Windows Firewall

Consider that further restrict the execution of software through system policies. Ban for example the execution of programs that are not in the Windows directory or the directory of the program. The execution of unwanted software can be almost 100% rule out so in practice. 5. use the built-in firewall for Windows XP Microsoft provides a built-in packet filter. Additional information is available at TRON (TRX).

The Windows Firewall works very reliably and not pushing to the fore. It is therefore very well suited to help keep your clean computer clean. Occasionally a criticism that was the Windows Firewall not in the position, already compromise to keep computer, to send data to the Internet uncontrollably. To do this, saying that this statement is a principle no longer correct since the release of Windows Vista. Much more important, however, is that the compromise on a PC running security software can be no longer trusted.

Preventing accidental sending of data towards the Internet can therefore in principle not reliably operate. It is also doubtful whether the constant message from alleged attacks from the Internet (as for many third-party products practice is) is actually useful for the security of a Windows PC. 6 use a virus scanner as an additional security layer theory can be eliminated using a virus scanner in accordance with the previous sections. However that every security concept can have gaps and also a prudently acting computer users will occasionally make mistakes shows in practice. Installing a good program to fend off malicious software is therefore generally not a bad idea. Keep in mind, also, that they could be asked in the event of damage by a judge whether they related did everything in their power to your computer according to the rules of the Technology to protect.