White Backlight

Another advantage is, that with miniaturized LED BBs small designs are possible. Thus, new, finely textured designs are possible, also the lights can be dimmed. Disadvantage, however, is that the efficiency sought by researchers yet always cannot be reached, in addition, a large number of LED is BBs required to reach bulbs to the luminous intensity of conventional. 2010 In 2010 LED technology is already very advanced LED trends, so she is very widely used. So, for example, television sets and computer monitors are manufactured with LED technology, to achieve a good color choice and color brilliance. Especially low power consumption convinced here.

TFT display with LED background lighting can with pure white LED BBs produced, or but you reach the White Backlight through the inter-connection of the colours red, green and blue. In both cases, the LED BBs ensures uniform illumination of the screen and reach a significantly higher color gamut. But not only in the computer and television technology will be LED increasingly used BBs, as bulbs they move further in the foreground. This convincing especially low power consumption as well as the good luminous efficacy. The described above compact construction of the devices can be light-emitting diodes in almost all devices and lamps integrate.

There are LED bulbs in many different designs, focusing on modern lines and colors with clear structures in the foreground. The bulbs are combined with brushed aluminum or plastic, so that the lights can be integrated perfectly in almost any environment. Buyers have the choice between classic pendant lamps, but also table lamps can now be purchased as a LED light. A further use of LED BBs in the lighting are wall – or ceiling lights. These can be mounted as desired on the wall or the ceiling or incorporated directly into the ceiling. They can be used as recessed luminaires individually, because they are swivelling and Turnable and can thus be aligned depending on requirements. LED lights can also be purchased in very different forms. Classic LED bulbs can be used as alternative to the incandescent lamp. The LED lights as LED Candle can be purchased for an atmospheric ambience.