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Russian Rally Championship

High demand model C4 (over 40% of total sales), and and C5 and Berlingo First VP. The volume of services rendered the service centers of the Group of companies "have the Tools +" in the first half of 2009 amounted to 225,030 labor times. Compared with the corresponding period last year, this value increased by 45%. If you would like to know more then you should visit Oracle. Events and achievements in 2009 As part of the Group of Companies' Service + Y "in 2009, a new division -" The Service + Finance ". The company's activities focused on customer service in the field of credit insurance, as well as remote settlement of losses and assist in resolving any, including controversial issues of insurance. Citroen dealer network of "In Service +" enlarged in March of this year, another car dealership on the street.

Obruchev. The two-story building Cabin is equipped with all standard Citroen and includes a spacious showroom, service center, a recreation area for customers. All salons "The Service +" in a timely manner, new car models. In January 2009, began sell diesel versions Nissan X-Trail, in February – Nissan Murano new generation, and on June 18 the presentation of the model Citroen C3 Picasso. 30.03.2009, the Department of after-sales service for all Subaru dealerships 'U + Service' has been put into effect a new rules maintenance. Underlying the document – the desire to match the level of customer costs by reducing the market rates the cost of services, spare parts and consumables.

New regulation was welcomed by a majority of owners of Subaru automobiles, and increasing customer loyalty service centers. In April, summarized the results of the first Moscow International automotive advertising festival "Crystal lamp," which resulted Trade-In Center "The Service +" took 1st place in the "Identity". Sporting success is traditionally linked to the performance team "URT" ("Assumption Rally Technique ") at the stages of the Russian Rally Championship, as well as the World Rally Championship (group N). As a result of the first half of the sports season, the team "URT" takes first place in the overall classification of the Russian Championship. Unit "Assumption Rally technique" continues to actively work to expand partnerships with leading manufacturers of sporting accessories. More recently, "URT" is the official representative of the firm SPARCO (Sports clothing and accessories) and Custom Cages (installation and maintenance of security frameworks for all types of motorsport). Commercial performance of the Group of companies "have the Tools + ', which have been demonstrated for six months of this year, meet the established goals for this period. For the remainder of 2009, a group of companies "have the Tools + 'plans to keep the implementation plan for cars at the current level and continue the development of all business areas.

Cheap Cars

Cheap car: first, to determine the dynamics of our everyday life is almost impossible to imagine without a car. Most people take advantage of this convenient and comfortable means of transport every day. Thus, in the focus of our paper your desire to get a true "iron friend," belonging to put it mildly, to moderate price range. Of course, a priority is a sound approach to the choice of car. However, before its decision is necessary to determine precisely to the purpose of the machine. What is it actually you are looking for? Perhaps, for everyday use in a crazy city traffic? Or you need to auto "output attacks "on the nature and giving? And if for the acquisition will be the use of personal vehicles for long trips? We advise to decide immediately. Cheap cars: price and age is very important to pay attention to the cheapest car, the age and mileage in the aggregate do not have time to turn them into something absurd. Keep in mind one important trend – the older the machine, the more care it requires for itself.

The optimal solution of choice will be cars, whose age is between 5-7 years. In the domestic market cars under 5 years are often treated as new, so the choice of the category that must be confessed, is reflected in the final cost is not in your favor. On the other hand, low-cost cars are already in the "old age" is subjected to the buyer at risk of solid investment in maintenance in the future. Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity. The cost of subsequent repairs, plus the money spent on the purchase, exceeds, in the long run, the amount that could pay for a brand new car. In any case – the choice is yours. This difficult task is very important to note and slow deliberate approach. By the way, and you know what kind of car is the most affordable on the planet? Do you think some plain vehicle from China? AvtoVAZ domestic or with some shocking novelty tends to surprise the market? Do not have guessed, this is a joint creation of Renault and Bajaj named ULC. Budget cars come from all fronts after all, it is true that the car is no longer just a luxury but a habitual means of transportation.

