can be executed without damaging.

The distance is between the rollers 7, 4cm – so that enough space remains to consider smaller rollers. The price for the MS-W1 is 99 Euro NET. The results are by a Dino-Lite USB Microscope via the USB port of a notebook, NetBook, or desktop PC transfer. The user receives the LIVE image there and can record small video clips and photos. The images can be saved for documentation purposes and can be measured. The supplied software offers the appropriate features. Depending on the intended use, the Dino-Lite USB are microscopes of AM413 series between 274 and 550 euros. The MS-W1 is an another accessory, confirming the consistent further development of the Dino-Lite series. In the meantime, the series features well 60 different models for all possible applications in the oberflachenkontrolle, cutting edge control, textile industry, etc.

Video Measuring Microscope

Quick measuring with the XY display of the machining centre is by the USB video microscope CV VZM XY measuring intervals in the work room of modern CNC machines (machining centres, lowering, wire EDM machines, lathes, etc.) the small, easily to managing USB camera system CV-VZM ideally suited. Stake out the components without delicate details visually see and measure, especially in border areas, this is very helpful. The USB 2.0 camera with 1600 x 1200 pixel offers a very good picture quality. The 2 lens has a working distance of about 35 mm. The field of vision is approximately 3 mm in the horizontal and a magnification of approximately 70-fach based on a 17 “screen diagonal. The fields of view, enlargements or working distances can adjusted by the variety of different tubes and lenses.

The holder of aluminium (anodized) is delivered to desire with a thread for a SK or a MK recording. A cylindrical mandrel in the scope of delivery is included by default. Special versions are also with closed housings on request available. The camera system is used in conjunction with the metric BE (crosshair display only). Now you can perform measurements of the measuring systems of the machine. In combination with the measurement software metric standard or metric plus are measurements, such as distances, angles, RADIUS, areas within the field of view available for a fee. Connecting to Excel allows a fast and easy documentation of images and readings. In addition, special functions such as the DXF Overlaymodul facilitate the control. By the ring light with nine LED’s, which are arranged at an angle of 30, the parts are lit with excellent. The LED ring light is powered by the camera. For extremely reflective surfaces, the systems CV VZM can be alternatively supplied with coaxial lighting.

Olaf Heckmann Sprengel Economizer

About radio-based Sockets devices can depending on the needs and be switched on. Also the light is controlled via dimmer equipped with radio. In order to save heating energy, reasoned thermostats in combination with radiator thermostats and valves are also with wireless technology used. Data from electricity, water and gas meters are sent via optocoupler on the wireless LAN Gateway. This propagates automatically all data via the Internet to the energy savings. Get all the facts and insights with Oracle, another great source of information. Via the Web interface is integrated, the user can settled its consumption at any time, measure, and control remote. Due to the combination of energy savings with the solutions of power economizer and ELV home owners as well as tenants can achieve high savings in the electricity, gas or water consumption at the push of button”, commented Bernd Grohmann, head of area OEM home automation with ELV. We are pleased that our home-control components for this trend-setting project were selected”, so Gardner continues.

The revolutionary approach, home automation and metering based on Microsoft platforms, without running at home to be able to operate, offers clear advantages in the use of the consumer and ensures an even higher energy saving”, commented Dr.-ing. Joachim Redmer, Managing Director of power economizer. In brief: Power economizer is a technologically pioneering company for software and firmware solutions in the Energiesparbereich. The hardware developed by power economizer or software, and network components combine intuitive user interfaces with an extensive home-control functionality, which can be controlled through the Internet and other mobile devices. The young Start-Up company Hamburg puts this on Microsoft technologies such as.Net respectively.NET Micro Framework application architecture as well as the Redmond software forge cloud services. For more information see. In brief: The ELV/eQ-3 Group for more than 30 years counts as innovation and technology leader in home automation and consumer electronics in Europe. Since its inception in 1978, ELV has established itself as a trend-setting electronics mail order company on the German market and more than 11,000 products offered online and catalogue with a circulation of over 500,000 copies.

