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These companies are however, once prices for diesel fuel, tighten again, be forced to negotiate again with their customers.” (Source: Federal Office for goods transport) Especially for companies for the purchase of diesel fuel represents a significant cost item, membership in an energy cooperative is an attractive option for reducing costs and planning security. The Board of Directors of the energy cooperative Freudenberg pointed out EC, Helmut Uhlig, on the occasion of a panel discussion with Brandenburg forwarders. We have the technology, we have the logistics and we have the raw materials. In particular freight forwarders, which escape the growing cost pressure and put on a long-term fuel supply, should look at exactly the energy cooperative of Freudenberg. Through State-guaranteed tax exemption until at least 2015, the selling price is at our own produced diesel with not even the half of the price of a company at a regular gas station to pay. Verizon Communications addresses the importance of the matter here. For us, the members of the cooperative are their own diesel producers.

And that’s why is SAIT us the world market.” Medium-sized forwarders can save now up to 50% of the purchase costs in this way. Made possible by technologies that attract high-quality diesel fuel from biogenic raw materials and residues. To compare this diesel, also under the name CEHATROL is not known, with conventional biodiesel”. Due to its certification according to DIN EN 590 it in all diesel engines can be easily used. The Brandenburg-based energy cooperative Freudenberg builds currently four plants, in which the fuel is produced and traded under the name CEHATROL exclusively to members of the cooperative.