Fuel Production Systems

Company 'Mir big machines' offers export of spare parts for commercial vehicles in Europe. We trust only original spare parts! After all these spare parts have been manufactured specifically for your vehicle and received permission for the delivery after rigorous tests by the same engineers who designed your car. Each piece fits together and you have a sense of confidence and security when traveling. This guarantees you get for turning parts of our company. We also offer you a wide range of engine parts (BF, Mahle, Nural, DPH, Elring, KS), Plastic body parts (Kahveci Otomotiv, COVIND, Cospel), electricity and fuel production systems as well as the Monark High spare parts DIESEL TECHNIC, which is one of the largest suppliers of wide range of spare parts and the first alternative original spare parts for commercial vehicles.

Delivery time contract positions 7-14 days. We invite you to collaborate on favorable terms garages, trucking companies and fleets. Flexible discounts. We work with the regions deliver. Payment by bank transfer. Our expertise in the shortest possible time, to any customer's order – the guarantor of your peace of mind and confidence. Russia, Moscow ul.Kosinskaya d.11A (8 km Ring Road) Tel: (495) 798-42-08, 727-97-64 Fax: (495) 374-71-34 Icq: 208 548 971 Icq: 341 357 846 e-mail: mbm-ofis @ mail.ru


Cylinder head gasket as well affect the elastic deformation of the parts. Typically, cylinder head gasket made of multilayer plastic (composite) or metal compounds. Often the cause of the problem engines are looking at laying the cylinder head. For example, if overheated engine, with oil leaks or water, etc. Professionals know that the cylinder head gasket repair quality can not be done in the "primitive" conditions. Cylinder head – this is one of the most important elements of the engine, so to breakdowns and defects GBTS be taken seriously.

Problems can arise when the cylinder head gasket needed replacing some foreign cars. It must be remembered that low-quality cylinder head replacement or repair can lead to serious problems – the growth in fuel consumption, reduce resource and reduce engine power engine as a whole. Requirements for modern cylinder head. As a result of engine operation for a long time, low-quality fuel, temperature extremes, etc. plane fitting cylinder head warp. Therefore, the required grinding / milling of these planes, it can not but lead to a decrease in combustion chamber.

Sometimes there are situations in a significant decrease in the volume combustion chamber, in this case, the repair usually put the gasket cylinder head with larger thickness. In the case when the cylinder head gasket can not provide a complete seal, that is not working 100%, it can cause problems in the engine. Most often, the cylinder head gasket leak is related to: overheating of mechanical damage breakthrough exhaust leak coolant and oil Asbestos-free or asbestos? Today Sealants bezasbesta from becoming popular. In addition to their recognized environmental, asbestos-free materials and will have several advantages: non-asbestos gasket materials from the engine more tight and durable, asbestos-free production of the sealing material is much easier to dismantle. If we consider that the engine of any car is more than 60 pads, the material from which they produced, plays an important role. For example, the abrasive asbestos, promotes more rapid engine wear, in addition, the material is very susceptible to temperature changes and vibrations (even the smallest). So today the largest automobile corporations completely abandoned the use of asbestos materials in auto parts. Non-asbestos gaskets abandon and average Indian, Chinese and Brazilian automakers. Consider the benefits of asbestos-free material to asbestos. Cons asbestos materiala.Po time expired loses its sealing properties, fiber razrushayutsya.Neustoychiv to temperature differences. Susceptible to vibration. Toxic. Asbestos dust is not shown by any means an easy task. Pros materiala.Obespechivaet asbestos-free and longer engine (big warranty on the car). Resistant sudden changes of temperatures (from minus 60 to plus 260 degrees). Can be used at pressures up to 25MPa.Vysoky sealing level (plasticity). Resistant to corrosive vozdeystviyu.Ekologicheski bezopasen.Vysokie svoystva.Sposobstvuet electrical efficiency of the enterprise.