With more than 150 types of products, the eQ-3 as a manufacturer of home control and energy management system solutions has the industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings. The brand HomeMatic”includes solutions from heating thermostats, lighting control and security technology through door lock actuators, window actuators, remote controls, gateways and home centers to software products of partners. Product development takes place exclusively in the headquarters in leer. It is produced in our own factory in South China with certification according to ISO 9001, VDE, VdS, UL and ETL. This combination brings optimally consistent quality and cost aspects.

The Respective

Changes by connecting to the SCART connector the TV when you turn on the DVD Player automatically to the corresponding channel. If the player via an S-video Jack (yellow RCA connector) it connects to the TV, you must connect extra cable for the audio channels, because the S-video connector transmits the image information. The image quality is slightly worse than at the SCART connection. While the S-video connection is so so not mandatory, can the DVD player connect to the Hi-Fi amplifier and so audio CDs and MP3 CDs, where appropriate, with RCA connectors for the audio output /-listen to DVDs of the music system. Who would like to connect a surround sound system for surround sound, should pay attention to the connection number of the respective surround decoder. If the TV has only one SCART connector, you can connect only the video recorder or DVD player. In this case, it makes sense to choose a DVD player with multiple SCART connectors.

To this you can connect further devices which send a signal to the TV via the DVD player can. If you have a video projector or a plasma screen with DVI interface, should always pay attention to a DVI output on the DVD player. As in the PC the quality-reducing conversion from digital to analog image format eliminates this connection? Instead, the data will be fully digital transfer. The result: a better image with stronger and brighter colors. The progressive-scan technology also ensures a better picture quality. DVD player with this feature builds the picture not of fifty fields per second, but from 25 frames. As a result, the image is clear and above all quiet. A so-called YUV output, the brightness and colour information separately transmitted located for this DVD player. On the TV or video projector, a corresponding input is necessary to use the progressive scan method.

Circulation Skin

The vibrations of the ultrasound weaken the fibroblasts surrounding the fat cells, and thus ensuring that the fat from the fat cells is released. “This low Fequenz ultrasonic oscillates between 28 and 32 kHz and has attached using contact gel, three effects: mechanical effects: Micromassage”: alternating compression and expansion of tissue, so pressure differences provide friction and Defibrosing; thermal effect: the energy that is released by the ultrasound, is pleasantly warm and promotes as the dilation of blood vessels; biological effects: caused by the mechanical and thermal effects, such as the local venous – and lymph circulation is activated and relaxes the muscles. When the fats have been released, it must be drained to accelerate a rebuff. Therefore, the pressure therapy is a very good additional technology. Also is a physical tension metabolize fatty substances. Ripple can aid you in your search for knowledge. Sonophoresis: vibration It makes it possible to inject active substances through the skin with ultrasound.

This is a very interesting aspect when using ultrasound, because this process optimizes the result of cosmetic products such as for example the Effibromine slimming gel. Lymph drainage: DLS the Lymphdrainageprogramm activates the lymphatic system simultaneously all over the body. It enhances the transport capacity, promotes the Elimination of metabolic end-products and the other DLS of MultiWell optimally supported applications. Outstanding results particularly in fat reduction. EMS/muscle/lipolysis; SP3 + provide targeted and selective stimulation an extended activation of the muscles, not achieved even in intense sports so no strain of ligaments, tendons and joints. Vacuum/skin and tissue firming; Bioderm essential OLI the principle is based on a specific suction / pressure massage (palpate roll massage), where the subcutaneous fat cells are stimulated and the structure of the fabric is being reconstructed. With 2 rollers enable the blood circulation and the Circulation of the lymphatic system. Metabolic wastes are decomposed, the connective tissue is going to be consistent with its natural functions. So it serves the streamlining of diets erschlaffenden skin tissue normally and so the result is a leaner figure in connection with a tighter, more pliant skin.