Buying a Car

Subtleties of buying a car in the showroom … If you buy a car in the showroom, keep in mind – its members in matters of purchase / sale of cars is much more experienced than you. There are lots of ways to make the customer pay more more than you planned. If you want to save a few tips to read? In the showroom you can try to impose long-term guarantee. Before you agree, you should think carefully. Why do you think, for a new, just bought a reliable car, need a warranty? Guarantee, among other things, will cost you far from free. In this case, paying, you become a kind of hostage to a particular dealership service center. C bleak prospect of becoming a "cash cow".

Especially if you get the luxury car. For example, maintenance and repair of car Honda, whose price is not small, can significantly hit afford. Your car will change quite yet workable detail, and argue that it needs some special and mandatory procedures. Labor times for services such outrageous! Yes, you can at any moment abandoned, only to further guarantee in this case would be to put a cross. Do not forget that the car would be great as it did not look before you buy, you need to break in.

The car must be felt. Quite it may be that its mark does not suit you. Even within the same range of driving experience can be sharply distinct. A proposal to exchange an old car "with a supplement" to the new – in general should be viewed with great suspicion. Of course, if you do not have money to spare. Motor Used Cars by taking the sum, which they themselves and define. Of course, this amount is far from the market price. Is there such a transaction and the pros. You almost instantly get rid of the old car. But much more profitable to sell an old car first, and only then go to the dealership. By the way, good price offer in car dealerships that specialize in buying and selling used vehicles. Buying a car loan, be careful. Especially in the context of the global economic and banking crisis. In the Motor Show will focus on the advantages, for example, on a small the amount of monthly payments, and may be "ignored" does not draw your attention to some important nuances. For example, the term of the loan or the amount of the overpayment. And in conclusion, than to save is not worth it so at your safety car! In this regard, it is possible to fork out. Installing car alarms, immobilizers, blocker, "secret key" for the comfort setting parktronikov, all this can also order from a dealer, but the triple overpaid for the equipment and the work you provided. Often, after the rejection of the installation of security systems in the showroom you hear the threat of skimming from the guarantee. Do not fall for the bait! Installation is possible in a professional, certified installation center. The question price is much lower and the equipment and to work. And such work is not conveying.

Quiet Petersburg

Are traveling on business, to visit or go on a trip, create a good mood with a trip to our taxi. At the appointed hour, a taxi will be waiting at the door. Driver plunges gently open the luggage and door, inviting the 'on board'. On the way, you can listen to your favorite radio station or just contemplate the magnificent St. Petersburg thoughtfully out the window of quiet soft interior cab … For the full comfort of the cabin will be set up your personal 'Weather'. Our company offers a taxi service in St.

Petersburg – taxi, taxi, taxi to the airport. You can order (call) a taxi at any time, since we have round the clock taxi. Phone a taxi: (812) 747-Z7-25. We offer you his view of the business class service: great cars, upscale drivers and many other pleasant things in a way. Are traveling on business, to visit or go on a trip, create a good mood with a trip our taxi. At the appointed hour, a taxi will be waiting at the door.

The driver carefully immerse luggage and opened the door, inviting the 'on board'. On the way, you can listen to your favorite radio station or just contemplate the magnificent thoughtfully Petersburg from the window of the quiet soft interior cab … For the full comfort of the cabin will be set up your personal 'weather'. Our company offers a taxi service in St. Petersburg – taxi, taxi, taxi to the airport. You can make an order (call) a taxi at any time, since we have round the clock taxi.

Shop Auto Tires. Q Factor For Any Car

The autumn months – is not just a season when there is a real opportunity to conduct photo shoots on the country bordered by trees alleykah that now all in gold leaf. This is in addition and the interim period for any and all car owners, having connection with the resolution is essentially a global problem: what kind of tires to find the snow-covered streets. Individual motorists prefer equipped with studded tires, which provide a better grip on icy and snow-covered street, but that is not so practical (increase the consumption of gasoline) and extremely loud, not to mention the harm they can inflict street coverage, while others pick up designed to studless winter tires, high-quality soft conditions in the city, where housing and utilities roadway still clean, and not particularly convenient for the city, strewn on snow line. We all know and advantages and disadvantages of various protectors. However, by the way, and in addition there are numerous suppliers whose ads have a chance to see often enough: sell tires Michelin, for example. When selecting the manufacturer, the tire is really practical for our highways, the same course, you should choose the highest quality. But that’s exactly how to define it directly is the best? The main factor – the factor rastsenochny and conditions of use. Naturally, the extremely cheap tires will last a long time, but if you, for example, plan to travel around the metropolis for the supply of thorns tires of even the most significant level of quality, in fact it may be one hundred percent in a single season tires.

By the next season of the spikes on the rubber is almost nothing will remain, in particular – in lihacheskoy manner of movement. It is extremely cheap – which means not very functional, but extremely expensive, and – not necessarily the best.


Today, in every sphere of human activities play an important role information technology. Every day millions of people working in this field by developing products that are designed to make life easier, to optimize any activity, give a boost to your business. The market economy is yielding fruit – the competition. That can distinguish your company from a pile of similar? Modernity and awareness! So, I propose to your attention program Truckloader 2.0. This is a program for efficient transportation. TruckLoader be loaded cargo in a container optimally no more than 10 minutes.

The centerpiece of this program – the simplicity and convenience. Each function should be clear and comfortable … 1. Database saves time on loading list definition to not drive constantly parameters of vehicles and cargo, the program is implemented them convenient storage in a database. The user can modify and supplement the database. In addition it is possible to configure it's used in the enterprise information system to exchange parameters directly. 2. Optimal placement algorithm to place a maximum cargo vehicle with paper and pencil for packing of cargo was almost no one uses it.

Information technology helps provide a complex system of objects. When using the user does not have an algorithm choose a sequence of installation, the program will automatically place the hundreds of cargo in seconds. 3. Interactivity allows the stacking of cargo on the right side of the fly Visually you can not only evaluate circuit mode but quickly corrected her. For convenience, the movement of goods in three dimensions realized the possibility of mashyu. 4. Report to print a sequence of loading a complete report on which simulate the situation can be reproduced in reality the program to prepare for the press 5. User's Guide helps you quickly master the program contains many illustrations with step by step explanation, training program will not take more than 30 minutes.

The Person

And accept the offer should not sit as a matter of course, but with a polite thanks. Improper to refuse an offer of place, if there is no reason for this, but in this case, you must thank the person who offered you his seat. For example: ‘Thank you, I go to the next stop. ” Or such a situation: you are going with the wife or female friend and she gave way. Thank giving way to have both of you – and you and your companion. Do not cause our sympathy for young people and girls who pretend that they do not see an elderly man standing next to, or ‘sound asleep’ or hard read. But we can not approve and those who loudly in the impersonal form to complain about today’s youth, anomie, discourtesy, throwing with the eloquent views on the ‘sleeper’ or reading a young man.

This form of condemnation tactless and usually does not work. On a polite, ‘Young man, give in, please place …’ almost out does not happen. In contrast, a loud condemnation of ‘modern manners’ backfire. When exiting the bus, trolley man, if he is accompanied by a woman or a young woman accompanying an elderly, should help them out – to shake hands (but be careful not to interfere with the output of other passengers). And that in fact it also happens: the man, pushing others, like gallant lady gives her hand, and the rest of it does not matter. Need to offer help and strangers in need. Agree, cut the ear-treatment: ‘Woman, give the ticket’ or ‘man prokompostiruyte pass’, is widely popular in recent years. It tactless form of treatment. But, unfortunately, a sense of frustration and protest, we generally suppress in themselves, and those who are so rude calling to us, continue to do so. Sounds much more polite: ‘Please, give …’ or “Please prokompostiruyte …’, this treatment effectively without resorting sounds better than bazaar ‘man’, ‘woman’.